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Thanks I appreciate it!
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Nice job refurbishing the W/P SoundSmile. I replaced the foam diffreaction pads on my Watt Puppy 5.1 six months ago. A pretty messy and tedious job. I also replaced the rotted foam surrounds on the 4 Puppies...another messy job but I was able to retain the original drivers with new Dynaudio manufacture-spec material. Finally I purchased the cloth grills which put a nice neat finishing touch on the speakers. The original titanium finish on my speakers were 9/10 so didn't have to repaint. I'm the original owner. They still sound pretty good for 15 year old speakers.
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That is awesome!

Yeah the foam was tedious I suppose, but the wet sanding was the worst!

The only place I was unable to refurb that sort of needed it was the foam in the ports. I couldn't figure out how the heck to do it! Remove or install...shrug. I noted that the newer models don't have foamed ports.

What did you do with the silly things?

All of my drivers are Wilson originals.

Hey, as a second owner what makes them 5.1 other than an upgraded puppy tail?
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Replacing the foam in the ports was difficult. Must be something the techs at Wilson get good at. According to the guys at Wilson, you have to "roll" the rectangular foam piece like a jellyroll with the adhesive backing still in place. Then peel off one side of the backing little by little to expose the adhesive and slowly lay the foam inside the port...much easier said than done! Mine came out okay but not perfect. You only get one chance since if you try to re-position the foam, it stretches and the resulting seam ends up a little funky.

I think the upgraded puppy tail was the only thing that separated the W/P 5 from the 5.1 series.
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Yup. I figured that was what the two left over sheets of foam were supposed to do. I will keep them in case they ever really shred, but until then nahhhh.


I am working on setting them up. They seem a bit brighter than they were with the old set of WATT drivers. Think this is a setup issue on my part or break in on the drivers?

Thanks for the advice BTW.
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As the Wilson Watt/Puppies evolved from the original WATT's thru to the W/P 8's, the knock on them were 1) brightness in the mid and upper mid-range and an upper bass "hump." I don't think you can get away from these characteristics entirely especially in the 5.1. The W/P 6, then 7, 8 gradually tamed some these characteristics in each successive generation.

I remember hearing a demo at an audio show years ago (1996) with the 5.1 driven by an all-tube Jadis system and it was really magic with no brightness or any "hump." Of course it was set up by the late Brooks Berdan with an all analog system (VPI TNT). Brooks was a master. It won the contest for Best Sound in Show (Stereophile Show, if memory serves). The secrets to taming the sound are 1) getting the right associated equipment (tube stuff seems to help), 2) room treatments, and 3) very careful speaker positioning in your room. I use solid state electronics in a pretty "bright" room so some well-recorded records sound great and less well-recorded stuff sounds truly awful. Raising the speakers up with the Puppy Paws will help diminish some of the upper bass 'hump" at 80-90 Hz..

I suspect your new drivers will settle down with time. Toeing the speakers out slightly more than Wilson recommends also seems to tame down the brightness in my system at the price of imaging. Finally, cabling makes a difference too. I've been using Transparent Reference for many years and they seem to work well in my set-up although they're outrageously expensive.

It's a lot of work but when it's done, you can sit back and enjoy the music!
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I will take all that into advisement. The slight towing out does just that.

I think I will break them in a few months before I get too deep.

Thanks a bunch for the help!
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They are breaking in nicely. I really need to leave them on for a few days with the XLO disc or something similar.
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Just curious, what kind/brand of solder does Wilson use?

They sent me a piece with the drivers, and I was duly impressed. I use Wonder Solder or WBT for work and play.
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Why would that matter?
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I liked it. Be interested in a roll.
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Thanks! Jeff for starting this thread on the best loudspeakers in the business.
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As above, beautiful speakers!
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Originally Posted by QueueCumber View Post

I got my Sophia 2 surround speakers. After setting evertying up, I'm completely blown away by the surround field emitted by the W/P 8 and Sophia 2 combination. I'm considering getting a third W/P 8 for a center channel now.

Dude, are you a millionaire?
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Originally Posted by NAIM101 View Post

Dude, are you a millionaire?
Huh??? Dude are you w/the IRS???rolleyes.gif
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Originally Posted by SoundSmile View Post

I liked it. Be interested in a roll.

Oh. I was thinking that perhaps you thought it might make a difference in the sound. I was about to lambaste you for it!biggrin.gif
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Yeah I know.

I think I need to make a general forum post, as this hasn't managed to get an answer.

I will give it a few days just in case.

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Just call and ask Wilson
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I am thinking about upgrading from my Monitor Audio Platinum PL300s to either Sasha w/p or Sophia 3.

Can anyone who is familiar with PL300s comment on what difference in SQ I can expect or not with either?
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I have always enjoyed Monitors. I had a set of Silver RS6 speaks for a very long time. To me Monitor always produced very listenable speaks that never really do anything wrong.

When I switched to my Watt Puppies, I mostly noticed a much snappier and lively presentation. Specific qualities improved would be speed (above all), impact, and spot on clarity. I find myself in front of them for much longer periods of time and never seem to hit listeners fatigue. There isn't any area that I can say that the Monitors were superior.

If it helps any, non-audio junkies really take to them. Some have even sat in for some serious listening sessions. In which I always play entire cuts. No jumping from track to track and such showing off.

The WAF is great! I have actually noticed her admiring the things...go figure.

My speaks are self rebuilt and refurbed, A pair of Sashas would, I am sure, zip right on by them set!

You can see mine in the posts above.

Good luck and yell if I can help in any way. If you didn't live so far away I would see about setting something up maybe.
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Just call Wilson and ask. I can't imagine they wouldn't tell you.
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I own the Wilson Maxx 2. The sound coming from these speakers is so wide and big that I never got around to doing a full surround set up. So I am running my home theater as a 2 channel set up and yet movies are a lot more engaging than any movie theater you can go to. I am using VTL monoblocks which make a huge difference, in particular to being able to follow speech without subtitles. I mainly use these speakers for movies though and I rarely listen to music on them. Amazing product.
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