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Definitive Supercube Reference??

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I am building some InWall cabinets in my bonus room and the lower cabinets will house 2 Subs... I am leaning towards a pair of Definitive Supercube Reference subs and was wanting to know if any owners out there can give me any input if this would be a good setup for some good bass in a 3300 cubic foot room?
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I own the Definitive Supercube Reference and it is a very nice sub. The price is attractive plus you can get them for a lot cheaper than the MSRP which makes them an even better deal. It is not boomy, plays deep and is very refined. It was very easy to set up. Good for both music and movies.

There are a lot of competitors in this price range but I would put them right it right up there with subs costing 3k or even more and it would compete easily. I am only using one at this time in a 5000 cubic ft. room without any issues in sound quality or output whatsoever.
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Building cabinets to hold subs is a topic on it's own. Do some serious research on
how to do it. You can have 2 great subs that will SUCK it you build them into the wrong cabinet.

One of the resources we tend to overlook is the Mfg themselves. If you decide to buy the Supercube, Call up Definitive. It may take some time to get to the person you want, but I bet they will be more than happy to help you set them up.
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email Chet and he will be more than happy to help you out. Definitive is a great company for customer service.
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