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AVS Forum Closed Saturday Morning for a Complete Makeover!

Sorry for the short notice, but AVS Forum is about to go though a major overhaul. We will be moving to the current version of the software that runs the site.

Because of this the forum will be closed this Saturday, August 18th, starting at 7:00 AM ET until completed. We are not sure how long that will take sorry to say. However we are guessing about 6 to 7 hours or so.

When the site reopens, you will find a new look and new colors. The site will function as it did, but will have some new features added in. So please do not be too shocked and please pardon our dust as we continue to work with the site after it reopens. After all, we would rather get the site opened up for you as soon as we can, but will continue to add in some items as we move though the week.

Again, remember that the colors and looks will change some. We will of course offer another color them for those who prefer a darker look but the default will be the new lighter colors. Please sure show to check the bottom left of the site for 3 color styles.