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Hifi CD player? C.E.C. 3300R Or?

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Hello everyone,

Right now my audio setup is as follows: Toshiba SD-4900 to Phase Linear Preamp To Carver M-400 POWER Amp to my Klipsch RF-62's. I was wondering how good the DAC was in my toshiba and if the C.E.C. 3300R was better? And do you think there would be a considerable difference in sound if i upgraded to the C.E.C. 3300R instead of the toshiba?
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Since nobody replied, I will try. I do not have any experience with the two units you mentioned. That said, the CEC has a wonderful reputation as a transparent and musical CD player. There are many factors besides the DAC that will affect the sonics of a CD player; the output stage, power supply, error correction circuitry, data clock, transport, etc. When you step from a mass-market mid-fi DVD/CD player like the Toshiba (albeit one that is said to perform well for its price) to a dedicated CD player like the CEC, you get improvements in all of these areas, and they are all optimized to do one thing - play Redbook CDs as well as possible.

Do a search on Google for CEC 3300R reviews. I expect you'll find at least a few. Try to demo the player before you commit. Your system should be pretty revealing of the differences between players, but if you don't hear an improvement worth the cost, look elsewhere or keep the Toshiba.

(Oh, and you will soon read a reply to your post from an AVSForum member who will tell you I am wrong, and all CD players are alike, and that spending more than $160 for a player better than his is a capital crime. Please ignore him - he does this to every single post regarding CD players, and he has no idea what he is talking about.)
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i second Bondmanp,especially the part of ignoring the avsmember who will show up.But do a google and read the reviews if you can.I went from a ss cd player to a tube vac player and wish i had done so along time ago.Went to an eastern electric minimax(used).It's just an option that i'm suggesting.there are alot of great players on the used mkt that can be had.I've never heard the cec but i understand brand new it's about 700. and has had some decent reviews.Happy hunting.
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Thanks for the replies. Bondmanp I was also wondering if you had any suggestions on a cd/dvd-audio player. I have some porcupine tree dvd audios I enjoy and if i could immerse myself in a better sound for those as well that would also be fantastic.
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You might want to look at Arcam DVD players. Most of them play DVD-A and (again, hearsay only) have a good reputation for CD playback as well. Used players from Arcam are plentiful and reasonable, especially if you can live without HDMI. BTW - I recently got into PT. They are awsome! Enjoy!
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