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Home Theater and 2000 Gallon Aquarium BASEMENT Build Underway !!!

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As the owner of an Aquarium Manufacturing company I have always had dreams of having a massive Home Aquarium in my basement. Up until about 3 months ago it was a go and the plans had been finished....

Then one day I was stupid enough to visit this website and see some of the amazing HOME THEATER setups the members here have. Well needless to say the basement has been ripped apart again to incorporate the theater room.

Here is a picture of the basement layout:

We are currently studding all the walls. The only construction finished is that of the actual Aquarium Stand. Originally the Home Theater room was going to be in the upper right portion of the above layout. The problem was when I began to think about installing soffit lighting. In that room are my HVAC runs and they cannot be moved. With this problem we decided to move the HT room to the bottom LEFT of the above diagram- Proposed Home Theater Room. As you can see I have about 20" of space from the bottom wall to where the cold cellar wall comes out...I am going to build my Fronts, Sub, and Plasma into that nook so they are even with the cold cellar installed in the new wall we will run across.

One important note to consider is I DO NOT want the Home Theater room to be completely closed off from the rest of the basement. I really want the option of being able to see my Aquarium while watching TV and having people over. We are thinking of building a very large open archway at the back middle of the room. I realize this is not IDEAL but then again having a 2000 Gallon Aquarium System is not exactly IDEAL either! My main question/problem is where do I stop the room?? How far back do I go with the theater room but still leave space in front of the Aquarium for viewing??? I simply can't decide....any ideas?? I will install 2 walls (one at each side) at the back of the room so I can build my (2) RB-81 Rears into wall columns.

Here is my current EQUIPMENT LIST:

58" Panasonic 700U- Plasma

Blue Ray/Gaming-
Playstation 3

Fronts- RF-82 x 2
Center- RC-62 x 1
Rear Sides- RS-62 x 2
Rear- RB-81 x 2

SVS- 20-39 PCI

Pioneer Elite- VSX-82TSX

Rogers High Definition

Harmony- Logitech 1000

I am toying with the idea of going with a projector instead of the plasma but I'm gonna wait and see how the budget is near the end. I will update periodically and need a ton of advice...so comment away and PLEASE HELP !!!

thanks alot!
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I won't believe a single word you type until I see pictures!!
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LOL! My wife didn't believe me either until the Visa bill came in
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Go projector.

2000 gallons? Wow-- I'm looking forward to seeing this develop. My wife wanted me to build an aquarium behind my bar, but then I explained that that's where the stairs are. And there's no other place I could put one in, sadly.
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Just how thick is the glass/acrylic needed in that thing?
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The Main Aquarium is only 1400 Gallons. Once you add in the sumps, Quarantine tank, top off, frag tanks etc it will be in excess of 2000 gallons.

3/4" Glass all around including immense bottom, top, cross and Euro- bracing.
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How heavy do you expect the final aquarium set up to be?
Also... salt or fresh?
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so, you're going reef... i cant wait to see that lighting bill... i thought my 250 watt halide ate up energy.
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also, how are you doing the tank? are you going to make it an inwall type of look with a room behind it so you can access everything? i cant see you being able to keep it "clean" without having it built into something.
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I used to be a professional pilot, I thought about adding a small airport to my basement but my wife and the FAA said no, your's sounds so much more feasible.

All kidding aside, I can't wait to see this. I imagine a few hundred db ought to make the fish wonder what is going on. Not to mention the competition in the room, don't know what I would like to watch more; the fish or the movies!

Should weigh over 17,000 pounds just for the 2000gallons of salt water.
1 cuft weighs 64 pounds and there are 7.48 gallons in one cubic foot.
(2000/7.48) * 64 = 17,112.3 pounds of water, the structure will weigh a ton+ just to hold all the water in. Should be MASSIVELY cool!
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Yes it will be VERY heavy! Exact weight no idea...THOUSANDS os POUNDS

Yes Salt Water Reef Tank...

Yes. If you look at the drawing posted above...In behind the tank is a fish room where I can access the entire back and 1 side of the tank. It will be INWALL and I will have access doors to reach into the front sections.

