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Dell M2010 Remote

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Well I think we all know the Dell M2010 is basically the new Gyration MCE/Vista mouse / remote but with active backlighting and thw two way LCD screen.

Question is has anyone gotten these to work on anything other then the Dell XPS M2010. These would be a killer HTPC remote even if we couldn't get the two-way LCD screen to work.

Since Gyration wants $125 for their generic version and these updated Dell models sell for $30+ on ebay it's a killer deal.

Thoughts anyone?
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No one?
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First of all, do you have the Gyration USB dongle? This remote operates via RF, so you need an RF receiver. Then, I would suggest you download the Dell driver software (Support -> M2010 drivers) for XP/Vista. Then, you should be good to go. I have the regular gyration remote, and it works great.
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Well, there are Gyration dongles for sale on eBay for like 10-15 dollars. I'm in the market for a remote but don't really want to end up with a failed experiment on my hands as I'm tight on computer cash right now. I'd love to hear how this goes for someone.
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You are out of luck there. They look similar but aren't at all. The dell one uses a currently unavailable and potentially impossible to deal with wireless USB set up. It will not work with normal gyration receivers.

There is a slight chance that when wireless usb hardware comes out based on the same protocol that it might work. Maybe. I would not bet on it.

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Is it possible to get the remote to work On a Non dell machine?
No sure is an Honest answer..

The remote Uses a CYUSB6934 Cypress wirless USB Chip.
On the PC Side it should be a CYWUSB6932.

There are companies that use this Dongle out there they use them for keyboard and Mice.

The Cypress Chips Have no ID in them so there is No Programing to get them to work That the good News..

Bad news
Here comes the problem. Cypress uses a little Usb Micro controller about 8k of info this tell the Usb it ID .. I think

Finding the parts Not a Problem Finding the programming code that right now is the Issue..

If someone ever run across a dead M2010 motherboard that it has the cypress micro Controller still intact and the codes are able to be read. You can in theory program the Cypress USb Micro controller in the dongle and It should Just work and come up.

And By the way even Its a 2.4 GHZ system Which is In the blue tooth range It's Not a blue tooth Device

and No a Gyration base station or dongle will Not work on this remote.

I hope this answers your questions.
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I gave this a shot.

Picked up both the Dell premium remote control (WJ151) and the Gyration RF usb receiver (GP9000-001) on Ebay. The remote will not connect to the receiver, even though the receiver is flashing waiting for a device to attach.

Seemed like it was a good idea, but appears to be a waste of a few bucks.
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The 2.4 GHZ GP9000-001 Will not work withe the Dell Remote.
Nor will the Gyration Dongle

The DELL remotes need then CYWUSB6934
Something Like this below
It not the CYWUSB6934 which is the problem..
It's the CY7c63743 enCOreTM USB chip that causes the issue
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I was bitten too...

You could use it in IR mode and map the buttons through eventghost or girder or something like that and an ir receiver like the mce receiver. But no gyro features and no green button. It would just work like a dumb MCE remote with a broken green button broken display and broken mouse.

Yea.. I know...

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I wonder If changing the chip in the remote to the standard Gyration would Cure this Issue.
at least that would Fix the make the mouse Feature.
Maybe it will make it compatiable with the New Gyration mouse that coming out in august. That Looks almost Line the Dell LOL
Just a thought..
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I also bought the remote, already had the gyration receiver. Gave it a shot would have been a really nice remote for a mere $20. Has anyone tried it with the Gyration MCE remote dongle? Please keep us posted if anyone finds a compatible dongle.
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"anyone tried it with the Gyration MCE remote dongle"
The Dell Remote Uses the CYWUSB6934 / CYWUSB6932 Wireless USB design.
Yes it's 2.4 GHZ, It not blue tooth nor is it the standard Gyration 2.4 GHZ.

Yes Gyration is making a New Remote that Looks the same as the Dell remote But according to the web sites I have read. It compatible with their system. Not the Dell system.
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Any updates on getting this to work with another dongle?
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Ok I just spoke with support over at gyration. They claim dongles GC15RF or GP65RF would work. Any have or try any of these?
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Tried it with GP65RF and no luck, talked to Gyration and they say none of their stock receivers would work. I am looking for a M2010 motherboard to read the eprom data of off the chip. If anybody come across just send it to me for 2 weeks and I will send it back after reading the eprom data off of the chip and post it here.
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I will post pics and info about the gyration usb chip, part number and driver links that I used.

The issue...I have not been able to find additonal Wireless-usb gyration chips. It utilizes an internal mini-plug that connects to the internal port "bluetooth" connection on the Dell 17" e1705/9400. I am using it on an Aopen mini pc, currently, via the internal usb(disabled the front usb ports on the unit to do so).

