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Yeah, it wasn't much fun to deal with this whole thing. Insurance took care of me fairly, which was a nice change. smile.gif

My good buddy, Tom, was in the mood for an upgrade and I ended up buying his AE4000. Worked out best for all I think! I just got it hooked up yesterday.

I also got the Integra processor back on Friday. It seems to work correctly too!

It had been quite a while since we'd even been in the theater, much less watch a movie. It was really something special when I fired it all up! It's a pretty nice place if I say so myself. Your senses get accustomed to things when you see them on a daily basis, and I had become a bit desensatized to our room. Well let's just say it's quite impressive after your senses have only had a small tv for a few months! biggrin.gif

As far as room completion, I'm still in the firm grip of school. Don't anticipate the time to finish anytime soon. Sorry.

I have been feeling guilty about school keeping me from the family. So, we've redirected our interests (and funds) to another activity. One that gets the kids outdoors more. We voted as a family to get a camper instead of carpet. Don't know why the kids voted that way? tongue.gif

Here she is! We already have reservations at the beach for just after my Summer semesters. biggrin.gif

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Hey that is one nice looking camper you have there. I really enjoy camping.........Mrs. RTROSE does not sooooooooo we don't camp. rolleyes.gif Its all good, but one of the big things I miss about camping is sitting around the campfire at night with friends and family talking about the day, life, politics, religion, beer, and just solving the worlds problems in general. biggrin.gif Enjoy the time with your family, in this hectic world we live in we don't get enough "family time". I'm glad to hear that the insurance came through for you sometimes it is a rough process to go through.

Happy Fathers Day......Enjoy it!


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Tony and all Fathers reading this;

Have a great Father's Day!
and Tony >> That Photo with your boys in front of the camper is worth far more than a thousand words - enjoy!!
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Originally Posted by cuzed2 View Post

Tony and all Fathers reading this;
Have a great Father's Day!
and Tony >> That Photo with your boys in front of the camper is worth far more than a thousand words - enjoy!!

A big "plus 1" to that! biggrin.gif
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Thanks for the Father's Day wishes. To have been entrusted with this overwhelming responsability has been THE blessing of my life. I thank God every day for the opportunity. Happy Father's Day to all fathers!

Yes, photos like that are reminders of the things precious to us. As RT said, family time is something that will slip through your fingers without your even knowing. We didn't buy a camper so much as we bought their undivided attention. cool.giftongue.gifcool.gif

Well...I'm off to take a final exam in educational psychology. By the way, I can't find spell check on the new forum? I won't survive without it.
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Good luck on your exam Tony!
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+1 Hope the exam went well!
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Thanks! 2 more exams today and a research paper due. But then the first Summer semester is over! 4 days of camping and then start Summer II on Monday. Yippie! mad.gif
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Hey there Tony. Well it's been over 7 months since your last post. Any progress????
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Greg, now you've gone and shamed me! mad.gif Actually, I was holding out to find out who loved me. wink.gif

Coming to the end of the school work. Graduation is end of April! Yippie!

As I just said to someone in a PM, I've been financially paralysed. Have you priced graduate school yet? And I've been essentially unemployed for the last year. The two combined keep my wife from smiling when I ask for theater money.

Anyway, I should find out about employment around Memorial Day, and when that happens we'll finish up the room and this thread will be active again.

I really miss the construction work (never thought I'd say that), and I definitely am ready for my second wind.

Thanks for asking buddy. smile.gif
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Tony!?!?! We were doing you a favor, bud. You know how it is around here, if your thread stays on the front page, but there's never any progress, someone like Logan or Hanes might come along and...............

Well, like I said, we were just trying to let you fly under the radar, my friend biggrin.gif

Looking forward to new updates, and keep plugging along with school. They tell me it will be over before you know it wink.gif
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Gday JPA. Sadly we dont have that sort of discretion in these parts. Tony123 needs to finish his room. This guy has vicariously spent thousands of my hard earned money on Emotiva amps, danley subs and God knows what else. It's payback time smile.gif
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Its the quarterly 'bump of shame' tony. You know the drill.... full summary of any work undertaken within the last reporting period. Or should we just skip that step and move straight into the excuses????? Cmon man..... less holidays and more theatre building. wink.gif
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Yeah! How inconsiderate of you! biggrin.gif
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At least a picture of a little kid standing inside an enormous subwoofer cabinet??
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As much as I've enjoyed this thread too, I gotta say I admire a dude who can put aside his toys and dedicate his time to bettering himself and his family.

