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Loved the first two - looking forward to the third.
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I had to tweek the title a bit and make it fit (sorry OP). However, if it isn't spelled out, some people will miss it.

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Originally Posted by IAM4UK View Post

"Never Say Never Again." Connery as Bond after he swore he'd never do that again.

The especially weird thing about that movie was that it was a poorly done remake of 'Thunderball' - also starring Connery and one of the best Bond films. If there were ever a movie that defied comprehension as to why it was done, NSNA is it. Never have understood it.
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Dropped to 93% on RT. (1 negative review killed the 100% rating)

But 93% still screams "Go see it!". Which I will.
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94 now..Roeper is the main critic so far who loves it.
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The probability this movie is good seems very high. Capable director, credible lead actor, superlative supporting cast...the main complaints I've read about the Bourne series have been about the flash-editing and shaky camera. As one who was not made ill by those techniques, I'm looking forward to this new installment in the series.
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oops meant 94%!
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I quite liked the first two. I'm against sequels on general principles, but if we are going to have them (and we are) best to have ones that don't suck.
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But Dean, The Lord of the Rings was a sequel....
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Well I for one am not bothered by the 'shaky-cam' action in previous installment, makes it seem more realistic to me. Really looking forward to this one, so much so I'm avoiding the trailers as much as I can. Even though it was clarified above by r_hill that Damon wants to stop at 3 movies I really do think they should do the last book justice since the story isn't done. I know they didn't follow the book in the previous movies, and thats not my issue, I just want the series completed in film. Not too much to ask I'd say,... plus I think he may have said that before the last book was penned. They may have to age him a bit or wait a few years though, we'll see. I can wait
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MAJOR PROPS once again to DAMON....he followed up having the premiere of Supremacy(here in OKC for charity!) with Ultimatum here in OKlahoma CIty at MYmain theatre last night (charity for the CHildren's Center in Bethany,OK -Center's less than one mile from my home!)



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I should say Major props to producer Frank Marshall if anybody!
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The Washington Post just gave it a bad review, too fast - they say! I say the reviewer sat too close to the screen.

Now dont get me wrong, I think the Washington Post is the best newspaper in the world, but .... I dont believe it today.

I gonna see it this weekend.
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I just got out of the movie and without a doubt it is my favorite movie of the summer. Picks up right where the second left off, and it held my undivided attention throughout the whole thing.
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Originally Posted by irmoballen View Post

I just got out of the movie and without a doubt it is my favorite movie of the summer. Picks up right where the second left off, and it held my undivided attention throughout the whole thing.

It rocked! Just got out of it to, it's great to see a trilogy end on such a high note in the summer of the "threequels" (however you spell it)
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Very awesome. The shaky cam stuff seemed like it was utilized much better than in Supremacy.

Without spoiling anything, the ending was well done, too.

This one might be my favorite of the trilogy, but I will have to let my excitement subside a bit before I really can evaluate it.
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I agree on the shakey cam being better here. And I was impressed with them not missing a beat or a story line from the second. It felt more like a third act than a stand alone movie, which I like. Very well done.

One question:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
When Bourne finds Nikki, she tells him she always had trouble getting Jason out of her head/off her mind after the training (or something to that effect), insinuating some type of relationship between them from before. They allude, but do not address, any resolution to this relationship. Did I miss something? I thought this was a HUGE plot-point for Bourne/Webb's back-story that got overlooked.

Any thoughts on that would be greatly appreciated!
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Matt Damon was on The Daily Show last night, and said they got one bad online review. The reviewer said, Will someone get that f**king guy a Steadicam.

Enjoyed the first two, looking forward to the rental.
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Saw it......it was very very good. Not boring at all.....this really is a great trilogy of movies. Action packed movies with great chase scenes....gotta love em!

ps....the guy who wanted the steadycam is a jackass.....that was all part of the visual effect, which made it look very realistic.
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Well UNLIKE with Transformer's, Harkins will not have this IN DTS/DLP....

