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The CopperFields Cinema - Page 3

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They both look pretty good I'm leaning towards the molten copper though (although both would look great I'm sure)

Good luck
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I like all 3 we will see what we can come up with as an accent color and match them up. I have more Gom samples coming.
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Originally Posted by W00lly View Post

I see the view count going up but nobody posting there thoughts on my carpet choice's. I am now having second thoughts maybe I should look some more. The more I look at the pattern the more I think I want no pattern. There are just too many choices at the carpet store

I like the grey. Looks great and gives you lots of wall fabric options.
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Thanks Craig

Hey Craig where did you get your wet bar cabents from I really like that look
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Originally Posted by W00lly View Post

Thanks Craig

Hey Craig where did you get your wet bar cabents from I really like that look

Thanks! They're KitchenCraft "Sheffield" in Cherry (http://www.kitchencraft.com/door_styles/sheffield.aspx#). We're Direct Buy members so we got them through the club. Fantastic deal.
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there are no direct buy show rooms in my area closest is springfield MO
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I prefer the grey pattern too.

I'm planning to do the same exact SMX screen size, so I'll be anxiously watching your progress! What's your front row seating distance?

Great work!
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Front row seating is going to be between 13' & 14' we will see once I get the stage built and the screen wall. Should I post ya a few pics of the SMX screen in the box Dkaps came over the other day and we opened it up and had a look. I must say I cant wait to get it up and get this thing rolling I wanna watch some movies
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In regards to covering thr steel girder, what kind of adhesive did you use to hold the O.S.B.?
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I used good old liquid nails. I let it cure for almost 7 days before I removed the clamps and still had one little spot pull away I dont think I used enough LN on that spot. I screwed it along the top and used the LN along the bottom edge of the beam and clamped it tight.
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Hello All

I have been trying to finish up the soffets this week and I am pretty close just a few more small sheets of sheetrock and GG and DONE

Here are a few pics of my flex duct before I sealed them up



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Also I decided to go with sconces so that I didnt have to cut into the mass of my soffets

Here are the almost completed Soffets.

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Future Bass trap and can lighting that will go behind the SMX and shine down on my speakers

Here is a shot of my staggered stud wall where my door jam is. I think I am going to have it custom made since my jam is 8 1/2" wide

This is also a pretty good shot showing how I over lapped my sheetrock alternating the 48" & 54" sheetrock. Stretch rock is a Beautiful thing

going to order my Linacoustic this week and start getting some furring strips up. I'm also going to be using the fabricmate track system
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I'm about to build my stage. It would be cool if I could get some input on design. Please post links to your builds. I have a few pics saved of a few fellow AVS builders that I really liked but can always use more ideas
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I know sandman's stage is a frequently copied one.

Any turns in those HVAC runs?
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The cold air return I did a 14' run of JM 1" duct board in the floor joist and boxed it in and then hooked in my return with the flex duct. I can yell into it and you can not hear me in the room above. The supply line I have not hooked up yet and just have it hanging in the furnace room. I will mess with it when I get the room done.

Sandmans stage is nice but I think I am going to copy Ronnie jacksons stage. I really like the way that turned out. He did a awsome job
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Ronnies is great too. Good choice. No point in copying mine, it is just an equipment location behind a future false wall:
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Looking good W00lly
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Hello All

Well in between the rain and mowing my lawns I made some time to start working on the stage. I tryed to copy Ronnie jackson's stage build. I had to make mine a bit smaller Thanks to Ronnie for some pretty detailed photo's I think I came pretty close.

Here I used a bunch of scraps and did a mock up

Once I was pleased with the way every thing fit I started putting the puzzle together

I think I got alot done for the few hours I have into it. I hope to have it finished by the weekend. I'm not looking forward to dragging bags of sand into the basement
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I was wondering how much of a over hang for the lip should I do for the carpet . 1.5" or 2" ?
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Sorry to butt in but you HAVE to post a full size picture of your Avatar! It looks too funny!!
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HEHE I have no idea whos kid that is. I found it surfing for avatars one night. He looked pissed off that he was getting his picture taken. I thought it was funny too. I looked alot like him though when I was that little
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I finished up the framing today. Now sand not looking forward to that at all

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Oh man. Are those 2x12's? That is going to take a ton (literally) of sand! One word: Ibuprofen
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2x10's but ya I think its gunna take a ton I have a plan though. I bought a drywall cart to haul my sheetrock around when I started working on finishing the basement my plan is to wheel barrel it to the basement window then slide it down a ramp. Then load it on the drywall cart and roll it into the HT. Sounds simple but we will see
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Originally Posted by W00lly View Post


About time you showed up for a look

hey lookin' good...what is gonna be the first movie ?
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300 but by the time I get done there's going to be alot more movies that I will want to watch
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Not much has happened in the last week I run my own lawn biz and it has been raining like crazy and I am having a tuff time mowing 46 lawns in 3 days by myself. I hate wet grass and refuse to mow it wet but I guess green grass is better then burnt stubble but its cutting into my build time.

I am going to pick up sand and materials for the riser this weekend and get that going. Pics to follow soon
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[quote=W00lly;10999709]Well I got out the blue tape tonight and did a mock up of the actual size of my screen [snip]
I think I'm gunna have to lower this thing an inch or two. QUOTE]

Be careful with those directors and using any "rules" for where eye level should be on the screen -- You'll almost always be reclining, and that changes things a bit. You don't want to spend the whole movie with your chin on your chest. I think I'm at 1/6 screen and that's comfortable for me. I would not want the screen any lower, though.
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I finally got the chance to look through your thread and I must say you are looking good. Everything looks top notch so far and I am subscribing to your thread so I do not miss anything. You are ahead of me so I love watching what others do so I do not forget anything. Good job.

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