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2.5 Gain????  

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Just curious...some dudes are offering on EBay new and/or refurbished Da-Lite Model B screens (72' x 96" I believe) that claim to have a 2.5 gain. Has anyone heard of this version before??


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Yeah, it's the Hipower version. www.cousinsvideo.com has it for $262 brand new with warranty. It's great for floor/table mounted PJ as ceiling mount tend to not get the full 2.5 gain (only about 1-1.5 gain at most) due to retroreflective nature of Hipower screen. It's made of microspheres of glass beads with coating allowing screen to be cleanable. It's still delicate so beware of damage. Bob Wood had trouble with screen sticking black stuff from the back of screen when unrolling when shipped in hot temperature.
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Thanks for the info buddy. That's why I posted in here. Not only did I get the answer to my question, I got it fast! Thanks for the heads up on the potential heat issue as well.

chethe1:cool: :cool: :cool:
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Actually, the High Power is a 2.8 gain which is probably what they meant. Dalite does make a 2.5 gain which is called the Glass Beaded, and it is also available on the pull down models. Just an FYI.

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