The reviewer in The Daily Oklahoman( NOT on rotten...) gave it 3 1/2 stars out of 4. REading it u would've thought it would be 4/4..."NON-stop action and forget about BATHROOM/concession breaks!"

Going tomorrow 2 sure!
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Phenomenal movie! Nonstop action all the way through. I just watched Identity last week when it released on HD DVD and I watched Supremacy this morning on HD DVD just before seeing Ultimatum. I was floored at how:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
The final scene from the second movie was actually happening half way through the third film. What a cool touch!

Thumbs way up!
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I loved it, I'm more excited to get this on HD DVD than Transformers. Wife got a little motion sickness from the shakey-cam, but she still loved the movie.
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Nonstop action from the beginning to the end, with but few scenes to catch your breath.

One part caused me to laugh:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
They want yo to believe that the most secret black intelligence operation in the country has safes with Top Secret files that face a huge picture window, and that anybody in the next building can read the files with just a rangefinder scope.

Very well done overall, an excellant end to the trilogy.

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Too much shake it up cam, but still a grand film.
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when was the last time an action flick wasthis highly rated (other than the Indiana Jones movies)??

one bufoon critic just gave it a 1/10 guess he wanted attention...
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It's a great flick. But I agree with Matt, just a little heavy on the camera shaking.

SPOILER - DON'T READ: Here's a plot hole question for those who've seen it...
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Bourne would have to be the dumbest spook on two legs to brag to Noah on the phone that he was in his office. He would have known full well that all Noah then had to do was make a call to get the building locked down with him still in it. Nobody's that stupid. Especially not someone who could have pulled off everything Jason Bourne has done in three movies. Gimme a break, Hollywood.
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Well, I give the film an A-/B+. It was directed by the same guy who did the second one, and is basically the style of the second half of that movie the whole way through. Well done overall, but neither of the second two films live up to the first. I am conflicted as to whether or not I liked this one better than the second. Part of me liked it more because it was not as confusing and convoluted as the second one (the plot is really extremely straightforward when you think about it, all the action and the omiscience of following the hunter and the hunted simultaneously to drive suspense is the centerpiece of the film), and part of me disliked that aspect because at a certain point we knew Bourne was headed back to the beginnings to confront the 'evil doctor' who basically tortured him as we see in flashbacks, and then there's nothing particularly mysterious left to the plot for the rest of the film except getting to see all the cool stuff that happens on his way to wherever that is. (And odd that the doctor would still be hanging around alone in an empty building that presumably was used for this training years ago and is no longer in use? But no matter, Bourne's got asskicking to do and scores to settle.)

As noted by many reviewers and some here, Greengrass is very aggressive with moving and zooming the camera, so don't sit too close to the screen or it'll drive you nuts. Some of this was unnecessary, and makes some of the chase scenes as incoherent (or moreso) than in Ultimatum, and kind of annoyed me after a while, but thankfully there were enough slower moments scattered in (I wish there were more though) that gives relief. I was also dissappointed in the car chase scenes (though the running across the rooftops was reminiscent of the newest Bond, and quite excellent) mainly because Greengrass puts the camera so close to all the cars, the entire chase seems to consist of small parts of various cars moving very quickly across the screen in various directions all edited together so we get the idea that there is a car chase going on. We really have no idea where they're driving, what they're really doing or anything like that. It makes me pine for more sober and coherent chase scenes like in the first Bourne where we can see how he actually chooses to make his escapes and where he chooses to go, which are in my opinion superior, and more in line with the heritage of classic chases like those in Bullitt or Ronin.

A couple minor things that I thought were silly was that Julia Stiles' character insinuated that they had some kind of more-than-just-formal relationship as she asks him with a sad look on her face "you really don't remember?" and looks kind of heartbroken. At another point she's staring at him through a mirror, and then he says something hastily like "we should go." He's not even going to bother to kiss her or anything? Bah. Although I guess his romantic side sort of died with Marie, so maybe that makes sense.

