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Maytag Skybox

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Who else has one of these?
If so, does your's sweat a lot at the dispensing area? Mine seems to have a lot of condensations in that area.
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Yes, ours has a decent amount of condensation there. It is also in the garage which makes it worse due to no A/C.
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I have mine in my basement where it is cool, but there is still a bunch of condensation. I can only imagine what it would be like in the garage! I guess it's 'normal' for these machines.
I try to keep mine dry as possible, I don't want any mold or anything growing there.
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Mine's in the basement and I have it set at about halfway on the dial in terms of coldness. It sweats quite a bit too. I've had it for a few years now and no mold issues yet
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Okay, cool. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this issue. It must just be the nature of the beast. Thanks for the info.
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Mine didn't. But then again, my controller board went bad and one "no parts available from Maytag" later. . .it went back to Abt for a full refund (love you Abt extended warranty!).
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Thinking about it a bit more, I did have a service call a year or so ago where the controller board had iced over. I wonder if they're related somehow in their cause.
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Actually my buddy and I were just trying to figure out what is wrong with his, its no longer getting cold but to answer your question no, for the past 3 years it has never sweat a drop..
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For those with problems, have you had the fans turned around? On many of them, they put the fan in backwards which caused freeze-ups and lack of cooling.

I was lucky enough that one time the service guy had ordered a dispensing unit to try to fix something and found that it was something misaligned and he did not need it. He asked if I wanted the dispensing unit (essentially the entire guts of the thing including the controller in one piece and of course, I was like heck yeah) Since then I have not had one single problem though.
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Now my machine constalnly jams up. I'm using 12oz cans, loaded them as instructed, but it still jams up constantly. Even if one ejects properly, the next time I press the same slot, it will jam. Very frustrating.
I've resorted to just opening up the thing and taking a can out the old fasion way. Defeats the whole purpose of getting one of theses things, though.
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