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Air Flow issue?

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Hey all.

I bought the mitsubishi wd-65731 4 months ago and its been great up until a few days ago.
When I turn it on the yellow status light blinks and I get an onscreen messgae:
"TV will shut down in a few seconds. Please check to make sure aif flow is not blocked".
Then it shut downs and the status light stays on.

Thing is, the fan still works and nothing is blocking the airflow plus it 70 degrees (F) or cooler in my house. I have reset the unit and unplugged it for several hours to no avail. Thanx for any help
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It's a well known issue - search the forum for Mitsubishi Air Flow and you'll get a lot of info.
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Thanks, I'm sorta new to this forum and cant seem to find anything on the subject of air flow issues on this unit. Could someone please point me in the right direction with a link maybe. I'd be greatful. This is really frustrating I cant watch my bigscreen when I get home for the past week.
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Sorry! Try http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...&#post10432810

At the top right of the forum screen is a box called "Search This Forum". I entered "Mitsubishi" and scrolled through the results till I found a thread called "Mitsubishi 1080p owners thread" (or close to that anyway). I entered the thread, and used the search thread box in the same upper right space to type "air flow" and got a ton of responses.

AVS is a great forum and I'm sure you'll glean a lot of information here. We're all here to help each other so don't be afraid to ask!
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Thanks chroma601...just the info I was looking for!
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