LOL...Exactly! This is my dilema. I want to have my theater room but want to be able to view the Aquarium at the same time if I wish. I'm trying to decide how far back to run my back wall. The problem is no matter what the space between the theater and fish room will be wasted/dead space. Any thoughts?
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you realize with the lighting a plasma wont be optimal cuz of glare (depending on location of course)...

i say you go full reef island in the middle and get a few sharks in there. i have a polyp eating flame angel i'd donate for dinner.
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Sounds cool. Make sure you give plenty of thought to managing the humidity "problem" you will have. Protect your home and your gear.
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Yes I think I will install curtains to reduce glare.

Ride the ducati-

Yes this has been pre-planned very well. We have installed a 2 tonne air conditioner, dehumidifier, Heat Recovery ventilator system, and emergency exhaust fan all for the fish room alone.
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I am by no means an expert on fish, but I did read one time how low bass signals are really not good for them. How are you accounting for that?
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Good question...I wasn't!

I have never heard that...hmmm...

Many in here feel its OK.

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Originally Posted by aquafire View Post

3/4" Glass all around including immense bottom, top, cross and Euro- bracing.

If you're gonna put George and Gracie in there I'd use transparent aluminum

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i think that this is the type of bass they were talking about being compatible.

just my .o2

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Seriously...not a real picture yet!
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low bass isn't ideal, but in a tank that size and shape, it's going to be much less of a problem. i had a 58 gallon tank near my HT setup in my living room, and the fish never reacted to bass. i guess if you had a frequency hit exactly right it could be an issue, but that's unlikely.

are you going sps? if i ever did a large tank i'd likely do just lps/softies, becuase they are so much easier to keep.

sweet deal, man, keep us posted. RC big tanks forum is a great place for information.
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Well I have decided that the way my Aquarium is sitting will not work with my home theater room ...so its stand moving time.

I'm thinking about a 25' x 18' room. Any thoughts on this size? Now is the time to tinker with adjustments.....
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Are you scrapping the aquarium idea totally? I don't know of any problems with a HT the size you state, that size should be pretty good.

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how about finding a way to make the aquarium a side wall of your aquarium.

I'm thinking Captain Nemo . . .

Also, I have a friend that used to install large scale aquariums - Think Rainforest Cafe. He reported he installed massive saltwater tanks in nightclubs and (gasp) discos. He reported that the fish were healthy and oblivious to the intense sound.

Good luck,


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Nice you've been around the reefing community do you remember that dude in Michigan that built the 4000 gallon aquarium in his basement?

BTW, what's the name of your company?
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Not scrapping the idea at all... Just making some modifications to the location thats all.

Yes that 4000 gallon ate away his house from the humidity.

My HT room looks like 22' x 17.5' final.

Aquarium Obsessed is my company name.

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No kidding??? ouch.....

And your company is on my short list when I add my reef to the basement.

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With 6k watts of lights for that tank you're going to need to invest in a really, really, really bright projector should you go that route or progam the Harmony to turn on the Reef's night cycle when the projector fires up. =)

As for the plasma glare, and LCD wouldn't suffer the same issues. Costco is supposed to have a sub 2k 52" LCD tv in august. A RPTV would also be a good alternative.
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I have a 180 gallon reef (6x2x2) in my basement and I have to make sure fresh air is circulating. In the winter, humidity is a relative 30-40%, and in the summer 50%, 60% if the AC is not running. The reef is about 20 feet from all HT equipment and 30 feet from the HSU STF3, which is set at 16hz. Fish are not effected by the low freqs, at least my fish.
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Well let the re-design begin!

The only issue I haven't been able to overcome is the 21" JUTT out at the bottom wall. By the time the TV is centered I will have no room beside it for my front left speaker. I could move the entire false wall out 24" to accomodate the fronts or I'm thinking of drilling a hole in the CEMENT cold cellar wall...any suggestions?

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Is there no problem having a loud audio source by the tank (and the fish)?
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