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I suggest you change you air brake settings to 70%,it makes a smaller amount of exertion on the air brakes to have full effect,you could try lower but for me personally it makes any craft as twitchy as the ZONE craft at high [50+ zone level].
It depends what craft you have chosen [I use AG -Systems]and if you like a particular setting ,a bit of testing within speed laps usually gives you a fair idea if something works for you or not for a particular track.
Always have acceleration set at 10%,it just means that if you don't have full pressure on you acceleration button it pretty much assures you of maintaing maximum speed

You really need to think about PITCH,not so much down as was needed in previous wipeouts [this was addressed in HD,all previous wipeouts needed to be mastered in both up & down,HD only up is needed "MOSTLY"], but up.
The only places and tracks you really need to pitch down are on Both Sebenco forward & reverse,and on the sweeping left banked curve of Chenghou forward,you can float about badly on Phantom speed on that sweeping bank,best stay low on it as well.

On the subject of PITCH,well you have options here.
This is where some of the finest pilots opt for motion control.
Select PITCH only for this and adjust as you get familiar with it,it's trial and error stuff,and you have to be seated constantly in one position for it to work.[Usual position according to those that use it is to be seated with both elbows rested against ones knees,using wrist action to control the up & down pitch with motion control]

The ELITE AI are notorious for "cheating",you will have extremely frustrating races against them where they will post race times that are basically impossible,persistence and craft selection for particular tracks pays off .

You can get through 70% of all campaign with Quiex,AG,EGX,ICARUS..etc,BUT some are a complete PITA to beat.

Suggest you use these craft for these tracks,this will get you ARCADE PERFECT as well.
[Arcade perfect has NO way of checking your progress,SO write down ALL tracks and tick them off as you gain 1st place against the elite AI,if you come first against the elite AI in a tournament THIS COUNTS]
I should point out this ONLY APPLIES WHEN YOU ARE IN RACEBOX mode.

These being Chenghou forward & reverse = Fiesar
Sebenco Forward = Fiesar
Moa Therma forward & Reverse = ICARUS [extremely hard to beat without using this craft]

I'll post more videos as they become available,a bit ad hoc ATM.

But have a look at PIRAPHAIC new astounding Vineta K TT record.
Some people are just damm freaks.

MOA THERMA will be up tommorow if you want it.

I have just requested those that have beaten ZICO within the USA to download their GHOSTS so that those that wish to race against them ,can.

I will say for certain when I know who has........Stay tuned.
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thanks for all the updates blackwiggle. you rock

shame though about campaing mode that they didnt fine tune the races better. the speed laps and zones are awesome. but it is very hard to play against AI, when you cant beat them by flying 100%.

although after playing what i saw is that they basicly stay in groups. position 1 till 3 are always very close. 4 till 6 are close and 7 and me. it is just that getting from 1 group to the other can be hard when you dont have turbo or auto power ups to gain that bit of extra speed. maybe i should use more of the barrelrolls on these tracks. but that is tricky as hell for me, because i am not very good at doing barrelrolls.

also thanks about the racebox mode. i basicly race always with feisar since that is what i already used since wipe out 1 on ps1. even my background on pc is feisar

now let me go play some more and damn that guy vintakK speedrecord is just insane. really unbelivble lol. what mad skill that guy posseses.
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Originally Posted by blackwiggle View Post

But have a look at PIRAPHAIC new astounding Vineta K TT record.
Some people are just damm freaks.

*rubs eyes*

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Moa Therma Tutorial is up


I've asked Hellfire to do a Beat Zico tutorial before Chenghou tutorial,but it's a lot more involved than these videos, that are aimed at the beginner/ intermediate skilled racer .

His video will just show the standard way/s to beating ZICO.

