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DVD-Audio > DTS & DD5.1 ?  

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DVD-Audio discs can have 2 "zones": a DVD-Audio Zone and a DVD-Video zone.

The DVD-Audio zone contains, of course, the DVD-Audio (2 channel, 6 channel, MLP, whatever). It can also contain some visual content such as stills of the band, lyrics, etc.

The DVD-Audio zone is unrecognized by DVD-Video only players. However, the DVD-Video Zone looks exactly like a DVD-Video disc. The DVD-Video zone can contain anything and everything that a regualr movie disc does including:
-Dolby Digital Soundtrack (in any flavour)
-DTS Soundtrack
-Stereo PCM soundtrack

Recording companies are very much being encouraged to include on their DVD-audio releases a Video zone containing a 'copy' of the music so that people without DVD-audio players can enjoy the multi channel mix (albeit, without the added quality of MLP).

Future movie DVDs will NOT have DVD audio soundtracks.

As to your question about the quality of DTS in the Video zone of DVD-Audio discs versus DTS music CDs, that is entirely up to the people that make the disc. It is up to them whether there is a DTS soundtrack there to begin with, or whether there is a DVD-Video zone at all (though if they do provide a DVD-Video zone, they must provide either a Dolby Digital or PCM sountrack in it)

Brian Florian
Editor, Canada

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Hey Arc,

DVD-A is strictly a multi channel music format, and there are no plans to use it for video. MLP(Meridian Lossless Packing) is the encode-decode method.It is totally lossless, meaning that unlike other processing forms (DTS,DD,etc.)there is no loss of information in the encode-decode process.
Because of this, it offers the best sound of all the formats (with SACD coming in a close second).
Another plus is that virtually every record company and manufacturer has licensed to do DVD-A, whereas few have licensed SACD.

You will need a DVD-A player to playback a DVD-A disc. A DVD video player will not play back a DVD-A disc. A DVD-A player will play DVD video discs, but not vice versa.

I hope this helps.
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Thanks guys.

I understand that we will not see DVD movies with DVD-Audio encoded soundtracks.

But what of my other question...a DVD-Audio disc played on a non DVD-Audio player can still play in the DTS or Dolby Digital format (if the disc has this capability...which many do).... So if you had two discs...a DVD-Audio disc of Emerson Lake & Palmer's " Brain Salad Surgery" ... and a DTS-CD of the same album...they would both sound the same on a non-DVD-Audio player?...playing in the DTS or Dolby Digital format...and they both cost the same.....so it would be better to buy the DVD-Audio disc (with DTS or DD capabilities) now...because you can play the disc in the DTS or DD format on your present DVD player and you also get the future benefit of utilizing the DVD-Audio format after you upgrade, at a later date, your DVD player.

Does this sound right?

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That's correct.. the DD/DTS tracks will sound the same whether on a DVD-A or DVD-V disk (so long as they're the same bitrate, master, etc). Hopefully the DD/DTS tracks will benefit from the higher quality 24/96 mastering, but you won't get the full resolution of DVD-A in DD/DTS.

I would rank SACD as the number one format, not DVD-A. Multi-channel SACDs are already on the market and over 300 two-channel titles are currently available, compared to a handful of DVD-A's. Also the multi-channel DVD-A's are only 24/96 resolution whereas multi-channel SACDs use the full resolution of DSD. Reports from recording engineers indicate that even 24/192 can't quite match DSD.

I own all the Chesky 24/96 DAD's and a number of DSD recorded SACD's. I can't do a direct comparison of the formats since the material is different, but in all cases I prefer DSD to 24/96. It just sounds more real and involving.

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Question concerning DVD-Audio for you early adapters. Is DVD-Audio significanntly better sounding then DTS-Audio (available presently in both audio only presentations as well as DVD movie titles)? If so...can we assume that future movie DVDs will have DVD-Audio soundtracks? Or is that too much on information on a disc?

On another level...Will a DVD-Audio disc with DTS or AC-3/DD5.1 capabilities played on a non-DVD-A player sound the same in audio quality as a DTS audio music disc played on that same player? Just asking because at the same price point of $25 dollars full retail...one might be better served to buy DVD-Audio discs, rather then DTS-audio music discs...especially if audio quality is equal...then one would get the quality of DTS or DD5.1 music reproduction and also at the same time be preparing a collection for when he or she upgrades to a DVD-Audio player. Does that make any sense?

Can one assume that the hierarchy of digital sound falls in like this:
1.) DVD-Audio
2.) SACD (only because its presently only available in two-channel)
3.) DTS
3.) DD 5.1

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I would agree. In the demos of SACD and DVD-A I've heard, SACD is the better sounding format.

As for Multichannel SACD discs, DMP has 4 titles available now, Virgin Music's Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield comes out in Multichannel SACD on Feb 5 (Monday) and Telarc and Delos have Multichannel SACDs shown in the January 2001 SACD catalog.

I also understand from CES that Sony Music will be announcing some Multichannel SACD titles shortly.
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This is a fundamental problem with high res multi-channel - both SACD and DVD-A. In order to hear the full resolution you need a pre-amp with six channel analog pass-thru, and not many pre-amps have this feature. If the pre-amp is re-digitizing the signal to perform bass management and room correction then you lose the benefits of DVD-A/SACD. This means the bass management has to be in the player. But then what's the point of the pre-amp? Will players be able to do bass management as well as good pre-amps do? And why do we have to pay for duplicate functionality? Lots of unanswered questions still.

What we really need is a digital interface for multi-channel SACD/DVD-A, but don't count on it any time soon.

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Thanks guys...I am getting a better understanding of it more and more.

Another quick point...I am hearing that even though some sound processors and av receivers have the six channel analog inputs for DVD-Audio...not all perform the necessary bass management through these analog inputs. Do you know which audio processors do and which don't?

And will this be a similar problem for multichannel SACDs?


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