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How to connect headphones to cable box?

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I am trying to connect a set of wired headphones to a Motorola DVR cable TV converter box. The DVR has RCA as well as optical outs. It does not have any kind of stereo headphone out that I know of. Regarding the headphones, I have two plugs that I currently have available (via adapter): a large and a small plug. The small will plug into my computer sound card. Not sure what the large is used for (I also don't see any place that it could plug into the DVR). Can someone tell me either what I need to buy or simply tell me how I can connect the headphones to the DVR?

Thanks in advance.
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Short answer is you can't. There's no amplifier in a cable box. All the cable box does is send audio and video signals to a source, such as TV or receiver.
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Well that sucks. So what is the long answer? Do I need an amplifier? I have one that I can use. Haven't checked to see if there is any kind of stereo/headphone out.

Any other suggestions?
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Any kind of amplifier should work. Most amplifiers have a headphone out, but even if it doesn't, you could get an adapter that has, usually, a 3.5mm headphone female plug (that's the small one) on one end and two RCA male jacks on the other (right and left), which you could plug into the back of the amplifier if there are any "line out" or "audio out" jacks.

If you're JUST going to be using headphones, and have no intention of using speakers or surround sound setups, you could use a dedicated headphone amp, but those cost as much as a home stereo amplifier. If you don't have an amp and want something cheap, check out ecost or amazon for a recertified amp. You can usually pick up a unit for as low as $80-90.
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