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Tuttle Theater

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Monster Power Center HTS 3600
Yamaha HTR-5960 Receiver
Comcast DVR-HD
Oppo 981HD DVD Player
Nintendo WII
Panasonic PT-AX100U Projector
Behringer EP-2500 (subwoofer amp)
Carada Precision BW 16:9 110 fixed frame screen.
Boston Acoustic:
(2) CR-9 Ft.
(1) CR-1 Center
(2) CR-8 Rear's
(2) CR-7 Rear Fill
(2) TC-Sounds TC-1000 subs tuned to 14 Hz.

All components are controlled by J box Ir repeater to a back room. I did all the work from start to finish (except carpet). Light sconces are knotty alder custom made. What do you think?
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Nice Subs!
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