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Sony KDF55WF655 keeps shutting off with blinking POWER/STANDBY LED

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My Sony KDF55WF655 keeps shutting off every time I try to turn it on.

1) The TV is off and the POWER/STANDBY is red.
2) I turn the TV on and the POWER/STANDBY flashes green about ten times and then the picture and sound come on, just like usual.
3) About 5 seconds later the picture and sound are gone and the POWER/STANDBY light starts flashing green. Every once and a while the TV will regain its picture and sound, but after 5 seconds it is gone again.

A couple of times that I tried turning the TV off the POWER/STANDBY starting blinking red 5 times, over and over again.

I have never replaced the lamp. The lamp indicator has never come on. I have tried unplugging the TV for 30 minutes and that didn't help.

Any clue? I do have an extended warranty but would rather not have a repair if I can help it.

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That just happened to me last week. About 2 days before the (6 month old) bulb went out.

Your results may vary!
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same happened here. Sounds like the lamp. I had sony fed ex one to my house, I changed it myself, very simple. It was covered by warranty. No charge to me. Put old lamp back in box and send it back to them.

This is not there standard method, they usually want the local shop to look at it, but if you ask they will diagnose over the phone and send you the lamp. Tell them you are trying to save them money.
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The lamp is not covered under my warranty.
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Originally Posted by nextreme View Post

The lamp is not covered under my warranty.

Mine was under the original 1 year Sony warranty. 1 week before it expired I had the same flashing light problem. They covered mine without a question. I don't know who your warranty is with.

I hear the cost of the lamps are going down because they are using the same lamp for several models now.
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Well I have a TV repair person coming to see the TV soon. I also ordered and have received a replacement bulb, at my own expense, just in case it is the bulb. They want $300 + Tax in Canada for the bulb and I got mine at around half that through an online source.

I just don't understand how the bulb can be the problem. I took out the one that was in there and blew out all of the dust. After looking closely at it you can see that it literally is nothing more than a bulb. There are no electronics invovled. This is why I cannot understand how the bulb can be the culprit. It either works or it doesn't. If it works, which it does, then the problem must lie somewhere else. Not to mention, what was the point of putting the Replace Lamp LED on the front of the TV if it never lights when the bulb is the problem?

I honestly wonder about why every repair company that I was forwarded to always said first and foremost, that it may be the bulb? Even after describing that it still works they continue to warn me. I swear that they all try the same technique to just make a quick bulb sale. I think Sony really needs to answer to this, as to why I need to replace a bulb that still works and it is not covered under my warranty.
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I had the same problem with KDF55-A20, replaced the lamp, and the problem was gone. My lamp had 9400 hrs. on it.
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Well I bit the bullet last night and installed the new lamp. Guess what, it works. I went into the service menu and found out I had roughly 6600 hours and 1600 cycles on it. Doesn't seem like much, but this TV was a demo purchased 2 years ago so maybe the first 500 - 1000 hours were constant.

I did some more searching online and found out a possible reason for why replacing a working lamp with a new one fixes the problem. Supposedly there is an RF wire looped under the lamp assembly. It picks up the high voltage given off from the lamp. I believe that as the bulb ages it draws less voltage and if the voltage drops, the lamp driver shuts down. I assume the reason for this is to preserve picture quality. Kind of stupid if you ask me. Just let the bulb go until it burns out. Why doesn't this fault trigger the Replace Lamp LED?

You would not believe how bright the TV is now. I turned the power saving feature on to reduced and even in Pro mode I find it still bright. Definitely worth replacing but still irks me that my bulb doesn't even blow before it needs to be replaced. I emailed Sony about the problem I was having and specifically stated the red flashing 5 times and they forwarded me the FAQ page from their support site for the TV which mentions nothing of the 5 flashes *shakes head*
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