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My DIY screen - Thanks AVS  

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I was faced with making a DIY screen on a little budget that could easily break down and fold away (no dedicated theater room). I chose to make a screen that sits on top of my RPTV. The screen has felt tabs and a black blanket to protect the rear projection set. I chose a screen size of 5x3 due to only sitting 9 feet away. I am using an LT154 and an HTPC/DTC 100. The HTPC is set to 1024x600. I chose the weird resolution in order to give me just a little bit more room for windows.

I want to thank you all for your instructions. I couldn't have done it without this forum. Total cost for this screen, $50.

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Great idea! Tell me about the masking material. What type is it?
How is it attached?

I'm in the same boat as you. I will be hanging my screen on an IV pole in front of my entertainment center. I'll post photo's in a few weeks, hopefully!
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The masking material is black felt from Hancock fabrics. 3.74 a yard. I used a staple gun to wrap the feld around the wooden rails. I really lack craft skills, but this was simple to do.

The next step is to replace the "feet" with hinged ones to collapse the screen for storage. The screen itself of pegboard painted with Bher (sp?) ultra white. I am considering repainting with a grey screen. roughly 1000 lumens at 9 feet away is plenty bright. I could use the extra contrast.
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