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Again, apologies in advance if this is in the wrong forum, but i felt this was the closest match - i think.

I have a canpous ADVC 110. Id like to use this device to capture video from my tv and relay it to my computer probably through virtual dub or sony vegas or some other movie editing software.

My dilemma is the following: I have a sony wega tv from 05. It has no video out option. I would like to record some xbox games into videos. I was looking into component switch boxes and i saw some had video out.

Would this be sufficient to capture component input 6 or 7? (RCA 1-5, component 6-7) Is there any possible way to capture such video with my current setup of:

TV (with no video out) ----> canopus advc ----> computer.

Are there any other alternatives to this?

hopefully someone has a great solution for me - i cant think of any other route, perhaps splitting the signal...thanks for any ideas.