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VTL monoblock 500 Deluxe??

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I have a pair of of these VTL's they are great,but I'm wanting to know more about them. I have already written VTL on this matter but they don't have much for me because David Manley was the designers on this. Now he has started Manley labs,as we all know. I've written Eva Manley to see if she knew what there were and nothing told me to write VTL They sound amazing very warm bright sound. If you need pictures let me know. Just trying to find out when these came out, if anyone else even knows about them?

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about 1987
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Stereophile's review of the VTL MB-750 also has some background info related to the MB-500.

I think you have a keeper...12 KT88s - that's big.


- Steve O.
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go to Audiogon and post there. Someone will have the information you are looking for.

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Audio Asylum too.

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Good luck with your amp, personally I would not buy a VTL product new or used ever again. Several years ago I purchased a VTL Stereo 50 used from the original owner. I had all of the original documentation, the warranty was a"Transferrable Lifetime Warranty" provided that VTL was informed of the transaction. I e-mailed them with the serial number and my info upon receiving it. Unfortunately the amp failed a week into owning it. I contacted VTL to hopefully obtain "Warranty" service and was rudely told "we don't do that anymore" in reference to the "Lifetime" terms of the warranty. When I explained that a warranty is a contract beteen the manufacturer and the owner they said "sorry our warranty is five years, non transferrable.". I spoke to Luke Manley who was also quite rude and basically didn't care that they refused to honor a written warranty that implied "Lifetime" as the duration. I interpret lifetime to be a lot longer than 8 years. I ultimately sent the unit in for repair at a cost of $250 plus shipping, $250 to replace 4 small input caps ? Rip off ! That's half of what I paid for it. I'll admit it did sound nice but it failed about 9 months later, it needed an output transformer and they wanted to repair it by replacing both transformers at a cost of $400, no thanks. Needless to say I dumped it on eBay for $350 to someone who wanted to repair it and cut my losses. I've had a Sonic Frontiers amp in use for about 8 years and it's been rock solid. I did have a tube failure that led to a blown resistor and even though Sonic Frontiers had ceased operations Anthem offered to repair it under warranty. What actually happened is that Anthem sent me several cathode resistors after some further troubleshooting. They figured that being a simple repair a local tech would cost less than shipping to Canada and back but after I explained to them that I was an assembly tech and soldered daily they sent the parts directly to me. It was literally a five minute repair. It's important to note that a bad tube caused the failure, technically it was not a defect in the amp or it's workmanship so they could have rightfully said "sorry" but they sincerly wanted to help me get up and running ASAP without the snotty attitude I received from VTL. I would not hesitate to buy an Anthem product in the future whereas VTL lost a customer for life.
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I'm sorry of your problems with VTL. This being my second VTL amp I've never had a problem with either. They run strong as ever the only problem I've ever had was a couple of burnt out tubes and not enough time to listen to them.
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