By the way,I ask those who had beat ZICO in the USA [NTSC TV format to download a ghost of it] You now have one, Darkdrium777 just put up his 30.73 time ghost.http://www.wipeouthd-ghosts.com/down...ed-lap.html212

Hellfire can't seem to do the advanced technique discovered and used by some to beat ZICO .
Which is the "Nose UP & Boost /Barrel Roll/re set turbo before the start line while in mid air, and boost again just before the start line",this gives you the fastest run up speed to the start line plus another turbos boost as soon as you have crossed the line.
It has only recently been discovered and has only been available since the last game update where you can re set the turbo on speed laps,and causing a bit of controversy about it's use by the way ,some have called it a form of cheating, I don't consider it so as you have to be very skilled to be able to do it.
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thank you very much blackwiggle as always. i will check it out when back from work.

i got close yesterday , got a time of 31.11. the only 1 i didnt manage was the famous 1 when you go upwards and need to land on the platform.

also could i download this ghost when i have a japanese PS3?

also the tutorial of moe therma stops some halfway down. could be firefox causing problems. i will check it out later on explorer when i am home.
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If you are using Firefox ,I suggest you get the free extension called DownloadHelper ,one click of your mouse and any video you see at just about any site is available to be download automatically.

As for will the Ghost work with a Japanese PS3,well It all depends where you have downloaded Wipeout HD from,if it was the USA Playstation store it will mean you have the [NTSC] U.S. version,so that Ghost will work,I think Japan uses the same TV system,but I'm not sure.
If you have the Japanese version of HD all text will be in Japanese,so it shouldn't be hard to tell.

If you download HD from the UK,any Euro or the Australian Playstation stores it will mean you have the P.A.L. version and will have to use a different ghost.

Here's a video of a mate beating ZICO in Cockpit [Internal view]
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I thought you guys might like a laugh.

Certain people just have a weird attitude about getting beaten online and start sending abusive messages to the winner that they have been cheating [I've had plenty of those myself, one just 2 days ago]or even if they win they need to send abusive messages anyway.

I find the whole thing funny for the most part,occasionally [depending on my mood at the time] I will just block them straight off.
It's ONLY a game.

I love PIRAPHIAC's way of dealing with it,he records them to video and posts them on YOUTUBE.


A good laugh.

I think I will start doing the same myself.
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well i didnt put much time in this weekend in wipe out. the new map pack of motorstorm 2 was out and i was drawn instantly into that. needed to beat those developers times

about those people playing online. there are so many cry babies. it is so upsetting. i think the UFC game has the biggest disconnecter's in the world.

also how is the online community of wipe out these days? before i tried to play and it was very small and very hard to find people playing. but once i beat motorstorm 2 addon pack i like to play it online against people. i am sure i will suck in it, but i dont mind. i play for fun, not be the best god of gaming
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We just had a HUGE [sorry CAP's could not notate how HUGE it was],GG,over the last 3 days.
A total of approx 40 hours no stop racing.

Pretty much all the world record holders were racing against each other online.

As far as I know 6 new online world records were beaten [All Phantom class]over the weekend.

I would think it will be pretty quite online till the Wipeout HD World Cup in September...you might join a training session for a particular country by accident, it will become obvious to you if you do.

But if FURY is released beforehand .....OH

It will be Wipeout FRENZY with people playing FURY.

All things going well.
I should be able to give the AVS forum the Heads Up within a few minutes of "Allowing to release" when FURY is available.

I suffer from LAG like everybody else.
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fury would be nice

40 hours of wipeout. that is crazy. well good crazy

hopefully fury will be released soon. it woul dbe just nice to switch from motorstorm to wipeout in between.

new mappack of motorstorm 2 is awesome. so i hope fury will be great as well

also that worldcup of wipeout. is that an official worldcup?
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Here's some progress news on FURY.

Wipeout FURY Developer Diary.

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Here's a list of the new trophies that will come with FURY.
I suspect a release next week or the following,nothing official yet,but it's VERY close.

13 Bronze trophies.
1]HOLD YOUR FIRE :Reach level 10 without use weapons on any tracks in an event
2]SHARPSHOOTER :detonator.Empty a full proton canon in hitting every time an opponent.
3]DA BOMB estroy 14 bombs in an event Detonator
4]ZONE BATTLE LEGEND :Win a racebox event in Zone Battle with target 40 on Talon's Junction Forward
5]JUST PASSING THROUGH :Pass through 15 Zone barrier in an event Zone Battle
6]ZEN EVASION :Win an event Zone Battle one player, with minimum target of 25, without absorb
7]ELIM 18 :Kill 18 ships in an event Eliminator one player
8]CANON AND ON :Hit 5 ships with one canon proton in Eliminator one player
9]STAY ON TARGET :Lock an opponent with missile or leach beem since 30 seconds in Eliminator one player
10]the PURE FOUR :Get 50.000 points in Zone on this 4 tracks : Pro Tozo, Mallavol, Corridon 12 et Syncopia
11]STATS LIFE :Reach and consults all statistics of game
12]AMPHI - SCENIC ROUTE :Succeed a Barell Roll in the shortcut of Amphiseum reverse
13]FURY CAMPAIGN LEGEND :Get a medal in each cell in Fury Campaign mode

