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Originally Posted by de8212 View Post

thanks Toby. I will look at the link.

Only problem with testing the cable will be that I don't have any of the equipment yet. I was gonna try and find a friend / co-worker that can test it out for me. That's a great idea to let it run for an extended period of time and power cycle all the devices. I'll have to work something out because I don't want to run this thing through the wall and have issues.

A quick sorta related hdmi question: Should I consider buying some kind of wall plate adapter on each end or can I just buy a blank wall plate and drill a hole in it large enough to fit the end through?

Anything in the chain can fail, but my experience is that a well made cable is the least likely to be the culprit.

I'd prefer to have the fewest connections in the chain to limit potential issues, so I'd just do the wall plate hole myself. You could always add the plate connectors later. I'd wait till my entire system was operational and functioning without issue before I introduced such plate connections. But that's me.

FYI TIP: If your walls are open and you are certain of the layout of your media devices, you may want to run PVC in the walls for future cable additions/deletions/upgrades/replacements. This helps particularly around corners and angles.
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Originally Posted by de8212 View Post

Nice HT!!

Just curous about your hdmi cable./ you mentioned you had pre run a 50' hdmi cable but then you mentioned it didn't work when you actually went to use it.

Did you ever get it to work or do you do something else?

Reason I ask is that I will need a 40 - 50 ft hdmi cable and was looking for suggestions.

Where did you buy yours?

Actually it was my 50' component cable run that didn't work. My 50' HDMI works perfectly. I never bothered worrying about the component run and it's still buried behind the baseboards.

I have a single HDMI from my projector to the HMDI out of the AVR and have all my components connected to the AVR through the HDMI inputs.
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Ok folks. I just made my second upgrade to the original HT.....

A new Sub!

After careful research, I ended up going with the HSU STF-2.

Once it arrives and I get it setup, I will be sure to share my reviews...The STF-2 should be a significant upgrade from the Polk PSW10. I'm looking forward in hearing the difference between the two.
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Out with the old, in with the new.

The STF-2 will be replacing the Polk PSW-10.

I can't believe both of these have matching 10" drivers. The HSU is so much more efficient.

Polk PSW-10... meh....

STF-2.... Yowzers!!!

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It even looks nicer....

Old Polk:

New HSU:

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Ok, I finally got the STF-2 home, unpackaged and setup.....

Initial impressions: Well packaged. Instructions were excellent and easy to follow. The sub is pretty massive compared to my old Polk. It also seemed rock solid. I got the impression right away that this was a well made product and nothing was sacrificed in the build. I could tell this was going to be something special.

Setup: Setup was a breeze. Plugged in my existing coaxial audio cable, the detachable power cord and turned it on. I set the crossover switch to "out" so my receiver can handle the crossover tuning. Regardless, I set the crossover frequency on the subwoofer itself to 90 Hz, just in case. My receiver is the Denon 1909 and is equipped with Audyssey. I let the auto calibration run it's course and 15 minutes later, I was in business.

Testing: After the calibration was complete, I proceeded to put my new toy to the test. I gathered all of the movies in my possession with good bass including War of the Worlds, Transformers and Hot Fuzz. I then tried out CD's that tend to emphasize bass from various Metal/Hard Rock selections that had plenty of double bass drums and bass guitar. I also tested some good ol' heart pounding beats from some old Hip Hop/Rap CD's.

Results: I bought this as a blind buy and never demoed before. Essentially I trusted the stellar online reviews. Needless to say, I was expecting big things from this sub and following the rigorous test I put it through, I was more than impressed with it! If anything, my expectations were exceeded. It's amazing how efficient this sub is. At no point during all of the lows I put it through did I ever hear this sub struggle one bit. It handled everything like a champ. My room is apx. 1500 cubic feet and it is honestly more than enough. I'm not sure how any sub in this price range can compete in performance. From everything I've heard, I am completely satisfied and couldn't imagine needing anything more.

Final remarks: I built my HT in the summer of 2007 with a budget of $5k. Build thread HERE. Since then, I've upgraded two key components. A new lossless capable AVR (Denon 1909) and the new subwoofer. With these two additions, I think it's safe to say the HT is sounding the best it ever has. The wife and I watch a ton of flicks down there and this will only make the experience more enjoyable. As a matter of fact, with the whole setup and quality I was able to reproduce, I don't see any point in going to a public cinema again.

Here's to a happy 2009 of film watching...
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Much awaited update:

A lot has changed in my personal life since this original build in 2007. For one, I moved. The dissembled theater components sat in a storage facility for a few years until we got settled in the new place. When it was finally time to assemble the theater in the new digs, it goes without saying that I decided to upgrade a few pieces of equipment.

Below is a list of upgraded pieces (red) along with the re-purposed (green).

Projector: Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350
AVR: Denon 1909
Speakers: Cambridge S50 Center, S30 L/R and Surrounds
Sub: HSU STF-2
BD Player: PS3
Apple TV
Screen: Carada Criterion 92" 16:9
HT Seating: Berkline 45003

In keeping with the theme of this thread, I do believe the renovations in the new theater that included electrical work and some minor carpentry work along with the addition of some new components, floor rug and wall paint were all under $5k. The help --of course-- came in me being able to reuse many existing components and also the theater chairs. So long story short: 2 separate theaters, both costing under $5,000.

A lot more work went into this build. The house was built in 1925 and the electrical was mostly outdated (2 prong instead of grounded 3 prong). Electrical work not only included upgrading/adding more outlets, but also the addition of 4 dimable LED can lights. The fortunate part about this build was that it was located on the 3rd floor and there is an attic space located above and behind the walls. That made the electrical work and running of cables a little easier.

Below is a sneak peak of how it turned out. Speakers wall mounted in each corner. All of the walls, ceiling, trim and doors are painted in a Matte Benjamin Moore "Midnight Navy" color. Overall, it's a solid upgrade from the first time around.

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