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Motorola HD DVR?

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I'm with DirecTv and need to upgrade my Tivo HR10-250 DVR to get locals in HD since I'm to far from the towers to get good OTA reception. DT* wants me to pay them $199 for the privilege of leasing their HR20 HD DVR. My local cable company was recently bought out by Wave Broadband. If I go with them I don't have to pay the $199 plus I can double my internet speed if I buy their package deal which would be just a few dollars a month more than I'm paying DT* and At&T DSL.

So to the question. Wave Broadband uses the Motorola HD DVR. Is this a good DVR? How does the software stack up against Tivo which I'm going to have to give up regardless of which way I go?
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The Motorola DCT/DCH-34xx/64xx product lines are decent DVRs, but have a lot of niggling annoyances that get under the skin of some users. We have both a TiVo Series 3 and a Motorola DCT-3416, and we enjoy using the S3 A LOT more, but we have found it somewhat less reliable than the Motorola box for us, in a number of circumstances.
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