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Originally Posted by sandog View Post

In San Diego, the game was shown in HD by both networks. I though the Televisa broadcast was a little sharper. The game result was terrible.

Well, i watched parts of the game on Televisa´s XHUAA-DT and i wasn´t on HD 16:9, it was on S.O.V. i didn´t have the chance to watch it on Tv Azteca because i was working and i don´t get those signals.

I´m at work right now, so i can´t see if Tv azteca will broadcast todays game in HD, on Televisa, well we still don´t have XHBJ-DT on the air yet.
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Today TV Azteca 7 HD showed the Mexic vs Trinidad & Tobago game with sidebars.

Later Noticiero Televisa Deportes showed highlights of the game in HD.

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Yeah, my head hurt last night, it was either sidebar Azteca, analog Azteca, Analog Televisa or SD Telemundo, I stuck with analog Televisa (at least they had funny bits), what's wrong with TV Azteca lately?, if there's a manual of how to lose viewers TV Azteca wrote it last night...
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I actually watched some of the game on TV Azteca with the sidebars.

Recently I did a TV Query at the FCC, and found that 2 of the Canales Adicionales for Juarez have names on them.

Channel 45 will be the digital channel for channel 44 XHIJ.


Channel 50 will be the digital channel for Channel 5 XEJ, which rebroadcast Televisa ch 9 Galavision.

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Hopefully they will be up soon, Ch. 44 hasn't mentioned anything (it's the worst channel signal I receive currenty, if I change orientation I get it well but all the other local channels look bad).

So no hope for Televisa's Channel 5 yet? is taking forever to get it here..
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Is anyone from border areas receiving any new Mexican DTV channels now that the DTV transition is over in the US. Some people like Jeff and others from San Diego say they have had problems receiving the Tijuana channels, because of cochannel interference.

I saw a story on the local news on Univision yesterday, that was about the DTV Transition and Juarez viewers. They said that many viewers in Juarez would no longer be able to watch the American channels. They also interviewed some people who said they were going to buy converter boxes in El Paso.
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I get all Mexican stations from my location 92117 using a Terk HDTVa indoor anthena.

XHAS-DT 33.1 (D34) used to be very weak, but it appears now that they have been able to significantly improved their signal.

On the San Diego side Univision 51.1 and Telefutura 51.2 went digital at around 3:00 PM on June 12. Station KDTF-LD on channel 51. Power 12.4Kw from Mount San Miguel.

From Mexico, still waiting if and when channels 44 (for XHBJ, Canal 5) and 47 (XHDTV MyTV) will light up.
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Still waiting for XHBJ CH. 44 to start transmitting.

XHAS-DT Ch 34 (33.1) Telemundo is still 480i since first transmitting on 2/13/09.

XHTIT-DT 29 (29.1) still has low power transmitter KSDX-LP 29 interference.
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Well Cube, that´s the exactly thing thats going to occur in every border city with the U.S.: to buy dtv converters or HDTV sets or, even subscribe to cable tv that has the U.S. local channels.

XHAS-DT 33-1 boost up their power and installed a new antenna array days ago (they removed the older analog antenna and placed a new one).

About Telefutura and Univisión in San Diego (51-1 and 51-2) right here in Tijuana i can´t get those channels and i looked the coverage area map and with 12.4 kW E.R.P it should reach Tijuana well since i have a line of sight with Mount San Miguel, but if the radiation pattern is not pointed to the south well, i can´t get it. This is the file with the coverage map: http://fjallfoss.fcc.gov/prod/cdbs/f...346&q_num=5110

Yes, i´m waiting too that XHBJ-DT will sign in on the air soon this year or the next.
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KDTF-LD ch 51 is also 480i and I doubt that they will go HD.
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I'm watching N.Zelanda vs España on XHUAA in HD. Very nice. Where's the crowd?... The Wolrd Cup is a year away. KSDX-LP needs to get off channel 29, Entravision needs to upgrade to HD, and XHBJ need to come in line. Then I'll be happy.
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Same frame on XHJK and XHUAA. XHJK seems to have the edges cropped.
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Actually that game, and the one before it South Africa vs Iraq, were both shown in Stretch-o-Vision. I Checked on the Analog channel and they they were both showing the same image. If It had been in HD, the Scorebox would have been in the middle on the HD channel.

