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Recommend a <$300 center channel for Paradigm Studio 60s?

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So I've finally moved into a new house that will allow me to place my Studio 60s properly for listening to music. It's been great. In addition, the house was already decked out with in-wall rear speakers for a home theater setup. So now I'm only a decent sub and a center channel from a respectable 5.1 HT capability.

My first instinct was to go to my local paradigm dealer and see what they had available that might match the fronts. When I saw what they were asking for a Studio series center channel or even a Monitor CC-290, I began to question how important HT listening was to me. I'm really a music guy first so I'm starting to wonder if it would be a good idea for me to buy an unmatched, ie non-Paradigm, center if there were any good ones out there for ~$300.

So I guess I'm pondering 2 questions. Are there any high-quality centers out there for around my preferred price? And if so, would it do a reasonable job of providing HT sound in combination with my Studio 60s? I'd appreciate any advice from anyone who's attempted something similar.
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Find a used Studio/20.
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I would stay in the Studio line. Check out e-bay or audiogon for used one's.
The Studio 60's are truly a very, very good speaker, so please don't cut corners on you center. You will reget it.
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I second Kal's response. You want to stick with the same brand, and series if possible. Keep an eye on ebay, audiogon, etc. and look for a used one if a new one is out of the budget. You really don't want to mix match brands.
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I third the response. The Studio line sounds much better than the monitor line. Save up a little more rather than going the cheaper route. The center channel is VERY important for HT since virtually all of the dialog comes from the center.
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