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Stewart Screen Assistant Program  

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Does anyone have a copy of Stewart's Screen Assistant? They advertised that a new version is available for downloading, but you can't get it without a password.
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That's because it's only available to dealers. So, if you're a dealer you can call Stewart to get the password.
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The latest 'Widescreen Review' touted the Screen Assistant as something everyone would want, and should go to the Stewart Site to download.

I wonder why it was advertised, then we find out we cannot download it now??

-- Cain
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Was it in a Stewart ad? Or was it mentioned in an article or something? I know they do have a CD for everyone that has specs sheets and the like, that's not the same as Screen Assistant, which is for dealers as DMAN mentioned.

Maybe WSR wasn't clear on who could access it?


Kam Fung
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What is it? What does it do?
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As I understand it - Screen Assistant is a sales aid - useful in ordering a Stewart screen.

One inputs the desired characteristics for the screen and the Screen Assistant finds which model
of the Stewart lineup best fits the desired characteristics, and can be modified to fit those

It doesn't sound like anything particularly useful to the consumer. After all, once you spec the screen
with the aid of your Stewart dealer, there's not much to "adjust" on a screen after it is installed.

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I seen this at work. Basically it is that. You put in dimensions and then you put options like electomasking on all four side or two sides and all the other stuff. Then you pick material and out comes a price. I think it is dealer cost. That WHY they Pwd protect it ;)
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Thanks guys, I just knew it could not be anything really useful since the dealers are supposed to use it ;).
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If believe it also gives you exact dimensions for mounting your screen which *is* kind of handy. I think the brochures also provide a lot of that information though.


Kam Fung
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