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Help building a shelf.

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I need to build a cubbyhole for my dvd player that will hold my tv. Can anyone give me their opinion on whether or not the tv's weight can be supported?

One part of the website says the tv weighs 119.1 lbs, the other says 105 lbs. So I figure it's better to go with the higher weight.

The dimesions of the dvd player are as follows:

Product Height 1.5"

Product Width 17.1"

Product Depth 8.3"

So I need the cubbyhole to be at least 18" wide. I could build it deeper than the 8.3" and add a center support but it would only be a few inches coming from the back.

Any other advice or ideas?

Link to the TV

Link to the DVD player
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Define Cubby hole. Is it recessed in the wall or surface mounted.

What kind of wall construction do you have and are the studs wood or metal.

Wouldn't you need a shelf that is as wide as the TV? 36.7 inches. And 16 deep?
That would be better because you could bring 3 studs into the design.
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Sorry Bigmouth. i wasn't too clear.

This is going in an armoire (sp?). I'll try to be more detailed and can sketch out a drawing if need be.

The armoire has two cubbyholes in it currently. The dvd player I ordered is too wide to fit in them. So, all I can think of, is to build another cubbyhole (basically two sides and one flat surface for the tv to sit on). Then the tv would sit on the new surface and it would sit on the old surface the tv used to sit on.
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Here's a rough sketch (and I do mean rough) of what I am looking for. The proposed new shelf would not need a bottom though. Just two sides and top. If I added a bottom it may raise the tv too close to my maximum height inside the armoire.
Also I thought it would be best for the tv to be wider so alot of it's weight would be directly on the side supports.

Here's an overhead view of it just so I could show a rear support in case I have to have one.

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How about adding the shelf at the top, and let the TV stay where it's at? To add the shelf for the DVD player, you could simply install 2 "cleats" on the sides of the armoire and set the shelf on them. The cleats could be strips of 1x1 pine/oak/etc. Pre-drill holes in the cleats, and screw them to the sides of the armoire. Set the hight of the cleats based on the hight of the DVD player plus the thickness of the shelf.

You could do the same concept for a shelf on the bottom if you really want the DVD player below the TV. If the Armoire has a solid back like the sides) add a cleat on the back as well. You would need stronger shelving material to hold the weight of the TV, and the center support would not be a bad idea. I would run the center support the other direction though, ie length-wise between the sides of the armoire. Either way, the shelf needs to be deep enough to support the TV, not just "cover" the DVD player.

I personally would do the DVD on the top, since it would be at a better height for loading DVDs, etc.

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OK, now it's a lot clearer.

If that was my setup I'd make the new cubby just as wide as the existing cubby. Divide it into 3 spaces with the middle just big enough for the DVD player and two small cubbys on each side. I bet that you'll have lot's of uses for those smaller spaces such as storing DVDs etc.

I would stain/Paint to match the existing cubby. I'd use 3/4 inch plywood for the top with a piece of lumber glued and nailed to the front edge to hide the plys. That partial center support is a pretty good idea but may not be necessary if the base of the TV hangs over the two side supports.
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Thanks to both of you.

tmnjus - I considered the dvd player on top of the tv but then it wopuld be a little high for my wife to reach it.

BIGmouthinDC- I never thought of 2 smaller ones onthe side. That might work great.

I'm getting my father to stop by over the weekend to see what he thinks.
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Based on what I have seen id actually think it would be easier to build a shelf on top of tv.

But if that wont work then id make a shelf out of 3/4 ply with side legs of 2x4's and one 2x4 on the back side for as much of the length as possible. Glue and screw it, should work for you.
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Here's a link that is sueful when designing shelves: http://www.woodbin.com/calcs/sagulator.htm

Plug in the specifics and it will tell you how much the wood will sag under the applied load. I'd shoot for 1/16" inch or less of deflection.
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Hey that is useful. neat

I looked at 3/4 inch plywood and 120 lbs over 18 inches square. and the deflection is .01 inches,

However I don't think that the dynamics of the load are quite the same. The TV will have a rigid base and if the base is wider than the side supports all the weight will rest on the side supports and there will be no deflection. That assumes that the tv wouldn't sag by it's self sitting on two supports 18 inches apart.

That calculator would work for 120 lb bag of sand.
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