If you already have the Transcendence Trophy you will notice that your percentage will have dropped from 100% to 86%
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I'm eager for Zone Battle; we still have no idea what it'll cost?
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Still no mention of price ATM.

If you have somebody from France or UK on your friends list you should be able to see the list of FURY trophies by comparing your HD ones.

It would seem that FURY has already been put up on the servers but has yet to be released.
You wouldn't be able to view this info if wasn't the case.
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Can't wait for this one
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Release date for FURY reported as 24th July at the Hong Kong Playstation site


I'm not sure how accurate this is, as the Russian Playstation store has it listed as a 7th August release apparently.

I've been told by the Studio Liverpool guys not to believe any "Rumored" release details unless I hear it from them personally,so I'll post back when I do.

Also 5 new tutorials are up.

Chenghou Project http://www.wegame.com/watch/Wipeout_...ject_Tutorial/

Metropia http://www.wegame.com/watch/Wipeout_...opia_Tutorial/

Sebenco Climb http://www.wegame.com/watch/Wipeout_...limb_Tutorial/

Ubermall http://www.wegame.com/watch/Wipeout_...mall_Tutorial/

And lastly a much requested BEAT ZICO tuorial http://www.wegame.com/watch/Wipeout_...Zico_Tutorial/
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hi blackwiggle.

thanks for the zico tutorial. but for it is still useless. not the video itself. but simply because i cant do the barrel rolls well enough lol. it requires to much fast button pressing and i suck at fast button pressing.

however an evil thought has crossed my mind though. a friend of mine has a joystick with buttons you could program. i could program the buttons for the barrelrolls and then it should be a breeze since the timings and the cornering i have all in my hand. it is just the freeking barrelrolls that do not want to be actived when i want them because my fingers are to slow
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I doubt that using one of those type of controllers will work,reason being that the barrel rolls are tied to the steering, and you can't automate that.

I always use the D-Pad for steering & BR's [I just slide my thumb back and forth sideways to do a BR],others use the stick for steering & the D-Pad for BR using the same technique.
I could see you having problems if you are using the stick for both as the side to side movement is much large.

On another note.

NEW ONLINE RANKS AND BADGES: We have doubled the number of ranks which are attainable by playing the game online.
Have you managed to get to rank 50 (Legend V)?
Continue the good fight to reach rank 100!
There are also a number of new online badges for the new game mode
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well i think it works.

i understand your saying it is connected to the steering. however the moment i touch the button it will do this motion 20 times faster then i can do it. once the barrelroll is done i can move on the joystick again.

sound to me like a nice experiment and i will try it this weekend.

the other tutorials are great. specially the one of chengzou. i totally suck on this course. never thought of using side shift to get through the corner.

about wipe out new badges and stuff, who cares!!! FURY we want FURY!!!
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Wipeout FURY Official release details and prices.


There is also a game patch coming out for HD on Tuesday apparently,Hopefully fixing online chat [me just guessing here]
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For those too lazy to click,

$15 on 23rd of this month.
(edit: the US playstation blog is saying $9.99, but it's just a copy of Blackwiggle's post above with a US price that doesn't match up to the EU one, so I don't really know what to believe. I'd pay $15 for the awesome new ship models, features, modes, and tracks; $9.99 would be a steal)



Eliminator mode was relatively easy to get in since it was taken from WipEout Pulse but we wanted to make it even better. Someone came up with the idea of having the 180 degree flip, which allows you to flip your ship, fly backwards down the track and fire your weapons at on coming opponents, like the Quake

This is almost too much win to handle. I can't wait for this update.
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The game patch for HD is due out 5pm UK time on Tuesday.

