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Is this a good deal ?

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I live in Tokyo, Japan.
At last I have made up my mind to buy the 60GB PS3 as there are no other cheaper options left for the budget minded gaijins in Japan. Most of the players come along with recorders that is making the product cost more than $1000. So here is the deal I am planning to seal tomorrow.

PS3 60GB - 59,980 ($500)
BD Remote - 3,240 ($27)

Total - 63,320 ($527)
Points - 13% - 8219 ($68)

As I earn $68 in points I can purchase the below BD (I have most of the other BD imported from U.S)

1. Speed
2. Face / Off

PS3 + BD Remote + 2 BD = $527

Please let me know if this is good deal or do you want me to wait for the non-obsolete players ?

I am having a basic 5.1 ch surround system with optical input. I will be using HDMI for Video Only and will be hooking up the optical jacks of the PS3 and the 5.1ch receiver for Audio. Will this setup give me 5.1ch surround or just 2.1 ch surround ?
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The PS3 is currently selling in the US for $599, although Sony is expected to drop the price $100 starting July 12th. We have had some reports that some of the stores are already selling it for the $499.

Not sure if the $100 price drop will include Japan or not.

The Remote is currently selling for about that same price here in the US ~$25.

So far, with everything, you are paying what we are paying.

Me personally, I would suggest the PS3, as it is more versatile than a stand-alone Blu-Ray player.

I am doing the same thing you are asking....using HDMI for Video to the TV, and using Optical for Audio to the surround sound system. I am getting 5.1 channel on mine!
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hey lgans316:

didn't u post the pending ps3 price drop in japan on the other thread?
i would say it doesn't hurt to wait a few days to clarify on the news before you jump.

Anyway due to currency reasons PS3 will always be cheaper in japan than US, barring price changes. If the 20G model is still available over there, it might be an even better choice as the missing features are all user-upgradeable and does not affect BD performance.

As far as the audio, Toshlink optical will get you 2.0 LPCM or 5.1 standard DTS / DD which should be adequate.
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Thanks guys for your advice.
The conversion rate is usually 100 ~ 105 JPY = 1 USD.
At present it's 123 JPY = 1 USD.
Else the pricing in Japan could be arguably called cheaper.
So people shopping in Japan (not worth actually) may find goods cheaper.
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in addition to currency advantage,
Sony actually adjusted the PS3 prices in Japan prior to launch due to pressures from the major gaming studios.

point system wise, I thought you might be better off using the points to buy accessories instead of BD titles. Amazon.jp should be a better place to shop for movies.

anyway, good luck with the purchase. If you can score a 20G or confirm the upcoming price drop, it would be pretty sweet.
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The purchase is done.

60 GB PS3 (was equipped with FW v1.55) - $500
BD Remote - $25

Speed Blu-ray - $28
Face off Blu-ray - $37 (yeah too expensive here)
Accumulated Points - $68

Total amount spent - $526
Upgraded to FW v1.82.

Disappointed with the Fan Noise and Heat Sink.
Amazed by the UI and the BD performance.
Far better and responsive than my HD-XF2 (A2).

But overall winner in Picture department to me is HD DVD with VC1 by a margin because of the smooth and clean picture than MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC. BDs that I own look incredibly sharp but grainy. HD DVDs I own look incredibly smooth and clean.

The BD however excels in sound department because of LPCM. Speed with DTS-HD MA was blasting my telly which has good built-in speakers.

I am not interested in games anyway. However I bought this version coz it has built-in Wi-Fi and Multimedia card support.

My BD Collection so far

1. Face-off (J)
2. Speed (J)
3. Kung Fu Hustle (disappointing PQ)
4. Prestige
5. Pearl Harbor
6. Enemy of the state
7. POTC 1
8. POTC 2
9. Crank
10. Casino Royale
11. Apocalypto

and lot more to come.
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