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gaming lag w/ Sony KDS-50A2020? and response time

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I'm greatly looking into purchasing this model for my PS3. I've unfortunately read on a few occasions that it has some problems with gaming lag, I don't know the technical term for it.

Basically, when you press the 'jump' button on your control it'll take a split second for your television to show the effect. This has happened to me on a friends rear projection television while playing Madden 2007, where you go to pass to a wide receiver, for example A, and it doesn't happen for a second or two. (on a few occasions the QB has gotten tackled while pressing the pass and caused someone to rant about it, until now we just thought everyone was full of it, not knowing there was a thing known as 'gaming lag' w/ a television set)

It is between this set and a Sony 2500 LCD, since best buy and circuit city are offering them for a great price right now.

-Onto the response time subject, what is response time again? I always thought it was how fast the television switched from frame to frame. Meaning LCD's with higher response time (4-8 ms) caused motion blur, artifacts, etc. Where as a plasma/rear projection didn't have this problem because they have very low response times, ~2.5ms.

The reason I ask this is because the new Sony rear projection televisions have the new 120hz which is supposed to stop motion blur, but I was thinking that there was no motion blur on these types of television sets because of the extremely low response times they produce.

any feedback is GREATLY appreciated, thanks.
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I have a 50A2000 and I've never noticed any lag. I've played Resistance and Motorstorm online and offline with no problems. The average refresh rate for these HDTVs are 2.5 ms, which shouldn't be noticeable. So if there was lag, maybe they had a bad TV. I would recommend for you to wait for the 50A3000 model because it will support 120 hz and 1080p/24 frames per second. Movies will look their best at that setting in my opinion. I already have a buyer for my TV, so I can get the new one when it comes out in August. Good luck!!
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To sum it up: Your gaming will be fine on this TV, especially since you will be outputting a progressive signal from your PS3. There will be no noticable input lag.
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@stevesns69, thanks for the response, I've a few questions-

What will the 120hz provide on the A3000 that isn't on the A2020. Again, I thought response time was identical to what 120hz does. Response time being the speed at which a frame is changed. 120hz making this process look smoother. I didn't think there would be that HUGE of a difference on a rear projector television, mainly because the response time is so short. Where it'd make a HUGE difference on a LCD, where the response time is almost 4x as long, making it a lot more noticeable.

Also, on the subject of 1080p/24, could you go into this more deeply. Because you stated you own/play the PS3, I'll take it you're looking to get most of the new releases, such as: Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Ninja Gaiden is going to be 1080/60 (which I assume the A2020, is capable of) wouldn't this make 1080/24 pointless. Also, many of the new releases coming later this year, mostly the BIG HITTERS (there is a post regarding them on the ps3forums) will be 1080/60, so would this make the 1080/24 only noticeable while playing movies? And to further go further into that, Blue Ray Discs, are those displayed in 1080/24 as well? (if you where regarding regular DVD's) I'm just wondering if I would justify the price of the new A3000, compared to the current price of the A2020, which is almost half-and only going to get cheaper.


Okay, so what I was referring to was input lag. It has always been something that has bothered me, since it's really noticeable while playing madden.
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If you're only into gaming then the 50A2020 will do well for you and like you said the prices are more affordable. I just suggested the new ones just in case you're a movie fan like me. I want an HDTV to do 1080p/60 for games (when available) and also do 1080p/24 for Blu-ray and HD DVD movies. Both formats are recorded in 1080p/24, so it passes through an HDMI receiver untouched and into the HDTV to give you an unprocessed 1080p/24 picture. This is my main concern. Gaming is secondary, but gaming won't be a issue with this TV.

I've only had my 50A2000 (same model as the 2020 only silver trim) for only 6 months, but I must say it's a top notch TV and served me well. However, after doing the research on the 120 hz and 1080p/24 technology, I was sold. I will be getting the 50A3000 in August when it becomes available. I want everything HDMI 1.3, so I'm waiting for an Onkyo 875 to be shipped to me soon, which has a Reon video processor to upscale everything to 1080p. The PS3 and my Toshiba HD DVD player are both HDMI 1.3 as well. The new 50A3000 is the final link for me, which is also HDMI 1.3. I'll be up to date with the technology after that. If your budget only allows for the 50A2020, it's worth it.

If you want to do any research on the new ones coming out in August; here's the link to the thread I've been following. It has some good PDF files with all the new specs. Good luck!!

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