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XHBJ has been granted CH. 44 according to the COEFTEL. The FCC has granted this signal several months ago. This will probably be the digital/HD simulcast of XHBJ airing Canal 5 programming aka Televisa XHGC.

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Originally Posted by hdtvfan2005 View Post

XHBJ has been granted CH. 44 according to the COEFTEL. The FCC has granted this signal several months ago. This will probably be the digital/HD simulcast of XHBJ airing Canal 5 programming aka Televisa XHGC.


Arrggh nothing new to Juarez yet..
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Originally Posted by laker32 View Post

has anyone in El Paso been having problems with the HD channel for El Canal de las Estrellas, 29.3??? For more than a month now the audio and video are out of sync and the video stutters a lot.

Yes I've noticed it. It seems to have started sometime during the Christmas new year's time.

I think it happened sometime during this video.

After this they went to a Canal De Las Estrellas commercial, and then they continued with the show.

After that it has had problems with jitter.
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Just a reminder that the new TV Azteca Reality Show "El Gran Desafió" is in HD, and the Televisa reality "Hazme ReÃ*r" Isn't in HD. Also Televisa is suppose to be airing the "Premios Billboard" that aired on Telemundo HD, let's hope they air it in HD.
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Time Warner Cable is working with Televisa for the rights of XHUAA and XEWT. Probably for the SD feed and not the HD feed. Would be awesome to have it in HD. TWC SoCal has no plans to carry these channels though there is probably enough demand for them. Maybe they'll be nice and add the HD feed. XHTIT and XHJK would be the icing on the cake.
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Wow! It would be so cool to have those channels in HD. If they had those in LA I would get TWC in a heart beat!! lol

That's probably just for San Diego though, right?
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Yep just for San Diego and maybe Palm Springs area. I think there is enough demand but TWC SoCal doesn't want to add a Tijuana station to the LA lineup since Univision would complain. Plus isn't univision going HD? Or maybe Univision doesn't want to lose viewers to a Mexican station that airs their shows. I think it's just for the SD signal. I think they don't want to waste bandwidth on a Mexican station but maybe we could convince them to carry XHUAA and XEWT in HD for San Diego. Maybe request it to the TWC President for the SoCal area. Then they might consider it if there is enough demand.
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Yeah, I would think Univision would complain if that channel is added anywhere in the US (Anywhere that's not near the border). I heard Univision is going HD until late this year or 2010. I want to watch Televisa's novelas in HD already. lol. I hope Sky goes HD soon too.
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Univision is planing to convert to HD before the 2010 World Cup.


... But in San Diego Univision and Telefutura, operated by Entravision, can't be seen by hardly anyone. Both stations are low power NTSC. KDTF Telefutura 36 is completely over powered by KNBC, and The Univision KBNT 17 tower is not located at a very good site to provide even a decent picture.

Entravision also operates XHDTV-TV 49 (MyTV13 cable), and Telemundo 33 XHAS. Both full power NTSC. XHAS also transmits in digital, but the signal is very weak and fades a lot. Basically unwatchable. In sum, Entravision SUCKS.

In San Diego the only way to watch world cup games OTA in HD will be through Mexican stations and ABC.
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That was some awesome HD last night in the soccer game (Pumas Vs. Pachuca), no bad pixelization like Televisa, I hope today's game is the same, too bad is blacked out to Juarez, I don't get why they blackout a sold out game anyway!

I'm hoping the local repeater forgets to block the HD channel, no such luck last week, they cloned ch. 11 I think ..
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Entravision wants CH. 51 for KDTF's digital signal. CH. 51 is KUSI's old analog signal.

XHDTV will go digital eventually. Don't know when since they are waiting for the Mexican government to approve their plans. Their proposed digital channel is 33.2 though it might be a subchannel on XHAS. Or it could be 33.2 but on CH. 47. It really should be 49.1.
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Originally Posted by DrLar View Post

That was some awesome HD last night in the soccer game (Pumas Vs. Pachuca), no bad pixelization like Televisa, I hope today's game is the same, too bad is blacked out to Juarez, I don't get why they blackout a sold out game anyway!

I'm hoping the local repeater forgets to block the HD channel, no such luck last week, they cloned ch. 11 I think ..

Mmm... You mean Puebla vs Pumas U.N.A.M.´s game. Yeah, it was in HD and i enjoy it so much.

