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I searched the Screen forum and did not find very much information on how high off the floor the center of the screen should be.

Would you please let me know how high yours is (the center) and how far your main seating position is from it.

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The bottom of my screen is exactly 2 feet 10 inches of the floor. It is this height because it allows me to aim my projector straight with no keystone. The screen is a DIY 5 foot by 3 foot. Viewing distance is 9 feet.
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Thanks for responding. I hope others do as well. I think many people have this question.

In your situation, would you want the screen higher if not limited by the projector height/keystone correction issue. Or does this seem to be a comfortable height for viewing. I assume that your seats are not elevated.

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44" from floor to bottom of screen (119" 16:9 DaLite). It's only that high because I have a 36" cabinet and a 7" center channel underneath it. Conveniently, it puts the top of the screen high enough that my projector (10HT) resides only 10-12" from the ceiling.

Personally, I would prefer the screen be ~30" off the floor. My seating location, at about 10-12' back from the screen, is a bit too much like the first couple of rows in a multiplex, and watching a movie while lying on the floor is difficult.

Of course, YMMV.

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Mine is about as high as I would like. I think we all place our screens higher relative to rear projection sets.
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Thanks for the ongoing dialogue. My own limitation is that I am using 3 Pardigm Studio 60s accross the front for R,L,C. With the feet removed they are 33" inches high. I wanted to know if people thought this was too high for the screen.

Although, I can't help but wonder what "right" is. I called Stewart and Da-Lite and neither knew of any standards nor did they even have any reccomendations. Maybe a few more enthusiasts will respond and we can develop some thoughts on this subject.

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I have a ceiling mounted Sony 10HT about 10' from screen. Seating is about 12' from my 4' x 7.1' screen. The bottom edge of screen is 36" from floor, which puts the center of the screen at about 5' from floor. Don't know if this is 'optimum', but it works good for me, and there is no keystone correction required.

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Mine is currently 20" off the ground. 49" to the center. 58"x92"
It isn't perminately mounted yet and I think I'll end up raising it up about a foot. I'm viewing it from 13 feet. The center is about eye level to me on the couch.
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My screen is 25.5" off the floor but this divided by a stage that is 12" from its top to the floor. There is a 3.5" screen frame and then it's 30" from there to the screen center. This makes it 58.5" from screen center to the floor. This is a lot but I use three rows of seating so really it's more optimal for the middle row. I have 16" risers so really the middle row has the screen center 42.5" up which seems to be real close to what some others here are saying.
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I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for responding. Your comments were very helpful and I am now comfortable with my decision to have the bottom of the screen 36" off the floor.

Matt, thanks for posting the links. Just out of curiosity, how did you find these??? I searched for about 2 hours before I gave up and decided to post my original message. I know I will regret asking this....as your answer is likely a very simple solution.

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I just went to the search section and typed:
floor height

Select Screens for the forum and there you go. :)
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I knew I would be embarrassed. I was typing a much bigger phrase.
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