This will give you new GUI,a new "STATS" page and two new online features of which they are leaving as a surprise.
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I thought you might like to see this video of PIRAPHAIC 's hands in action when he beat the Vineta K phantom TT record.


He makes it look SO easy.

I can't use the sticks if my life depended on it.

By the way he has his settings at 10% acceleration 20% air brakes.

Far to twitchy for me.

Notice the way he pitches Up or down constantly
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2.00 is out, 100MB, give or take. It includes:

* Brand new Statistics section
* Reworked ship and track select screens
* New community functionality to make it easier to play with friends online
* Several small improvements to both single player and online gameplay

and, I assume, the Fury content so we just have to download a small unlock key when Fury is released. Good workaround to the weekly slog that is downloading anything on a Thursday.

The new Statistics section is awesome. Lots of fun stats like "Time Spent In The Air" and helpful ones like "Arcade Perfect Progress"

The new community stuff is nice, too. Anytime in the game, even during a race, you can press Select and bring up a list of your friends that are playing, and send them a 'nudge.' If your friend accepts it, it sends you right into an online lobby. You also accept them from the Select screen.

Not crazy about the new menus, but I'm sure I just need to get used to them.
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Update only took about 90 seconds for me to download. Definitely the fastest download I've ever had on PSN. Bummed to see there's only one single player campaign trophy for Fury.
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Once you download FURY you will have a choice in options on what sort of GUI you want to use.

I don't know how reliable some of those stat's are,especially some on the last page,I think they must be taking favorite track and craft from stat's racebox.

I didn't see spectator mode ,maybe they ditched it as it never worked properly.

I haven't tried using a headset since the update,has anybody else?

Hopefully this will be working properly now, otherwise my Sony headset would of been bought for nothing.

I like the race progress being able to be see now instead of having to join a race to find out.

All in All a pretty good update,of course this only comes into 100% usage when FURY is released,only about 30 hours to go for that.
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thanks for all the updates. didnt had much time this week to play much. will definitely pick it up and yeah cant wait till fury gets released. will be downloading asap when it comes out

oh also on a sidenote.

i tried the joystick with wipeout to beat zico and got into some weird conclusions.



first corner is much easier to do with joystick.

the very difficult barrelroll to do to land on the platform is much easier to do as well with a joystick then with a joypad. i manage to land 8 barrelrolls out of 12 tries. somehow you can manage yourself way easier with a joystick on the most high point.


after the first corner and you get to do the first and second barrel roll in the tunnel is very difficult to do. somehow you lose control after the first barrelroll then then it is very hard to position yourself for the second barrelroll in the narrow path.

so overall i managed to get my time to 31.18.

conclusion. in theory it could be easier to get zico throphy then with joypad. and specially since i only tried for like 10 mins.

i also tried with the programmable button, but that didn't work out well. since the button was on the left side and you cant use any regular buttons on the joystick to program.

maybe i need to buy a programmable joypad hmmmm
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Well after reading reports at the wipeoutzone from those who have had a good few hours with the new V 2.00 update some things have come to light.

1]BR's are easier to do ,some sort of game mechanics tweaking here.

2]Zone craft do not take as much damage as they used to,or I should say your shield energy does not deplete as rapidly with minor wall scrapes

3]Also the halo/bloom effect when zones change colour has gone [that I found very distracting,good riddance]

4]Stat's mode apparently now keeps track of your ARCADE PERFECT progression [I have yet to verify if this tells you exactly what further tracks you need to complete]here's hoping it does ,otherwise it's rather pointless.
Actually I can't verify this as I already have completed this,maybe any among you that have yet to do it could you please confirm.

There are already new online badges you can achieve without/before getting FURY [3 new ones have been reported gained] and the new online ranking has already come into play,Conquer is the new level after level 50 ,you icon in badges also gets a progressively more golden colour as you progress.

I forgot to mention.
The ZONE ZEUS GLITCH has been fixed,so trophy hunters will have to get it the way it was designed to be got,by practice.
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d3code and blackwiggle, what are you PSNs so I can race with you guys? I'll lose every time but I might learn something!
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Nice, updating now.
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