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used but new - I like that policy.
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Does anyone have a Jamo In-Wall sub?
I have installed one recently without much wall prep, and it sounds terrible.
I'm sure it has a lot to do with the lack of wall prep, any suggestions?
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I have never installed any in wall Subwoofer before, but perhaps you could tell me what Amp your using, what Jamo sub, and what exactly sounds Terrible about it? Rattling? Distortion? Also In wall subwoofers arent the best... But if it sounds terrible then it isnt because its an in wall
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I was tossing up between the Jamo 650 12” & Jamo E7 10” subs. The price difference ($500Aus) between the 2 was the deciding factor. I bought the E7 10” & added 2 rear speakers (E700 sats) to go 7.1.

A word of advise, ignore the manufacturer’s instructions & set the crossover higher. They advise a crossover of 40hz when matching the sub with the Jamo E770 towers but to be honest I was having a hard time discerning a difference with this setting. After some fiddling I have settled on a cross over around 70hz. This seems high considering the towers have a floor of 35hz but it seems to sound the best with my setup.

The more movies I listen to the more I enjoy this 10” sub. Bass is responsive & deep without being boomy. I have not had to touch boundary gain compensation even though I positioned the sub in the front corner of the room.

Top Gun in DTS-ES discrete 6.1 was simply awesome. The roar of the jets as they accelerated blew me away. It literally felt like the front wall of the house was shaking. Worth noting is the fact the bass effects on this movie don’t simply cut in & out but continue to rumble on and on as the jets roar into the sky. I have also heard a metal bracket in the rear wall rattling around – awesome!

Drum solos from Phil Collins give the unit a workout but it seems to have no trouble keeping up with the pace. Walking out of the room is amusing, its like someone is punching the wall in the loungeroom & the vibrations can be felt throughout the rest of the house.

Now keen to watch all my movies again, I was very happy with the bass extensions of the towers but after adding this sub I realize I’ve still been missing out on a ton of sfx.

Now I have the speakers setup I will be adding a ps3 & hdmi receiver at Xmas, from what I’m reading upgrading to lossless audio produces another large jump in sound quality.

Other threads cite War of the Worlds as having deep bass, anyone else listened to this movie? Will have to try it out.
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I am getting the Jamo 809's and the C80 Center. I was considering on a different sub until I saw this post. I will check the 650 out today.
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Those are some nice speakers you've picked out doinmybest'

It appears though that I may be in the market for a new Jamo subwoofer, why you ask? Because my subwoofer is what I call slightly blown. At lower volumes the voice coil is clearly audible rubbing against the magnet. At louder volumes it doesnt rub against the magnet (or if it does it has no audible notice) So thus I may be selling my E7 sub. I probably am not supposed to say this but its available to any of you if interested. I dont know what to do with it as I dont think Jamo will ever send an email back to me if you guys know where to get a new Driver for it PLEASE let me know. I miss my quality bass
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jamo is a klipsch owned company you could probably contact them and get a new sub for a song. or you may be able to do a warranty repair...they have good warranties.
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It took awhile, but it took literally 100 hours to break in the fronts. The surrounds and sub are still in the breaking-in stage at about 20 hours.

I went all Jamo Concert Series: C 809, C80 Center, C 80 Surround, C 80 sub. For the 7.1 rears, I went with JM Labs Chorus SR700.

The soundstage of the C 809 fronts are excellent. I have the unit in my library, I believe the musciality of the speakers are near-perfect, but a slight touch warm.

The C 80 sub blends [this is what a sub should do - blend, IMO] and just accents the mains without booming. Very happy with the these. [I want to thank the previous posters for their advice].

The C80 Surrounds - enjoyable, but still not completely broken in. Rears take months because even in movies they are not used all the time. When I am watching a movie, I feel immersed without the speakers being harsh, or overbearing. Really, I am involved and not thinking about their sound. I think that is the ultimate testament to surrounds - being uncolored and in the background, coming to life when they are needed.

The C 80 Center - transitions from main to main without the stop and go, "I am on or off." A speaker that will take months to break-in. A speaker that I am very happy with.

The 7.1 rear JM Labs Chorus SR700 - rarely used in movies and never in music.

Al going through a new Yamaha 1800. Next on my shopping list is an amp for the fronts.
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Congrats on the selection doin'

I wish I could afford the C809's (heck I wish I could afford the C80CEN!) I just purchased a pair of brand new Jamo E875 Floorstanding speakers to go with the rest of the set (almost got it complete!) For 2 towers with 2 5 1/2" Woofers (each) they are literally amazing going down all the way to 32hz!!

