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KRK's for the home theater?

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I do alot of audio production/engineering, so I've been looking at a pair of KRK RP-5 studio monitors from a friend. however, I am working on a tight budget and cannot afford separate home theater speakers. I am only concerned with stereo, so I'm hoping the Rokit 5's will be sufficient. does anyone have experience with these speakers? if so, how do they do in the theater? with 5" woofers, id suspect that the low end lacks a little bit. how would a subwoofer compliment these? thanks!
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I used inexpensive unpowered studio monitors as a temporary solution till I could afford more substantial sound (i.e. much more expensive speakers). They were fine with a sub and I was able to turn them up beyond a volume I usually listen at without distortion.

I would liken it to a decent HTIB sound with small satellites and a sub but capable of much higher SPLs.
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I am using krk rokit 5 g2 studio monitors as home theater speakers.

They are awesome!!! I calibrated them to 80 db at reference level but usually listen at 70 db because my room is small (only 900ft3) . I also use the krk rp10 subwoofer...which has more power than i need. I set it at the lowest gain setting and still gives alot of deep bass.
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I heard the 5s before. They sound good but the only issue was that they really don't get very loud.

How big is your room? I don't think they could rock for HT unless you have a small room.
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yeah my bedroom is small --> 12 ft(L) x 12 ft(W) x 10 ft (H). When I calibrate the monitors at reference level ( 0 db) they can go up to 80 - 82 db on my SPL level meter from 10 ft away. I actually dont play anything at 0 db because the people at home tell me its too loud so I usually set the receiver to -10 to -20. I like the sound of the studio monitors. They dont sound loud and harsh at reference level, they just sound even more clearer.

I would buy a rokit 6 or rokit 8 for larger rooms like a living/family room. if I had the money I would buy mackie hr624 or hr824 mkii monitors instead. Maybe even the genelec studio monitors.

I use the rca preouts of my receiver and the 1/4 inch inputs on the rokits. My receivers auto config (i think its made for passive speakers) cant calibrate the studio monitors so I have to manually calibrate. I leave all the levels of each channel on the receiver to zero and adjust the rokit volume levels until they match.
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