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Blueroom Speakers?

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I found a pretty good deal on Audiogon on some Blueroom speakers, cinapod and minipods. Has anyone actually heard these speakers? Yes, I already tried that newfangled "search" thingamajig and came up with nothing. How do these compare with kef 2005, mirage nanos, klipsch quints, and the like?
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here is the link for the speakers you were looking for.
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btw, they actually sound really nice. they are made by a Scandanavian company and have a beautiful finish. they are not for bustin out the volume. but have decent imaging and depth. listen to them if you can.
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did this help?
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Originally Posted by ifor View Post

did this help?

Nope, but thanks for trying so hard. Just remember, there are no losers, we're all winners here.
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I've got a full set of 6, originally using both a Yamaha Receiver, and now my Bryston setup SP1->9B-ST-THX. I've run them pretty loud (way to high gain with a Bryston 4B-ST-Pro 250W/ch) and it is nice to have a full set of identical speakers (no cinepod), but, I've been looking at an upgrade--have a pair of DB1Ss and find the transmission line much more interesting.
But, they have gotten decent reviews, even the audiophile magazines. (The Absolute Sound did in a review of <$500/pair speakers, and Future Music, the electronica gear magazine gave them props as monitors.)
Bit of history. Blueroom was a concept speaker by Simon Ghahary with B&W, using a version of the kevlar woofer. The first speakers were rather expensive and used much more expensive materials. Later things got spun off and the Scandinavian (Danish) company, that incidentally does the plastics for LEGO, developed a cheaper process for making the 'cabinet/housings' and thus the Minipod was born. One of the orginal models was the Housepod, that was much larger than the Minipods, and I think was a three-way; Remember seeing pictures of installations as monitors in restaurants/clubs.
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Thanks gaderson,

That was relatively informative. Not sure why you mentioned DB1S and transmission line, but good luck on that. Did you find the bluerooms neutral, warm, bright? Would you think I could run these off of a Panny X-55? Any placement suggestions?
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wow, nice sarcasm to people that are trying to help you.

do the research yourself and find a dealer to listen to them, judge for yourself how they sound & dont be such a loser.
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I have heard the Mini-pods and thought they sucked. The plastic cabinet was rattling bad.
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