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Help with Barco 808s projectors

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Hi all,

I seem to have a problem with my projector at home. I have recently changed the tubes and everything seemed to go well for about two weeks.

However, the green tube seemed to go really bright and I was unable to adjust it. I looked at the G2 lamp and noticed it was lit. I was unable to adjust the G2 or adjust the brightness properly, so I purchased a re-furbished RGB output module (I swapped them from one tube to another during fault finding and found the fault had followed the module).

I'm able to adjust the G2 lamp so it extinguishes, but the lamp comes on after I deselect "Adjust G2", and when the lamp is extinguished, the tube is still really bright.

I don't want to have to purchase another end module, so I'm wondering if anyone has any information on what possible steps I can take to rectify the problem.

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Just ignore that led and adjust G2 old good way.

Let projector warm up 20 minutes.
Select 6500K from menu and project black picture.
Set contrast to 0 and brightness to 50.
Adjust G2 from G2/diagnostic-module pots so that you can barely see raster in all three tubes through lenses.

If picture is fine after gray scale adjustments it doesn't matter if led is lit. ABL and ICBL are still active, just adjustment pot for led have drifted little...
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I had the same problem with my blue tube.
If what Ile suggests doesn't work - didn't for me - consider replacing the tube.
Is the newly placed tube a new one? If so, that would be very surprising...
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