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Thanks everyone. Tom, that's a hard quote to live up to. I need you to lower your expectations. wink.gif

So here's the plan. I need to find a job before August. At the point that I'm employed again, we will finish out the theater! Can't wait. If there was an award for most determined theater build, I would have to be in the running...yes?

In other news, I don't know if I posted here, but my processor went out again.mad.gif Remember a year ago it went out and was repaired under warranty. Well now I have the same issue. Long story, but I faught Integra for 3 months for them to cover this repair too. They finally accepted, but they sure didn't want to. Anway, they've had it now for 2 weeks.
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Congrats Tony, av equipment will come and go but you'll always have that degree! Now the question is what are you watching in the theater to celebrate? "The Graduate"?
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Good on you Tony. Its quite an achievement and you should be rightly proud. BUT....... this marks your last day of having legitimate excuses for not getting your theatre built. So. .... put any moulding up lately??????
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Congrats Tony! Now you're really over qualified for every job you might possibly want!

But when the heck you going to hang some more molding?! tongue.gif
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Pretty awesome theater build !!! Nice work !
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Any updates?
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