In any case, a very entertaining movie, well done all around though very much similar to the second film and comparable in quality (hard to decide which is better, it depends, I think most will enjoy this one more because it's less convoluted). Still, neither live up to Identity which is definitely the best of the three, and I don't understand why Liman who directed Identity wasn't at the helm of either of these?

One thing that I thought was an unecessary kind of manipulative little twist was the ending:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Bourne is confronted by an 'asset' (another assassin) that he earlier smashed up in a car wreck but didn't shoot (almost the same kind of thing as the Russian guy in Supremacy), but the asset asks him 'why didn't you take the shot.' Bourne responds something like "look at how much we give" a nice gesture to a line by Clive Owen's character in Identity, and the assasin doesn't shoot him as Bourne leaps to his escape off the building into water below. BUT then all of a sudden David Straitham(sp?) appears out of nowhere with a gun and apparently shoots Bourne, whose sillouhette is limp in the water that is intercut with plot resolution sequences about the CIA guys getting arrested and whatnot etc etc. But of course maybe Bourne wasn't hit, or maybe he was, but he swims away of course, a nice audience pleaser. That whole little coda of him maybe being shot was a silly gimmick that lasted all of a minute for no good reason. I was expecting the other assasin guy maybe to jump in after Bourne and pull him bleeding out of the water, I thought that might have been a touching end, and IMO maybe a more hopeful ending to the premise of the Bourne films in general and this one in particular about the unecessary and sort of evil nature of what these guys are doing (just assassinating people, according to the films, people of really not much evil if at all, basically). But we're left with a kind of silly quick audience gimmick. Would have been better just to let him jump off the building without the gesture to maybe having been shot and killed.

And then a giant plot hole that in retrospect seemed really stupid, was that Bourne by this point knows who he is pretty much and all his skills, and all the skills of his fellow assassins, and yet:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
as he and Stiles attempt to intervene in the assasination attempt fo the CIA chief on wherever they were I don't even remember, Bourne randomly turns into an idiot and follows right behind assassin Desh on a scooter. Bourne has to assume the CIA is also after him, and even if not, the guy would notice this out-of-place buff white guy following right behind him on a scooter. And so Bourne is unable to thward Desh and almost gets himself and Julia Stiles killed. Of course after this bout of out-of-character stupidity is followed by Bourne and Stiles suddenly regaining their intelligence and eluding and then killing Desh.

Anyway, an eminently entertaining film, and one that likely will ultimately be forgotten and confused together with the second film, but a strong outing and the kind of 'realistic' action (as opposed to Michael Bay type outlandish stupidity) that adults can appreciate. I was surprised at how almost everyone in the theater I went to (a 9:50pm showing) was middle aged, not that many very young people or teens. But regardless, a film that like the second one, makes me pine for the Bourne Identity which clearly remains the best film of the series.
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A top notch thriller/action flick! To me, it's the best of the trilogy, edging out Supremacy by a hair.

The HD-DVD can't get here soon enough!!
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Originally Posted by bgillyjcu View Post

ps....the guy who wanted the steadycam is a jackass.....that was all part of the visual effect, which made it look very realistic.

I agree. What's more, the Parkinsons camerawork, the distracting POV over the shoulder shots, and the strobe light editing are damn near a neccessity to obfuscate the fact this is basically the same movie as the last two.

I expect Greengrass's one trick pony filming style is sure to become the most parodied (with good reason) over the next year or so.
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Originally Posted by randy5554 View Post

Without spoiling anything, the ending was well done, too.

Agree, and I think the facial expression perfectly rendered by Stiles is a prelude to round 4, "Bourne Again"....(cue the theme song)

My tolerance for the freneti-cam work was strained at times and the chase scenes seemed to be without end, but these are easily trumped by the films strong suits.
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