It does work, I can confirm it.

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***A Big Thanks to everyone involved in this project and for all your efforts.***

Also, Thank you Valkyrie-MT for your great work compiling the build details necessary for success, and your personal experience in the project.


4-19-2009 - Below is the Original Post #372 by Valkyrie-MT

6-21-2009 - Reposted (Front Page) to assist in future visitors/builds, and to simplify the process.

Originally Posted by Valkyrie-MT View Post

Perhaps one of the most capable and attractive Media Center Remote Controls today is one that was only available with the Dell XPS M2010 computer released in 2007. This post summarizes how to get it to work with any PC with a USB port.

Components needed:
  • Remote Control - Dell Part Number WJ151

  • RF Remote Receiver - Dell Part Number YY993
    Can be obtained from Dell Outlet

  • Type A USB plug for splicing (WARNING - see non-standard wiring below)


This remote functions as a mouse and Media Center remote control in one. All the mouse and Media Center functions communicate through RF (radio-frequency), so there is no line-of sight needed. You don't need to point the remote at the receiver at all. It can work from as far away as 40 feet and may work through walls (although it should be avoided for best results). In addition, the remote has the ability to act as a standard IR (infrared) remote control to control TV power and volume+mute buttons. Also, and perhaps most importantly, this remote is now available through retail sources as the Gyration Air Music Remote Model: GYR4101US. Noted differences between the Dell and Gyration branded remotes: Dell's does not have quick launch buttons at the bottom. Also, Dell's is a sleek black and silver color. Also, the Dell remote uses an RF receiver that appears to be incompatible with Gyration's other products. A nice summary of the Gyration based remotes is shown here: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Gyration-based_MCE_Remotes

Wiring - RF Receiver to USB (splice a USB plug onto the RF Receiver) thanks BENZONATE:
  • Red and Green to USB Black (if there are two, use the skinny one)
  • Yellow to USB Green
  • White to USB White
  • Black to USB Red

Drivers (thanks mrandtx):

Vista Drivers are automatically downloaded from Microsoft Update (works with 64-bit)
Windows7 RC1 (build 7100) 32-bit and 64-bit work perfectly with drivers automatically detected and installed with Windows.
Windows Software for the LCD display to Navigate your Music Library can be downloaded from Dell here: http://ftp.us.dell.com/video/R166095.EXE
Linux information can be found here: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Gyration-based_MCE_Remotes

Doumentation (thanks mrandtx):
Other Images:

Also, I think I've noticed that the remotes for Vista have a circular Green button (shown above) and older versions for Media Center 2005 have a more rectangular Green button. I think it was just a change in branding from Microsoft. The information is mixed though as to whether there is a difference in model numbers...

Note: Many people have contributed to this solution over the last two years. Their hard work has made it a slam dunk for people like me to come in and enjoy the resuts of their work. Thanks all of you!


The following is my original summary of my experience/thoughts from assembly:

Originally Posted by Valkyrie-MT View Post

I just wanted to comment on my experience. After reading this thread I went off and purchased the remote and receiver. I got the remote from e-bay and the receiver refurbished (looks new) from the Dell outlet site (Part: YY993). I didn't have to call or chat with anyone. I just added it to the shopping cart, paid, and it showed up two days later.

Motivation: so, I think the gyration branded version looks ugly with the glittery gold paint, although the function keys for browser and e-mail would have been nice, but are not necessary. Also, this was a touch cheaper, so if you don't mind the look of it, or are not comfortable with splicing smallish wires, go with the Gyration branded version. Also, I highly recommend the gyration RF keyboard. Now, the keyboard will not work with the Dell receiver, and I don't know if they sell it seperately (ie. without the mouse). I already had a mouse+keyboard and I just replaced the mouse and my MCE remote with this Dell beauty.

So, I've been using gyration remotes for 4 years and I love them. I noticed that the cable the receiver comes with is a straight-through cable with identical ends, so if you cut it in half, you have two chances to splice your usb adapter to it. Now, initially, I intended on putting it inside my computer case for neatness. I figured, since Dell designed it for that, I'll start with the assumtion that it will work for me too. Well, it worked great, until I put the aluminum cover on. It all worked flawlessly from 40 feet (as far away as I could get going through two partial walls and a couch) without the cover. With the cover, the range was flakey at 8 feet. To test it, I was doing circles with the mouse pointer. I consider it unacceptable if it is anything but perfectly smooth. So, I found a compact flash card case that fit perfectly, with a little snipping. I hot glued the corners of the case and voila! External enclosure (see picture 1). I dangled it on the inside of my entertainment center door (see picture 3) and it's range was flawless until about 30 feet away!

