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The CopperFields Cinema - Page 6

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Thanks for the comment. The web page has my wife's name on it as she started the page for our new Goldendoodle puppy.

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Things are looking great in your theater! I cant wait to see the finished product.
My house/theater are slowly progressing. I'm thinking of using that block and wall stuff in my tornado saferoom... how does it hold up?
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sorry Tom I was not sure who I was responding too


So far so good on the block & wall the stuff is rubber based. I can dent it with my thumb nail but can't scrap any off real tough stuff
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Hello all

Well today I had the carpet installed and I can't wait to get the screen wall built and start the wall treatments Also got my custom door installed. I am having a tough time getting my pictures to come out clear I will mess with it later

More images to come

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Hey Woolly, Nice job.....Glad to see someone else in Omaha building a theater. Excellent choice on the black carpet for your stage....Mine is the same color as my main carpet and is a bit distracting. Of course, I am the only one that thinks so. Great shape too (almost identical to mine)

Good luck and keep up the good work.
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Now I'm really tooking forward to see the room all pull together. Looks like they did a great job with the carpet.
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Was a one man crew he spent a good 6 hours on it. The stage took him the most time.

I am pretty happy with the way it came out just wish my camera could capture the way it really looks. I am going to try and get the screen wall done next week and get my SMX screen installed
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SWEET! Looks good!
The dark stage carpet is a nice touch. I can't wait to see your SMX screen!

I have the SMX material as well...I'm trying to decide if I should spend the $$$ for one of Ruben's entry level frames or do my own.
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I wanted to be a bit different then all the other builds out there and try green I think its gunna go great with the dark brown recliners

I Ordered a 2.35 12" SmX Screen with the proline frame. I will take some photo's when I put it together. I think you should at least call Ruben and see what kind of deal he can swing your way.

I am still debating on doing fabricmate tracks or fabric frames. I will figure it out as I go
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Originally Posted by W00lly View Post

I will figure it out as I go

That's been my mantra through most of the construction. Don't know how to frame something?...I'll figure it out as I go. Don't know how to run the HVAC and where to install the supplies...I'll figure it out as I go. I swear half of this project is just about the "figuring."
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Looking great. I like the color scheme also. Keep plugging away cant wait to see the finished product.
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Hello All

Last week I bought some black velvet for my screen wall that is made by the JB Martin company which also manufactures the Fidelio Velvet. It is called Cancun black velvet and is a pretty heavy weight fabric and looks pretty black but when I held it next to my SmX frame the difference was unreal. I ordered some Fidelio velvet on Monday and it came today.

Here are the two side by side on the black carpet of my stage

I plan on getting the screen wall finished with the SmX screen installed and up and running by 12-7 so many photo's to come over the next week
I can't wait to put the SmX screen together just seeing the box for the last few months has been killing me
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Looking forward to the photos!! Keeping pushing!
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PHOTOS! PHOTOS! PHOTOS! Show us more photos!!!!!!!! Your theater is looking great!
Can't wait to see your SMX screen! I think I'm going to pull the trigger on an SMX frame... but I can't decide if I want to spend the extra $$$ on the pro-line frame. I think the darker velvet on the pro-line is the main reason I would go with it over the entry level. Decisions Decisions.
Did I say I want to see more photos!?!?!? :-) If there is a way I can help 12-7 get here faster...let me know :-)
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You could do a snow dance I have been finishing up the last of my lawns this week cleaning up leaves. I should be done Friday
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You could do a snow dance I have been finishing up the last of my lawns this week cleaning up leaves. I should be done Friday

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Woolly, truck looks great. Question though, has it driven any additional business (and can you tell)?

Stage looks great too, always liked that black look.

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So far only one call from the truck But then again it is the end of the season and people are not thinking of having there lawns mowed I will get a better sense on how it will work in the spring. Tons of people look at it though so my name is getting burned into there brains
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Originally Posted by W00lly View Post

Hopefuly things are going to pick up here.

I have been doing a bit of research on in-wall speakers. I plan on doing some 4" deep columns and was thinking of just building them like speaker boxs for my surrounds & rear speakers. Here are a few I have been looking at




This was the route I was thinking of going too. I couldn't get anyone to give me a good answer as to whether this would work or not. My reasoning was if they worked in a regular wall enclosure then why wouldn't they work in a box the same size.

I was looking at the Jamo SU613K4 - http://www.jamo.com/Default.aspx?ID=...roductID=16799
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Thanks for the link I have not seen these speakers before they look like they would work out nicely and the price for them is not bad
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How is the progress?
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Hi Scott,

I jumped over here from the riser thread. Nice job on the riser and stage, I had previously checked out your thread but had yet to see everything carpeted. On the one layer edging, looks like the lip gets wrapped by the padding as well as the rug?

Keep up the good work.
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Pad comes up just to the edge and only carpet gets wrapped around. I think it really depends on how thick of a carpet that you get as to how thick the lip will look. I used a really tight weave carpet on mine.

Thanks Oman

I will post some new photo's tonight Cam

I decided to rip out some walls and redo my component room and make it a allot bigger. It will house my Component Rack & DVD collection plus 2 computer setups. I let my kids play some world of warcraft and now there addicted and fight over whos going to play since I only have one PC at the moment. New room is going to be 9 x 10 so I will have room for 2 setups and everything else
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I didn't get a chance to say it till now but the carpet looks great and the truck will certainly turn some heads very "eye catching".

Looking forward to some new pics

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Thanks Calvin

I need to get off my PC and get to work
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Here are a few photo's of the start of the new larger 9 x 10 component room \\ computer room thats located behind the back wall of the HT

please excuse my dark photo's I am having a tough time with light

The door you see by the ladder is the HT door and the corner that you see the smurf tube is where the rack will be framed in

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Great idea, Scott. I know you'll like that 100% more than the original plan.

Excellent job.
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Ya I have been thinking about it for awhile now and thought what the heck its only going to take 5 feet from the bedroom that will only be used for guests when relatives come to stay. 14x14 is still a pretty good sized bedroom
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Hello All

I thought I would share this before I install them. I really liked the look of sandman's and a few others that put lighting behind there SmX screens to light up there speakers

I found these LED's on Ebay and I thought they were darn cool. Man these little baby's are bright but do not put off any heat what so ever. One master bulb has a IR in the face of the bulb and all bulbs have a wire that comes out the top to tie all three together so they work in synchronization. I plan to use the small pot lights pictured. I think it will be a vary cool affect with a ton of different colors that can be set to one color or cycled in 4 different ways. Up to ten of these can be linked together or you can get a master box that can be controlled with a PC and string over 30 together

The can Lights I got at lowe's they are the Utilitech GU10 Part #16059
The bulbs are from a EBay seller. PM me your email for the link if interested in the bulbs

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Beautiful! Those are so cool!
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