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Bad Omens?  

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Don Stewart has surgey for kidney stones and Dalite gets hit by a tornado.

Am I dreaming?

Draper or Vutec better watch out, these things happen in threes.
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No, indeed you are not dreaming and I can only hope for my fellow competitors that this time the cycle of three's does not come true.

I thought it might be appropriate for me to send a quick comment to the forum members to let them know what is happening with Da-Lite.

For those who may not know, we had a very severe (possibly an F3) tornado rip through our Warsaw factory one week ago today. Luckily, no one suffered any life threatening injuries when it occurred. We have received many letters, cards and notes of encouragement from many of our customers and for that we want to say a big "THANK YOU !"

As for our ability to manufacture products, we are fully operational and have been since Monday of this week (Oct. 29, 2001). Our customer service people are ready to help answer questions and we are producing and shipping products at the current time. In fact, we were able to produce and ship products even on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of last week. We have temporary walls up right now and reconstruction on the building has already begun. Rest assured we will continue to provide the world class products and service you have become familiar with and that even a tornado with devastating winds and rain cannot keep the Da-Lite Screen Company down.

If anyone has any questions concerning orders or just general questions, you can contact us either by e-mail at info@da-lite.com or by phone at 800-622-3737. You may also send me a personal e-mail if you wish at bbrubaker@da-lite.com

Again THANK YOU for your support,

Blake Brubaker
Director of Home Theater Sales
Da-Lite Screen Company, Inc.

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