Now, I spliced an internal USB plug to the receiver (with the original intent of using it internally). WARNING! The wire colors on the Dell Receiver are Non-standard! There is a mapping shown here. Note red/green means connect both colors, not either/or. Also, I didn't use the thick black wire on the usb header, only the thin one. I think the thick one is for the grounding of the chassis. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Then, I got an adapter to give me a standard USB plug. I would recommend just spicing on a USB plug from an old device (although somtimes the wires can be tiny). I am using this and an internal USB 5 pin header with wires. I also had to use a USB extension to get it where I wanted it. Ideally, I could have just gotten a long USB cable and directly splced it. That's what I would recommend to anyone else trying this.

Anyway, it works great. When I started Vista x64 Home Premium, the drivers were all downloaded and installed from Micorosft automatically. To get the lcd display on the remote to work, that DID require the Dell installer, which appears to have just installed the tray icon based application and this worked right away as well with the push of the connection button on the remote (the one with the waves). One thing I didn't see anyone mention is that the media center and mouse functionality are all RF based, not just the mouse. And the responsiveness to button presses is great! And it has IR learning as well to turn off you TV or receiver.

Anyway, I love it. Everything worked perfectly. Here are some pics (note: the light on the receiver flashes when it is receiving RF):

Also, I don't have any wierd timeout wierdness or any wierdness for that matter. It is working flawlessly. Although, it's only been working for 2 days now. And, as soon as Windows7 releases the RC to MSDN, I will be testing it. Although, I suspect that since it works with Vista, Win7 should be fine.

Good luck to anyone else that tries this.


____________________________________________________________ _________________

1-21-2008 - Below is the Original Post #17 by Benzonate

Originally Posted by Jim_it View Post

I gave this a shot.

Picked up both the Dell premium remote control (WJ151) and the Gyration RF usb receiver (GP9000-001) on Ebay. The remote will not connect to the receiver, even though the receiver is flashing waiting for a device to attach.

Seemed like it was a good idea, but appears to be a waste of a few bucks.

I did the same thing...multiple times, with various parts.

The part you are looking for is an internal M2010 gyration chip manufactured by Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (thanks Alpha-tron). It resembles the internal bluetooth board in laptops. It connects via a mini-plug to the motherboard. In my case, I had to remove the front panel usb in my Aopen minipc and use the bluetooth/usb mini-plug.

Here is the catch....the harness requires a bit of reverse engineering on the pinouts..thats it. It's simple if you have the proper connection on your mobo and know the pinouts. The dell/gyration drivers worked from the start.

It does work. I'll post pics and hardware requirements , with all the necessary numbers and photos in the next week or so. I have a few builds to complete first.

Here is what you are looking for, it's not bluetooth...it's a gyration pcb board manufactured by Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.

Don't order bluetooth chips or the external gyration Wireless-usb dongles...I have tried them all...none of them work with this remote.

You are seeking a Wireless-usb gyration board (manufactured by Cypress Semiconductor) from the Dell M2010 laptop.


This image of the gyration chip is what you will need from the M2010 laptop. Also, you will need this cable.

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The Gyration Remote & Usb Dongle...

The Gyration WirelessUsb dongle, you see below, WILL NOT connect to the Dell M2010 Remote. The Dell RH515 gyration/cypress semiconductor non standard WirelessUsb board requires additional wire modification and drivers to enable the features originally produced in the Dell M2010 laptop configuration.



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Ok, according to this http://www.dellcommunity.com/support...en&cs=19&s=dhs
post on Dell's forum the board BENZONATE is talking about has the is Part Number RH515. That is in fact a kit which should also include the interface cable which needs to be modified if I'm not mistaking.

The kit is available for purchase here:
refurbished for $10.99.
or here:
new for $25.95

The only utility I was able to find for the remote is this one:
which is the software for Dell Premium Remote, not sure if a driver is also needed.

Ok, Benzonate, now that I've helped you track down more of these boards, could you post the link to the driver if that tool is not the only thing required, and also the pin outs of the board. Thank you so much, and I hope this helps.
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It seems Dell is trying to provide as little info about this remote as possible, maybe they actually think we'll pay $2000 for the M2010 just for the remote. I tried to get the manual for the remote from their site however it has been removed. Does anyone happen to have it, and could possibly post it? Thank you.
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Neoalex...seriously. Thanks!

I have been actively looking for this part for some time. I have ordered 10, enough to manage the 10 remotes and systems I currently have.