Before I bought them i was highly sceptical about the bass reproduction. I wasnt expecting a real deep bass, especially at a lower volume. These speakers paired with my VSX-80TXV sound too good to be true. I have yet to distort the speakers! (highest I went was -9db because I thought it was too loud (which is a real first!)

The E8 series is defenitely a MUST for those looking for midrange to higher end speakers. They sound awesome in movies and even better in music. The highs are crisp and clear, and the 5 1/2" Midrange makes the vocals sound very realistic (almost like im at the concert!)

If you're going to spend a few grand on a HT speaker setup the Jamo E8 series (as well as many of their other series of speakers) would be a good item to check out.

I am thinking of upgrading my E7SUB (for the Jamo E7 series) to the SUB650 12" 300W RMS 650 peak. It goes down to 24 Hz, more than enough for me (the E7SUB only goes down to 40Hz, and has a 10" Driver)

The E8SUB.5 would be the ideal match to the system, however the SUB650 is more what I am looking for.

With the E875 towers I could almost do without the subwoofer, however I just gotta have that rumbling bass that we all crave so much of!

Kudos on your quest for the perfect system!
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I just recently Purchased the Jamo Sub 250 hope it is a decent sub I can't seem to find any real good reviews on it.

Is anyone here familiar with it?
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I have some experience with Jamo equipment. The sub250 is a decent subwoofer that hits relatively hard in the 40 hz and up range. In a small room and with significant room gain, it can dip down to well below 30 hz.

I own the Jamo Concert C803, C80 center, C80 dipoles and I had the SVS PB10 ISD subwoofer. Excellent speakers. I own a really old underpowered av receiver and it still sounds good (Yamaha RXV-450). I'm going to upgrade to the Onkyo 805.

The C80 subwoofer is pretty good. It won't slam you like some other subwoofers in the same price range but it gives really decent performance and, in my opinion, looks great. Dual C80 subwoofers should be interesting.

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Thank you for the fast response.
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Wow I just noticed I have that same reciever as you the Yamaha RXV-450.
Small world I still like the receiver.
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My current av receiver is underpowered and really not a good match for the high quality of speakers I have. The Onkyo 805 will be a significant step up.

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I have Yamaha NS-777 for fronts just ordered a Klipsch Synergy Series SC.5 Center and Klipsch Synergy Series SS.5 Surround. I am using the stock Yamaha sub along with a Acoustic Research powered sub.

Hopefully I can integrate the Jamo Sub 250 into the setup.

I was thinking about leaving the 2 subs I currently have and placing the Jamo sub back to the left corner of my seating area.
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Just found this thread, so I thought I may as well post my Jamos

Front- Jamo Classic 4's bi-amped powered by a pair of old Kenwood Basic M1's
Sub- Jamo SW500 powered by an old Yamaha M-85
Side Surrounds- Jamo Sat 300 II's powered by my HK AVR 347
Rear Surround's- Jamo Surround 200's also powered by my HK AVR 347
Center- Pinnacle Widescreen Center powered by an old Yamaha MX-M70

I was starting to think I was the only one with a Jamo SW500
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Right now I have the Polk Audio 250 sub. It's about 7-8 years old and have been wanting to upgrade my sub for a while now.

I found a smoking deal on a Jamo 650 sub in Dark Apple and checked this thread for reviews. From the reviews, it looks like it should be a really big improvement over what I have now.

Also, a buddy of mine has the Jamo 250 in the same color and it sounds pretty good. It's corner loaded and in a room about the same size as mine.

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Well it looks like I'm gonna buy the Jamo 650. I'll probably get it in 2 weeks or so. I'll get back with impressions.
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Any thoughts on the C80 SUB?
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Originally Posted by Bass-hole View Post

Well it looks like I'm gonna buy the Jamo 650. I'll probably get it in 2 weeks or so. I'll get back with impressions.

I have been wanting to get the Jamo 650, let us know how it performs.
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Hi All,

Does anyone here own the Sub300 version? the 10inch model. Curious because i dont see any reviews, and want personal experiences.. Thinking about buying this to go with my current Jamo S606HCS 7.0 pack.
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D 6Sub here. Massive 15" driver. I was concerned it might be underpowered at 400W but that hasn't been the case. I have it nestled into a box built under the stairs that come down to the basement (see pic...worth a 1000 words), firing directly at the front row seats. I'm fabricating a custom perf. metal cover for it.

