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32" Vizio turns off by itself

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I have a 32 inch Vizio L32 HDTV 10A that was purchased from Costco in April 2006. Everything has worked fine up until a few weeks ago when the TV started to randomly turn itself off.

A few pieces of information:
- The TV turns completely off - it's not just the screen going blank.
- The power always comes back on after pressing the power button on the remote
- I can't find any pattern. It happens during both SD and HD. Sometimes it will go for days without happening, other times it will happen a few times an hour.
- The TV is kept in a cabinet, so I thought the issue might be overheating. To test this, I pulled the TV out as far as possible to allow for more ventilation and put a 8" fan in the cabinet. While it seemed to take longer to happen, it still turned itself off with the fan blowing.
- Not sure if it is relevant, but there were some power outages over the last few weeks. The TV is plugged into a surge protector.
- I've left it unplugged for several hours to allow it to reset itself.
- I call Vizio's tech support, but they were of no help since it is out of warranty.

Has anybody else seen this same issue? Anything else I should try?
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get a battery back up UPC--should solve your problem-want to do it the best way, make sure it's also a 'line conditioner'--dont waste your money on buying one from some 'hi-fi' store or supplier--go to an office store or Sams--the Vizio is very susceptible to electric irregularities--I had one of those in a kid's room (now replaced with the 37) and that solved the problem--now ALL my LCD TVs are on battery back up UPS line conditioners.
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I have the L32, purchased in January 2006. It was a display model at Sam's Club and we got it for less than $600.

The standby light is on, but the unit will not turn on. It started doing this a few months ago and all I had to do was unplug it for a few minutes. Now it won't come back at all. Is there an inexpensive way to get this fixed or do I need to buy a new one?

At least a new one would have a built in tuner.
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