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Rca Stav-4090 Amp Error

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I'm new to this site, but it was recommended as a place I might the answer to what is causing the AMP ERROR message I get on my RCA STAV-4090 Receiver. It has worked great for years and then it started to periodically get the AMP ERROR message and shut down. But, it would always start again. Then one day I turned it on and the AMP ERROR message showed and it shut down. It has done it ever since and the silence is driving me nuts : ). Any recommendations or advise is "greatly appreciated"!!!
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Hi, I'm having the same problem with mine and I was hoping that I could find an answer here also. Today was the first day that I got the error message and the book that came with the system doesn't say anything about it. I would also be very greatful for any advise that I can get too.

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Sounds like the protection circuit has activated. Disconnect your speaker wires, then try the amp again. If it fires up, you have a short in the speaker wires. If it stays in protect, chances are one or more of your output transistors has failed and shorted, and the receiver will need to be serviced.
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Sorry for bumping an old thread but I have the same issue. I disconnected each speaker one at a time to see if there was a particular speaker causing the issue. I determined what speaker was causing the issue and connected it to a different terminal (zone 2 or speaker B) and the error does not happen.

Does this indicate a receiver issue or is more testing needed. If its a receiver error is there a way to fix it? (ie replacing a capacitor or something)
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