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Could i get some suggestions on a receiver? I am looking at buying a 1080p 50" plasma in September. I want a 5 channel receiver. I have all Sony stuff now and i do not listen that much to my audio stuff anymore. I will most of the time listen to the tv with it's built in speaker. My Sony receiver is not digital now but my cd player is.

I am going to need a receiver and dvd player and the receiver can be old and used, i do not care. Could any in here give me suggestions what would work good? The plasma i am going to get is Pioneer but it does not matter to me if brnads match or not.

I thought i would watch for a good receiver and get it here and be ready. I have 5 speakers with two subs, so i am ok on speakers also. I will be tapped out with the plasma, so i do not want to spend much on a receiver, new or used.