I watched partially the Indios vs Pachuca game and it wasn´t on HD, but it had a good giditized signal. This game was also broadcasted on Azteca América (in San Diego on KZSD-DT 10-15), the picture quality was poor because it broadcasts on 480i, compared to XHTIT-DT Azteca 7 HD. Did you get the chance to watch the previous game (Mérida vs Tijuana) on Azteca 7? Same video signal quality of the Indios vs Pachuca´s game.

Dr.Lar. The reason why the Indios home games are blacked out in your area is because Sky satellite has the rights to broadcast those games on PPV (pay per view). Unfortunately, even if the stadium is sold out, Tv Azteca still has to black out Indios home games. The same thing is going to occur if Tijuana´s soccer team reaches the first division, our team´s home games are going to be blacked out for the same reason, sky satellite´s broadcast rights to sell the game on pay per view.

I don´t know if you have Azteca América in your area and if it has to black out the signal too the Indios home games.
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Yeah, last night it was a real pain trying to get into a place that was broadcasting the game, all bars and restaurants were completely full, had to watch it in a mall, it was very crowded, small TVs etc, but the atmosphere was awesome, like being in the stadium (minus the beer spills)..
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On Thursday Televisa HD Juarez didn't have a logo. The turned on the logo halfway through the novela Verano De Amor. Also it seems that they still have problems with skipping.

Now it seems that they have stopped using the Transparent logo.

The Puebla vs UNAM game, did look quite nice in HD, but I've seen TV Azteca show nicer looking games. To me it seemed to look better than any of the Televisa HD Games. I'm hoping TV Azteca shows the Pachuca vs Indios game n HD Today.

Also right now would be a good time for Televisa to upgrade the PUMAS games to HD, or Widescreen. Especially if they win the Championship.
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Ahh not in HD but what a game!, it was weird, no HD and they were close enough to Mexico City to transport the HD cameras, I bet they do to air the finals.

Who's airing them? Televisa or TV Azteca?
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Thursday´s game (Pumas U.N.A.M. vs Pachuca) will show on Televisa (Canal 5) and Sunday´s game (Pachuca vs Pumas U.N.A.M.) will show on Tv Azteca (Azteca 13).
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I read on Engadget HD that the EUFA Champions League Final is being filmed in HD.

Champions final HD

I wonder if TV Azteca, or Televisa are going to air it HD.
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What's going on with TV Azteca Juarez. Over the last couple of days, hey have been switching between 1080i, and 480i. Also Yesterday during Ventaneando in HD, the signal was breaking up every couple of seconds. Then they switched to the 480i signal and it stayed that way until about 10:30 PM.

I Recently wrote to TV Azteca, to ask them why they don't show "lo que la gente cuenta" in HD.

Para: loquelagentecuenta@tvazteca.com.mx
Fecha: 24/05/2009 12:20 a.m.
Asunto: HD

Quisiera saber porque no enseñan los capÃ*tulos en alta definición en Ciudad Juarez, chihuahua.

This is what they replied:


Y Lunes a Jueves 6 de la tarde por Azteca 7

it seems to me that they didn't understand my question.

Also recently Televisa showed HD On one of their HDTVs in "Mañana es Para Siempre".

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the biggest even in Mexico, the Soccer finals, were in SD SoV in TvAzteca, I don't get it, I saw som Indios de Juarez games in HD. Couldn't they the HD equipment to Pachuca City? is not that far from Mexico City. Or perhaps they did and Local repeater fail us bad.

I also keep dreaming that Mexico's Televisa Ch. 5 will be in HD some day in Juarez.
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Hi everybody,

It's been a while since I've been following the threads on this forum and I finally decided to create an account.

I do think it's a shame the lack of HDTV content in our country considering the fact that our "big" networks get most of their content from foreign sources.

As you've said before, our satellite TV providers are not willing to do something to change that (one has a big customer base and that customer base is not eager to demand better services and the other provider is targeting a different customer base who may not even now what is HDTV all about). Cable? The story is even worst: talking about Monterrey there is only one cable provider (ever talked about monopolies?), that cable provider is not willing to expand it's coverage area unless certain conditions are met (they have to guarantee certain number of customers will sign up even before evaluating the feasibility of expanding the network), you have to bundle crappy channels in order to have access to HD programming, and the worst thing, new neighborhoods have "special alliances" with service providers that do not allow other providers to serve the residents, so if Telmex installed an underground network in your new neighborhood forget about cable (wonder if Cofetel knows about this).

