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320" Inflatable Screen

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Thanks for all of the info I have gethered from here over the last 6 months. As soon as I started coming in with different options for out group to purchase. They immediately went, how much more is the next option???

So we ended up with a 25'x15' screen, 3500 lumen projector and an audio system I am very proud of!! On test night, I through in a Moto GP movie and I swear, I could have been at Laguna Seca!

We played North by Northwest last night and had about 150 people. I had a man come up to me after the movie and say "I just want to thank you for putting this on." I said, "No problem, glad you enjoyed yourself." Then he replied, "No thank you, this is really great."

The best part is the kid who showed up a with a lazy boy chair and plopped it down.
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Looks cool dude! I take it this is a night time shot but the sky looks lit form a long exposure time, yes?
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I love the use of the cones. I've used caution tape before but I think the cones look a lot better.
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Where on earth did you get that from? How noisy is the fan that inflates it?
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Now that is a drive in! And I thought my 240" screen was BIG...
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Sure must have been a city or something to invest in such a big screen and associated gear. What is the association that got it?

My city has "Arts in the Park" once a week in the summer. Also a City Band that plays on a different night each week. Might be something I'll suggest to the city to use on another week night. Can you give me a hint what it all cost?
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Forget the city, I want it for my backyard!
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It is for a City.

Estimate, about $7500 invested. Own everything it takes to run it though.(Sound, Projection, Screen) Darn sound guys wanted about $500 a shot. 10 movies during the summer, it was easy to see why we should just buy it ourselves. (Seriously sound guys, the movie is set it and forget it, it is already mastered!)

My CIty is really promoting their Downtown as the ReDev Agency just finished putting tons of money into it. Wed Night is Movie Night. Thurs is Dancing with a Dance instructor. Friday is Concert Night. We just had the Unathorized Rolling Stones play, creepy how much they look and can act like them. But a great show!

The screen isn't very expensive. (In relation to what the companies at our annual Conference run them for)

(My Camera isn't that great, so I needed to brighten the photo up after taking it)
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Thanks, LukeDuke.

Now I'm curious what it takes to put it up and take it down. Do you need a truck for the gear and screen? My 10' inflatable fits in a carryable bag. How much storage space does the big screen take?
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Thanks for sharing! I love it!

What is your equipment? I'm really curious about the projector and amp.
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Great setup. I would love to have that for my city!
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As far as size, the screen rolls up into a bag about 3ft in diameter and 3.5 ft tall. But in relaity, there is no way we can get it back in there so it is about 3' diamter and 5' tall. It weighs a lot, so I use a dolly with a rope around it to move it. Luckily I have taken over most of the storage area underneath the stairs it is sitting on.

For a projector I am using the Infocus IN42. 3500 lumens so I can start showing pictures at 8:30 right now. Usually start the movie at 8:45. We have a preview about our new downtown that we show before hand. I bought a pelican case to move it with.

For DVD, I am using an OPPO 981. Upconverts to 1080i, comes highly rated. I figure garbage in, garbage out so the better picture I can send to the projector the better it will be at 320 inches.

Sound system I have 3 amps. All crown amps. Right now, I have two that run 4 speakers in a left right setup. The last runs the sub amp. The OPPO converts 5.1 to seperate outputs, so on the mixer I have it seperated into 1,2 and the sub on 3 leaving output 4 still open.

I was going for a surrround sound system, but it would require another amp and another mixer or just 1 different mixer to keep the signals seperate. Center, FL FR, RR RL, Sub. After the first two showings my Superintendent wanted to know exactly how much more expensive it would be. (Come on, how cool would surround sound be!!)

Our sound system is really powerful, you could probably go for a smaller system and save money but we wanted some versatility out of it so this is what we went with.

We are showing Harry Potter this Wednesday which coincides with the release of the new one.
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lukeduke, I was wondering if you could answer a few questions about the screen.

Is that the one I've seen for around $1700-$1900? Does it have a center "column" vertical support in the middle, behind the screen?

Also, how does the screen attach to the frame? And, how long does it take to attach?

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While I'm not trying to speak for the OP, but that's an inflatble screen, adn hte screen itself is permanently attached to the inflatable portion around it.

I would say there is not a middle support, but for that size it would have to be one heck of a air pump on it to keep the pressure high inside it.
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I have a few different inflatable screens, and they all have removable viewing surfaces. This one almost appears to have a laced attachment, so it could very well be permanently attached. That would sure speed up set up time.

I was curious about the center support because I currently use rear projection with all my screens. The OP said $7500 invested, however most 25' wide inflatable screens that allow rear projection would cost $7500 alone. This is why I think it does not allow rear projection (having a center column behind the screen). Also, if it is the screen I think it is, I believe the frame is 25' by 15', but the viewable area is more like 20' by 10'.

If this screen does not have a center support, can do rear projection, and has a viewable area of 25' by 15', and costs under $2,000, I'll buy one today.

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looks great, well done
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