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Software upgrade problem

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My Sony finially slow-cooked it's tuner chips. I have a standby unit I am trying to get to work. It has SSW 3.2. Using the "Jennie" code, I have been trying to download the upgrade. I keep getting disconnected!!!!...grrrr....

Does anyone have some "tricks" that can get me around this disconnect problem??
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If you've haven't already check out the UTV FAQ for some general rundown and tips to help improve your chance of a good download.

Basically you want to get as "Clean" a dial up connection as possible.

So you may want/need to try and remove/bypass any "poor" or "dirty" sources. So if you have access to it... The BEST or CLEANEST connection would be the Junction box outside your home where the Phone Company's line enters your home. There is a "Test" Jack inside this box that can disconnect all your inside wiring and plugging a phone or UTV into this jack should bypass any "Inside" wiring problems.

You may also consider manually or automatically disabling call waiting or other services that might interrupt your data connection.

Find a good phone line extension and jack to connect the UTV too. and give it a try. You might have best luck later at night/early in the morning (during "off peak" times).

Keep us posted.
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just dump a 3.7 image on there and be done with it
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I appreciate you guys responding to my post!

I did read the FAQs; guess I was hoping there was some insider trick that wasn't up there. I will hook my unit to the outside phone line tonite to see what happens. I take it that each time there is a disconnect; one has to start all over on piece 1 of 297...

As for the 2nd post. were you refering to the winhex (take the drive out and image it from my busted unit) way of getting an update?

Another problem I am having w/ this "new" unit is its inabilitly to show the local channels. I gave up on DTV..... I noticed that the serial number on the unit itself
is different than the serial number on the system test display. Other than that, I
am lost on what to do.... I am thinking that the 3.7 update will not solve this problem, but what do I know....

Thanks again!
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A quote from 07-20-04:

Originally Posted by lgodave View Post

Because DTV has switched most locals over to "spot-beam" sats the UTV software of old (say before 3.5) had problems with this configuration and required the UTV to be updated to the "latest" software which fixed the "spot-beam" issue with UTVs... If you'd have had your UTV back when this problem first appeared DTV's fix was wait for the download update... Since it was automatic NO PROBLEM... but now that UTV 3.7 isn't in the stream (Much, if at all) old UTVs aren't being updated...

Here is the thread:

From the archive

So you do need 3.7 for locals. I knew I read it somewhere.
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I am a happy camper now! I decided to try the MSN Web/TV change to my ISP dialup. Even as I was going there; the thought of my bellsouth account was going to be too long to put in....gloom.... When MSN dialed up it said that a software update was ready for me (gee.... I never got that message before on MSN before)....yeah, yeah, I have done that already a zillion times.
I was poised to hit the cancel for that one, BUT, NO! Ever the optimist I gave it a try. IT WORKED!!

Version 3.7 and local channels!! I have you guys to thank for all your help!!

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For anyone in future needing the upgrade... UTV updates can sometimes resume where they left off. Sometimes not. If the data connection is lost.

MadRob suggested using the outside phone line connection... but didn't say if it disconnected or not. Regardless, there have been many posts over the years of people trying and failing to be able to use the dialup update... Without hangups and disconnects causing daily stress and hair pulling.

There are those of us that have very few, if any problems with dialup updates and those that have a never ending rain of problems. Some of those in the middle just have to stick with it and wish for some luck they get a clean line 1 out of 50 tries or something.
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Originally Posted by MadRob View Post

I appreciate you guys responding to my post!

I did read the FAQs;
As for the 2nd post. were you refering to the winhex way of getting an update?

Thanks again!

but you don't need to get an image from your old drive (it dosn't have 3.7)
download 3.7 from the net and use winhex or similar software to write the 3.7 image to your hardrive. the procedure is described here somewhere.
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I can see I didn't explain what I did to get a good connection to WebTV.

For one, I never tried the "clean phone line" solution.

There is a feature on the Sony that allows one to use one's ISP DialUp number to
access WebTv. Although I have DSL w/ BellSouth; they provide you w/ a Back Up dialup number to access your account if you were traveling. I entered that number and upon connection with WebTv a message appeared telling me an
update was available. That update downloaded with out any problem and turned
out to be 3.7

Upon further reflection (senior moment), I used my MSN hotmail account as the log in for downloading. My Bellsouth account login name was too long for the space given in the UTV address box. That is why I was suprised to see the "ugrade available" as the first thing to pop up after it logged on.
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Very cool.

I've never had DSL or Cable ISP. I've got High Speed Wireless from a local provider. I'm still retaining my old dialup account (as a backup)... but I certainly would look for and highly consider High Speed Providers that do offer "Low-Speed" (backup) options.

My High Speed Wireless did give me plenty of problems if it ever went out of alignment or there was a problem... My dialup account came in handy on those occasions or if I ever needed "remote" dialup access when traveling.
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