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Home Automation Price List

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Where can I get a price list for life-ware, Crestron, AMX products?
I want to get some automation done but I don't need to go to three different dealers just to get price quotes.
I have worked with automation so I know what these products are capable of. I am very interested in the Life-Ware products but I need a price list.
Any help would be appreciated the only price list that I have is from Crestron but its from 2001.
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I am pretty sure the pro integrators on this forum will tell you that the price lists are dealer only, that the hardware is only one component of the system (consultation, programming, support, installation are other very important pieces of an end to end system). And are you experienced enough to pick which hardware is needed for your end goals?

Hard to compare systems just base on price. There are also very different technical strategies when throwing Lifeware into a Crestron / AMX mix. If you are going to consider Lifeware, then you might want to also put some of the other software solutions into the mix as well (like mine )
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I'm an integrator and I'd actually like to see the companies in question publish a retail price list, unfortunately I am in the minority so I don't think it will happen. I don''t see the harm and for those that want to delve deeper and be informed I understand the desire. Actually, one of my pet peeves when I am shopping is companies that don't publish price lists. When I go to a website and it says "contact us for a quote", for me that means "no thanks, I'll surf to the next page if you can't just tell me your pricing". Obviously I am referring to things that have a fixed price (i.e. a piece of software), not building a deck. But I digress....

I am unsure of Lifeware publishes a retail price list. I know Crestron does not and don't think AMX does (though both companies DO have retail prices, they just don't provide them to consumers).
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I have also found the Crestron and AMX price list online.
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Could you provide a link to these?

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Coukd I impoae on you to give me the site for the Crestron product prices, Thanks
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also there is this one but the prices are in a foreign currency but it does include all prices.

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The cost of Crestron or AMX gear doesn't mean much because the gear does not work out of the box. You still have to pay to get it programmed to work how you would like it too.
If you would like a price quote on a piece of gear, I would be glad to quote you a price, but what good is a TPMC-8X that doesn't work?
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Then why don't you call company X and Y and ask for a price quote on the gear you want?
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Originally Posted by andrecan2002 View Post

I know that there is a cost for installing and programming. But that is not the point. The point is that the HA industry likes to hide the equipment prices to justify higher prices for installation/programmimg. All I wanna do is compare a mix of equipment from company X with company Y and based on equipment price make a decision.

I don't think that's the reason at all. The challenge is that many people are apt to look at the prices and come to horribly wrong conclusions. Think about how manufacturers have to put warnings on their products such as "to use caller ID you have to subscribe through your phone company" and "to see HDTV you must receive HD broadcasts". A person might look at a Crestron price list and see a CNXPVID video switcher and not know that in order to use it, a processor, room controller and audio switch are also needed. In spite of that I still think publishing a retail price list is probably a good thing, but I don't see how it has ANYTHING to do with "justifying higher prices for installation/programming".
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