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Optoma HD80 $2115+tax, maybe shipping

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Start here:

Click on "10% off of $199 purchase" to get the referral link to CC

Search for HD80, which is now on sale for $2350. When you check out, another 10% will be taken off.

Total $2115 + tax + shipping if you don't have local pickup.

If you set up a fatwallet account before you start this, you can get $42 back through "fatcash".
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Outstanding... just 2 months ago a 1080p projector was $3000. I actually grabbed an HD80 at my local Best Buy 2 weeks ago with a 12% off coupon. I had the AAA 10% CC coupon and just took screen shots of the HD80 in my cart at $2114.99 and will be heading to BB tomorrow for a price match.
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Now (8/13, AM) sold out for shipping. Store pickup only, and here in NY, only about 20% have them...

I bet Optoma is going to sell a TON of these units AND Circuit City is going to kill this coupon
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Whoa , very tempting . I was almost going to buy one the other day for $2600 but this deal has me sitting here sweatin' .

--- Jason
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I have been on the fence for a while ,but when I saw this yesterday I went and got one with sales tax in California it came to 2260.00. The help in the store had trouble locating it in the back. He told me that this was the first time he ever sold one of these. I told him at that price you will sell more. This was in Fresno,Ca.
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Went to Best Buy today for a price match refund... I forgot that they do price match + 10% of difference, so I got it for $2088 + tax. Nice!

[Edited to correct to 10% difference.]
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Price is showing up at 2699 for me at circuit city as of 1pm MST. guess I missed it.
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Dang that was quick , missed it here too .

--- Jason
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Me too . Was looking to upgrade from my Mits HC3000U. Will wait for another deal...
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If you don't mind taking a little gamble... consider that the Best Buy price match lasts for 60 days. It would actually be to your advantage to buy at a HIGHER price if you find a subsequent sale, due to their refunding 10% of the differential. (For example, I used a 12% off coupon so my price was $2375, then refund of $286 = $2088. If you start at MSRP of $2699 and find the same price, your refund would be $642 = $2057.) It's definitely a risk but with a 60 day window, if you keep your eyes open I bet there's a good chance of CC putting it back on sale. The AAA 10% coupon is good thru the end of the year so it'd be a good thing to keep handy for this.
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I missed this deal as well, however, I called my local CC and told them I heard it was on sale for 2350 and wondered if they had one in stock (i knew from the website they did) and to confirm the price. Put me on hold for 2-3 minutes and came back to say that he didn't see anything or any record of it having been on sale, but they could give me the $2350 price (2349.72 is the lowest the computer would authorize them to go, and that's what they eventually sold it to me for). I had a AAA 10% card, but it wouldn't let me take the 10% off of the negotiated 2350 price.

I had received another good quote online which, after tax, would've been cheaper than the CC price. He sealed the deal by giving me the option of 18 months interest free financing (I think it's supposed to be 90 days on PJ's, but they can override that) or otherwise if you sign up for the CC credit card and pay it off right away, you get 5% "rewards" giftcard rebate, so there's another $100+. Obviously, YMMV, but if you're lucky you may still be able to get close to the original deal if you find a good salesperson willing to work with you.
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