Placement was dictated by spatial considerations, more than acoustical. The theater side of my room is about 11x20, but the entire space is 24x20. I am not disappointed in the sub at all. It blends well with the Jamo L/C/R
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Hi All, I'm a Newbie to the forum so would appreciate any advice that you can offer.

I bought a speaker setup for the home theatre about 6mth ago - E770 mains, E7CEN, E7Sub and E700 rears. I'm currently driving them with a Pioneer VSX515 receiver but the rears aren't connected, as l already had a pair of Jamo 855 that l've put to the rear for the moment.

I want to upgrade the receiver to something that will 'move' me when watching films and be excellent at normal (low to mid) volume but also hold its own when cranked up.
I am worried about selecting the wrong receiver when pairing to these E770 mains, hence need some advice as l don't know what will be suitable...
The old 515 and the 855s will then be relocated to the family room and the E700s will be used as rears.

Reading the local reviews in Oz, the Onkyo 606 and 706 get good reviews as does the Yamaha 863. Denon 2809 or Marantz 5003 would also be on the list if funds were a bit better.
Are these suitable?
What AV receiver are you guys using with E770s and is that a warm or bright sound at low to high levels?

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Muttlee, sorry I don't have any experience with your setup but I can say I love the sound from my Onkyo 805 driving my JAMO in-wall mains: 626K3 center and 892A2 R/L

You might have better luck asking over in the more general JAMO thread as this is for subs.

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I recently purchased the Jamo 300, so far have mixed reactions. Not as loud or noticable as I was hoping. But it does go fairly low and for $250 I can't argue. I haven't calibrated or fiddled with my amp yet so there's still hope that I can change that.

Can someone direct me to the proper place to help me fiddle with the sub settings? I have no clue have the frequency or knobs on the back do. And would like to learn.
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Found this thread and like others, just wanted to add my Jamo gear:
E550 fronts
E500 surrounds
E5CEN.5 Centre
E5SUB.5 Subwoofer

Really happy with it all so far, although to be honest i have nothing to compare it to other than an old Sony HTIB setup! Not really sure whether the sub is good or not yet. -
I find it hard to get a good balance (between focussed over-power and non-existant bass) and if starting use at louder volumes the case cracks and complains a bit as it warms up. (maybe it just doesn't like getting out of bed early)
For a while i thought i had a problem with it as it crackled during bass-heavy scenes in movies but i discovered it was just the grill on the front getting pounded to death. Removing it fixes the problem. May need to replace the rubber lugs holding it on. The set is about 5 years old. You would cry if you knew how much i paid for them. =)
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4 months ago i purchased 2 x jamo sub 650 and 2 x D6 LCR.
so far i pleased with the d6 but i don't know about the subs..
they sound great but not at high volumes..and i don't listen at 155db but when i watch a movie a crank up my receiver up to -15db and i want to the speakers to follow...well they don't!
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I have bought JAMO sub 250 subwoofer and Pioneer VSX919AH-K amp. Please advise how can I connect them. The amp has one RCA out for sub but the sub has two line in sockets (left and right). Do I need to use one of those RCA cables with one socket on one side and two on other? Please assist.
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Originally Posted by volsey View Post

I recently purchased the Jamo 300, so far have mixed reactions. Not as loud or noticable as I was hoping. But it does go fairly low and for $250 I can't argue. I haven't calibrated or fiddled with my amp yet so there's still hope that I can change that.

Can someone direct me to the proper place to help me fiddle with the sub settings? I have no clue have the frequency or knobs on the back do. And would like to learn.

Funny you say that b/c I have the Sub300 and it borders on too loud and powerful for me and possibly my neighbor (not in an apartment btw). The knobs and stuff on the back shouldn't have to be used IF your receiver is one where you can set crossover frequencies. You would connected the SW cable from the sub-out on the receiver to the LFE input on the back of the Sub300. Volume can be controlled jointly by the volume knob on the front of the sub and the sub level setting on the reciever.

If you set your crossover freq. on the receiver and connect the SW cable to the LFE input on the sub, you won't need to mess with the freq. knob on the sub.....the sub's internal crossovers are bypassed.
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Has anyone heard/owned a Jamo E8sub.5? I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on one but am a little leery of the dearth of reviews on it.

My current setup consists of E770's (fronts), E8 Cen (center), E8Sur.2 (surrounds) -- so the E8sub.5 seems like the logical choice here. But I'd like at least some feedback on it before spending the money.

Any reviews, impressions or other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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