Here's screenshots of the game were they showed an HDTV they have at the stadium. One of them is the original broadcast, and the other is edited to be 4:3.

Notice how the HDTV is much wider in the 16:9 image, and also if you look closely, you can see that the scorebox is in the middle. Also on 4:3 image the Referee doesn't look out of proportion.

Also during the New Zealand vs Spain game, both TV Azteca, and Televisa tried to make game HD, and they couldn't. The both flipped the switch, several times, but the game still stayed in S-o-V.
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Was the last episode of Mañana es para Siempre in HD?
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Originally Posted by memo90061 View Post

Was the last episode of Mañana es para Siempre in HD?

Yes, my wife was a happy viewer, and lasted about 3 hours...

Well they have their "novelas" finals, we have our sports finals, I was happy watching NBA in the other TV LOL.

On the sports topic, another big dissapointment on both TVAzteca and Televisa, the FIFA Confederation games in SD...

Just want to confirm if other cities got it in HD, I know that ESPN2 HD had it in HD, so the cameras are there, perhaps the HD signal is too expensive for them?
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I need to know from someone in El Paso if Ch 29.3 is still skipping and audio is off sync. I noticed that DrLar and cube799 are in El Paso and DrLar mentioned that his wife watched the finale of a novela in HD. At my house i get that channel, 29.3, but can't watch it because its always skipping. Do you have the same problem?
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Yes channel 29.3 is still skipping, but I've never noticed any audio not being in sync.
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I didn't notice the audio, I wasn't listening to the Telenovela, LOL.

But if necessary my TV has audio skipping feature, if you see that audio is late or early you can adjust the value to match..
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TV Azteca Juarez is in SD 480i on both channels right now. Today at about 5:30 PM or so, they had problems with the HD during the commercial on Ventaendo. The Picture started break up, and there were Green and Purple pixels and lines. After that they switched to the 480i Signal, and the Hd Signal came back sometime around 6 PM. About half an hour or so later thought they switched to the SD signal, and it's still that way rght now.
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Yesterday both the TV Azteca Juarez channels switched to HD sometime around 9:30 PM. They stayed that way until about 1 PM today when they switched to the 480i signal. At About 5 PM The switched back to 1080i signal until about 6:30 pm when It broke again and they had to switch to the 480i signal.
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Yeah, Azteca is having some problems, and I think maybe general, again yesterday their usual HD soap operas were in SD, they usual analog logo was present and not the "13HD" one... like they lost the HD content somewhere..
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Yesterday during Ventaneando in HD, the picture started to break up and turned into pixels. After that the switched to the 480i signal, and they still haven't switched back to the HD Signal.
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As Of Today the TV Azteca Channels in Juarez are HD again.
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Escept yesterday, everywhere the Brazil-Italy game was in SD-SOV

Worst being Televisa with their extra pixelization.. choice was either TV Azteca or Univision to watch that game..
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Well TV Apesta Juarez seems to have broke again yesterday. Also there's no point in watching El Gran Desafio anymore. Yesterday they got rid of about 7 people, and among them were Atala Sarmiento and Ivonne Montero.
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Too bad I can't go to the movies everyday, it's too hot to go outside, I maybe playing video games or something else, TV is dead until mid september.. LOL

I'm betting next 2 Mexico National Team are gonna be in SD..
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Confirmed the 2 Mexico national team games in SD, and the awful kind, it's worse than the SD of the Conferation games, and they had HD equipment on site, I saw some pre-game showing of the equipment they had outside, one of the trailers with the antennas said HD on the side with big letters...

A big FAIL for the 3 networks that show it. Perhaps Telemundo HD (were available) did show it in HD..
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Yup, the 2 Mexico games were SD. I can understand the Mexico vs Venezuela game being in SD, because they were playing in Atlanta, but the Mexico vs Guatemala was in San Diego next to Tijuana. Why couldn't they get the HD Cameras or the other Equipment they needed over there to show the game in HD?
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Looks like KDTF-LD ch 51 in San Diego updated their PSIP to include the SST, MGT, and TVCT for mapping to 36.1, 36.2, and a new sub channel 36.3 (MyTV).

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No surprise yesterday, full awful SD all the way, Televisa being the worst because of the pixelization. They are following the trend of the Mexican National time by not doing their jobs properly, it seems this loser mindset has reached even the TV broadcasters they also do an awful job of broadcasting the country's national sport the worst they can.
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