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Ceiling mounted screen questions...  

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Two questions:

1) Does anyone sell (or has anyone made?) a nice enclosure for a ceiling mounted electric screen which can't be recessed because my *#&$ joists run the wrong way?

2) Does anyone sell an electric screen (probably 16:9) that also has electric masking? In addition, the screen will be mounted on a high ceiling (14') and the leader/masking will need to be perf'ed for an existing center speaker? Is this crazy?

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To answer your first question: not that I've seen. You probably would just want to buy a basic motorized screen, and have a good carpenter build you a case. For the second question: Stewart. They have whats called an Electriscreen Electrimask. You can get it in various configurations and virtually any size. Drop me an email for some ideas.

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1) Depends on your definition of nice... :) I don't think there are any *really* nice screen enclosures out there. Most people that are really concerned with the appearance of the enclosures recess them into the ceiling. Unless your studs run the wrong way. :( Most of them are pretty plain and can be painted, but there is nothing special to their appearance.

2) No none of these things is crazy and various screen companies will do exactly what you ask for. In this case your application is pretty non-standard and I would recommend that you look at the products from Stewart because they specialise in these kinds of custom screens. You should also consider Da-Lite, but I don't know what kind of premium they will charge on a custom job.


Kam Fung
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