Me....I'm too middle aged to attempt such a thing. wink.gif
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I'm glad I have friends like Jive Turkey to bring some logic to you guys. Ya'll are like sharks smelling blood in the water! biggrin.gif

Honestly, it's nice to know that folks are still interested in this thread and my room.

I'm now less than a month from graduation! I've applied for a few teaching positions already, but the school district hasn't started the interview process yet. I hope to have some activity soon though.

As for progress in the theater, there has been none. We are using it on weekends, but not a bit of work has been done. Again, we've got to make financial recovery from the expenses of grad school before we can think about the theater again. Jive Turkey understands. smile.gif By the way, I was too middle aged to attempt such a thing too. I just didn't fully understand how big a piece I was biting off.
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Congrats on the impending graduation and the following job hunt. I understand completely about the "too middle aged to do this" mindset as I'm already there. I think most of us that are "driven" people take hard looks at our current surroundings sometime around 35-50 years old (midlife is different for everybody) and wonder if the path we have chosen is the one we really should have taken. Obviously this shows up in several ways, the most common is the evaluation of career and spouses with the occasional sport bike/motorcycle, boat, or convertible/sports car thrown in for good measure. biggrin.gif

I have 17 years in my current profession, but I have looked hard at a couple of options probably in the last 3-4 years. I tease Mrs RTROSE that as I am fully vested in my employers retirement program at 25 years of service I could technically "retire" at the ripe old age of 50. Maybe then I will take advantage of that opportunity to find out what I really want to do when I grow up. Or I could just by a Corvette (as that would be much cheaper than getting a new Mrs RTROSE). biggrin.gif

Hang in there and keep us posted on your graduation and job hunt.

Good Luck!


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When they're done with me at the small business I've worked at for a quarter of a century, you're probably looking at your next Wal Mart greeter. wink.gif

Mid 50's and too burned out to be very appealing to a lot of employers. It's a young persons world still.
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Jive Turkey,

Thanks for this reality check detour!
I'm 56 and 33 yrs with same employer.

Congrats to Tony for adjusting his career targets - well done !!!

Originally Posted by Jive Turkey View Post

When they're done with me at the small business I've worked at for a quarter of a century, you're probably looking at your next Wal Mart greeter. wink.gif

Mid 50's and too burned out to be very appealing to a lot of employers. It's a young persons world still.
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I guess you graduate today, congrats! I missed that you were here at Clemson, haven't been on the forum in a while! We old students have to stick together!
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Yes Price, yesterday was the BIG day! It really was a special day, not just for me, but for the whole family. They all pitched in to make this happen.

I'd like to remain humble, but since I get so much grief on this thread, I will do a little bragging to my AVS family. I finished graduate school with my Master's, a 4.0 gpa and as member of Phi Kappa Phi (an honors society inviting only the top 10% of graduate students in all disciplines). Our school motto is "Caring, Capable and Connected" and I received one of the three top awards associated with the motto, "Most Caring". And all this while manging to keep the family together. biggrin.gif

So...when some of you give me a hard time about whether or not I've hung any new molding...I've been BUSY!

Anyway, you guys deserve a few photos. Most of you have been very supportive. wink.gif The little boost from this forum always came along when most needed. Thanks.

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Congratulations, Tony!!!!!
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Dude, that's freakin' AWESOME news! I'm proud for you, bud. I know it's a long road, and being, um, our age, with all the other stuff that goes with that makes your achievement that much more impressive! Congratulations to you and your family, from me and mine!
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Congratulations Tony! A very impressive achievement and a job well-done indeed!
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Congratulations on a great achievement!

Deserving of a very cold brew (or two)!
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Congratulations - got to be a great feeling to be at this point! We are proud of you!!
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Well done! All the best to all of you. smile.gif

"I give thanks upon my every remembrance of you..."
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