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I am considering the MagnePlaner MC1's (4) and the CC3 center speakers for a 16x13 HT.

50% Home Theater, 50% Music.
Sharp 12000 DLP
100" Screen

8' Ceiling
Seating 14'

Liked the sound and the wife liked the wall mount MC1's (big points!).
Screen is above base cabinet (37" at bottom of screen) and in between two book
cases (24" wide, 12" deep) which go to the ceiling.

Would mount speakers on Front side walls in front of book cases(about 18" out from screen), and on Rear side walls within 1' of rear wall.

Anyone using the same, or have comments?

What sub would you use? (I am considering Snell 150 or 300 in cabinet).

Looking at Yamaha 1700/2700 to drive 'em.