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MacBook and Projector help

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Hi all. Please help! Here is my setup: 2Ghz Intel Core Duo MacBook, Panasonic AE900 connected by HDMI.

I am trying to send a 1080i signal to the projector, to play HDV home movie files. I'm playing through DVD Player, without interlacing turned on. I had been connected at 720p (the projector's native resolution) but the motion is bad. There is no combing, but it flickers in a way that looks like an interlaced signal that has been deinterlaced rather badly. I hope that by sending a 1080i signal, the projector will render the motion right. I know it can, because the same footage looks smooth (like 60 fields per second) when played from the CAMCORDER to the projector.

Using DisplayConfigX, I am able to create a 1080i resolution that sort of works. BUT: the motion looks really good for about five seconds, then flickers terribly, then recovers. This keeps repeating. All the same, while it is smooth it is definitely 60i smooth.

I need help with the finer timings, I think. The PJ manual says this for a resolution of 1080i:

Horizontal scanning frequency: 33.8
Vertical scanning frequency: 60.0
Dot clock frequency: 74.3

I assume that I need to adjust front porch, etc. to get these numbers exactly. How do I do this? Should this achieve consistently smooth video?

Thanks very much.

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I'm going to post a follow up to my own question. I think the flicker/judder is a playback issue. This is a MacBook, with no dedicated video ram. I tried playing the HDDVD image folder with VLC, and the problem happened much less frequently, and pausing momentarily occasionally helped.

So it seems that it is hooked up appropriately. With a more powerful Mac, it might be better.

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I just saw this and I was going to say the same thing. If it wont play on your mac right without a projector hooked up, it won't play right with one either.

I ran into the same issue trying to play an itunes tv show off my wifes dated powerbook into my crt projection tv. It worked great off my powerbook though!
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