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My budget system

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Here is a list

Sanyo Z4
DIY Blackoutcloth 92'' screen
Yamaha RXV995 reciever
Yamaha MX1 amp
Klipsch KSF10.5 fronts
Klipsch RC3 center
Klipsch SS1 dipole rears
XBOX360 for games and dvd's
HD DVR Cable box
APC Battery backup
Monster cable wires thru out except for my HDMI it is Blue jean cable

It is all in the living room now but will be in a new room im building out in the garage!
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Hey! Another Central FL resident with a projector! Where are some pics of your setup, I'd love to see how it looks. You can check my sig to see my setup. Where in Central FL do you live? I live in Altamonte Springs.
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