It's a shame that people in other areas such as South America do have access to quality HDTV content (ok, just 4 channels but we wish we could have at least 4 channels) and we that are part of "the 10th biggest economy in the world" (a bit of sarcasm here) are stuck to crappy TV content.

Anyway, I hope I can contribute with something to the forum from now on and I wonder if you've tried contacting someone in the government before (I know that you've put some pressure on Televisa's affiliate in Ciudad Juarez before, maybe we can do something like that with our friends from Cofetel).

Cheers dudes!

PS: About blackouts on soccer games, this is something people in Monterrey have had to live with for at least 25 years (as far as I can remember!), unless the local government "pays" Sky or Cablevision for the broadcasting rights we cannot watch Tigres or Rayados soccer games on free OTA (and if we are "given" the opportunity to watch the game the politicians usually fill the screen with their personal propaganda... sucks!).

PS2: About TV Azteca and their non-HD soccer broadcasts, I have a theory and as you've said before, they may only have one unit for "special" broadcasts and it caught my attention last week when Pachuca played against Indios that they did not broadcast in HD despite the short distance between DF and Pachuca but they did broadcast Desafio de Estrellas on HD... seems that the programming director gave preference to the latter.
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TV Azteca Juarez is back in HD. I noticed that they switched back to the 1080i signal sometime around 8:30 PM.
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Considering Azteca didn't have "desafio de estrellas" due to the game on Sunday there's no excuse for not broadcasting the game in HD.

Also is channel 7 (20-1 here) ever going back to HD? I miss the times when they broadcasted HD 24/7, now it's just a clone of the analog, I think they only do news in HD at noon and only in-studio, so a few mins a week in HD and an occassional game in HD doesn't deserve that HD logo they carry.

So it seems SKY satellite monopoly can't be overthrown yet, they control what you could see in your community, they must pay up a huge amount to TV Azteca, it seems weird since you're paying the competition (from Televisa) money so you can blackout a game.

Dish Network Mexico is just starting and offering cheap packages in select cities, and I believe in SD, I hope all this changes for the 2010 FIFA World Championship.. (I'm dreaming of 2010 Winter Olympics)..
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Well, i saw the game and it was on HD on channel 28-1 in Tijuana. In the second half they had problems with the HD signal and they switched to the analog 480i momentairly, a few minutes later they switched back to the HD broadcast of the game.

This saturday Mexico will visit El Salvador. I don´t know if El canal de las estrellas and Azteca 13 will broadcast the game in HD. And, since i´m not going to be able to watch it on home because i will work, i hope someone that can watch the game can tell if this game will broadcast in HD on both channels. And next week´s game Mexico will receive Trinidad and Tobago, i don´t know either if Tv Azteca will broadcast that game in HD on Azteca 7, i will not mention about Televisa because we still don´t have Canal 5 in HD yet.
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It's on a Saturday, so they maybe broadcasting it on "Canal de las Estrellas?"

I also doubt they are moving all HD equipment to El Salvador, I bet that the game next week is on HD (Azteca Stadium)

Damn local repeater then, for the soccer finals..
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Telemundo33 XHAS-TV is running at reduced power. I don't see any signal on the digital channel D34, but its never been very strong. There was a brief message during one of their novelas stating that they were working on improving their signal. Not sure which signal they meant.

There's also a pending STA filing on the part of Telefutura36 KDTF-LP to go digital on June 12 on channel 51 at 12.4 KW ERP. If approved KDTF will end up co-channel with KXLA-DT 1000KW to the north.


XHAS, KDTF, XHDTV (MyTV13), and KBNT-LP (Uni 17) are managed by Entravision.
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Originally Posted by sandog View Post

XHAS, KDTF, XHDTV (MyTV13), and KBNT-LP (Uni 17) are managed by Entravision.

LOL, they "won" the "XHDTV" callsign and they do no HDTV at all!
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No HD for the El Salvador vs Mexico game on Saturday, from either TV Azteca or Televisa.
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In San Diego, the game was shown in HD by both networks. I though the Televisa broadcast was a little sharper. The game result was terrible.
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Looks like XHAS-DT has maximized its facility. I can now pick it up without the antenna amplifier energized.
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Again Cube, we seem to be getting screwed by our local affiliates on the HD part, we'll see tonight, there's absolutely no excuse on the game not being in HD (and Mexico losing again LOL)
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