I will post pics of the board, pinouts and specs(from the Aopen minipc I currently have it working in). I have yet to adapt this to a server or media center, outside the Aopen minipc. When the parts arrive, I will do so, and a full report with pics will follow.

Also, I will check on the M2010 Remote (digital copy) manual for you. I have a paper copy of the manual as well as the IR code book for the current Gyration 2.4Ghz usb Remote.

Thanks again Neoalex

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No problem, if you could just tell me shortly which pins on the Gyration receiver are GND, USB Power, USB Data+ and USB Data-. Sorry to bug you about it but I'm getting the board tomorrow (Dell ships very fast and via DHL, btw) so I'm curious to see it working. Also a link to the driver if that tool I posted is not enough. Thanks, again, and sorry if I seem pushy.

P.S. The manual is on Dell's website however, for some reason you can't view it or download it with Firefox which I didn't expect, but it works fine with IE. Here's the link for future reference:
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It seems like this is a Wireless-USB device, it's no wonder it doesn't work with existing Gyration receviers which are likely not Wireless USB, but proprietary wireless protocol with a USB plug-in receiver, correct? Why would anyone think this would work with one of these receviers if those devices that went with them were never stated to be Wireless USB?

Since Wireless USB is a standard I would imagine that all you would need is any Wireless USB capable PC. Unfortunately not many computers have this as of yet, and I'm not sure how many add-on devices (either PCI-e cards or USB-to-Wireless USB dongles) are even out there.

I find the comments that Alpha-Tron mentioned to be a little puzzling. Obviously this device is not Bluetooth--it's Wireless USB! That's like saying a wired USB device is not a Firewire device--that much should be obvious!

As for the bit with the code ID or whatever, that's also puzzling I mean what kind of "standard" is Wireless USB if not all Wireless-USB devices work with all controllers? I mean that's like plugging in a normal USB device to a computer with a certain controller only to find it doesn't work because it's not compatible. I.e. Not standard at all!
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ES_Revenge: no one is yet absolutely sure the remote complies to the WUSB standard even though it uses those chips on the receiver. No one has tested it with any WUSB dongle since there are very few out there. You're best bet to get it working is getting the actual receiver the M2010 has built in and modifying it to connect to an internal USB connector on your motherboard or an external USB connector. It also seems to be the cheapest solution at the moment. Like I said, I will get the receiver from dell tomorrow and post my results as soon as I get it working.
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Originally Posted by neoalex View Post

You're best bet to get it working is getting the actual receiver the M2010 has built in and modifying it to connect to an internal USB connector on your motherboard...

The mod is just a pin switch and very simple. This is done via the Dell M2010 cable the kit ships with.

No need to mangle code, surface mount soldering techniques or various combinations. It's rather simple, works and is confirmed.

The components of the Aopen minipc are very similar to a Dell E1705, so driver issues were avoided. We will see about various server/media center systems this week...when the 10 kits arrive. Thanks again Neoalex

Ok, enough for now. I have an Aopen to work on. Back with pics and info later.

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Contents: Dell™ Premium Remote Control User's Guide


Introduction to the Dell Premium Remote Control

Cursor Control Using the Dell Premium Remote Control

Navigating the Dell Premium Remote Control LCD Interface

Programming the Dell Premium Remote Control for TV Functionality

Controlling the Television with the Dell Premium Remote Control




Safety Information


Specifications: Dell™ Premium Remote Control





Manufacturer: Gyration, Inc.
Model numbers: WJ151


Height: 9.5 inches (241 millimeters)
Width: 2.2 inches (56 millimeters)
Depth: 1.3 inches (33 millimeters)
Weight (including four AAA batteries): 7.4 ounces (210 grams)


Batteries: Four AAA batteries


Operating temperature (optimum): 0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)


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First of all Good Job Benzonate...very detailed and straight forward instructions with pics.

I have one question though I live in Canada and wish to get a couple of the USB wireless boards from Dell but I cannot order off the web site they only deliver in the US and the same with Softarcade. I called Dell and they said that part # RH515 doesn't exists??? is there another way that I can purchase a few of these boards?

Also just wondering if this will work with Vista?

Thanks, T
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Hey, wonderful work so far, I ordered one of these off ebay for AU$15 which is a steal, not realising that it needed a wUSB addition to make it work, but thats alright, my problem is the same as MrBigT123's problem, nowhere will ship outside of the US. But great work so far.
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Is it possible to hook the 4 wires you came up with (red, white, green, and black) to a standard USB cable (with the same standard color coding) and plug that into one of the USB ports from the outside of the PC as opposed to disconnecting one of the USB port internally?

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The connections work! I just tried it on an Asus motherboard. I just spliced the cables to a USB header. You rock BENZONATE!
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