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CuznEddy Cinema Project Begins

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I've been lurking here for ~2 years; while I pondered how to finish my basement (and if I was up the task)?

After seeing the many succesfull projects on these forums, and the tremendous support and resources - I decided to go for it!

So I will start with a link that shows my earliest efforts of using sketchup. As you can see this is a large open rec room with a theater area. Yes; this is a compromise - trading acoustics potential for a larger more flexible space room:


The bottom of the sketch shows the area that is already under construction, the bathroom and potetnial bar area - thought I would take on the most difficult task first:


The following links show my temporary "proof of concept" front PJ set up. I am using an older (free) HP/Optoma DLP, and a home made hanging screen. The idea was to test the WAF & get the family buy in. Whenever I get finished, 1080p projectors should be quite affordable:


Thanks For Looking!
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This time with the actual photos (hey - I'm still learning).

Rough Sketch of my Layout:

Roughed In Bathroom (& Possible bar area)

Screen Wall:

Screen Wall with temporary projector:

Standard Def Broadcast Image (seeking WAF and selling the family on this concept):

Thanks for Looking (and the patience as I learn)
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Welcome to the madness. I gotta ask about the porcelain throne. What's with that elevation?
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Thanks! As for the elevated throne:

The original owner of this house did not spend the few extra $$ to have bathroom plumbing stubed into the concrete floor. Therefore I had a choice of busting the floor open OR for about $600.00 going with this pump/tank appartus.

It actually worked out well, I went with the lowest profile throne I could find and the end result is a toilet no higher than a handicap throne.

The photo immmediatly below shows the backside of the bathroom wall and the rest of the appartus.

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You've got a good start and it looks like it should shape up nicely!

Any more progress/pics??

Keep up the good work!
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Wow! I am envious of that layout! It looks like you have a very nice start!
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Thanks for looking and the encouraging comments!
Some more updates and additional progress photos

In my effort to frame towards the theater/play room >I have sacrificed another 80 or so 2x4's.

Immediatly below is the open room adjacent to the theater area:

I have started a false wall with doorway access to cover the crawl space:

This view (was standing near the screen) was looking back into the play area showing my temporary equipment rack:

And this last photo was taken from the entrance of the new bathroom, it shows the rear of what will become my equipment closet:

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Good Afternoon,

I will follow this post with some photo updates, Since my last update I have now completed 90% of my basement framing. I am now at the point of framing my screen wall. I hope my question on the sketch below is clear.

In the upper RH corner, to the right of my screen, I will need to frame and box-in some plumbing, my water meter is in this space. This will result in a 22" wide x 6' deep bump-out to the RH side of my screen.

I'm thinking I might gain an acoustical advantage (at the cost of floor space) if I were to put a matching wall like structure to the LH side of the screen? What does everyone think, well this help acoustically?

I was also thinking of filling a portion of this hollow space to end up with bass traps?

I know this open floor plan is a bit of an acoustical compromise - I am just trying to make the best of it. Open to any and all suggestions

CuzEd2 - Craig

In the photo below you can see the plumbing I needto box-in
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Hey Craig!

Yes, you have a great space for this! I was a little limited in my layout, but you have a lot of room to work with. That's always a good thing.

Great start so far. I know, it never goes as fast as you would like.

Keep posting the pics. I'll be following along.

Good luck on picking up some of those theater seats!
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Thanks for looking and the kind words.
As for the theater seats - I have a call into Nancy's cell phone VM in orderto pursue some of these
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Originally Posted by cuzed2 View Post


I would build a box out to match the box out that you need for your water meter. It will help keep the focus on the screen vs it feeling "uneven" to the viewers. I did something similar to this for my wall opposite from my posts. I wanted it to look/feel even, so I built fake posts to match even though it wasn't needed. It just so happened to work out well for wall sconces!!

Another benefit of doing this is it will help keep light off of your screen wall that may come from the open game area. That happens to me when I have the lights turned on in the area that I'm planning to build a bar. Just another thought!!

Looks good....keep up the good work!!....and keep posting pics!

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Thanks for the opinion on this!

In fact; later last night I went down to the "hole" (as my wife calls it), and framed in the LH front-side to match. I agree the balanced look already looks better, and hopefully will be better for acoustics.

I also have a support column at the rear left side of the room - I will be disguising this by boxing into a rectangular pillar for a sconce light and my left-rear surrond speaker. I will then bump out the back portion of the RH wall to match.

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Thanks for the comments and the lead on the seats. I just talked to Nancy; I think she is getting me a meausrement. I have 82" of width for my backrow (adjacent to the entryway).

I "think" I can fit 3 of the theater seats. If you can share a measurement with me - it is definetly appreciated!

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You bet... I'll grab one for you when I get home this afternoon. If I would have known... I just came back to work from the house. I could have grabbed it there. Oh well.
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Sorry I didn't get this to you yesterday, Craig. I forgot all about it.

The four chairs I have measure 7 feet across from armrest to armrest. Individually, they measure about 23" from arm to arm, and three of them are 64" across.
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First - Thanks for the detail on the theater seating.

To All,
I have done a bit more framing and have now acted on your various inputs regarding my question of how best to build out the screen area. I have now rough framed both the LH and RH sides of the screen area.

In the last photo you can see that I have also framed the RH side-wall from the screen back back thru the theater entrance and into the adjoining bar area.

Just donated $500.00 to Lowes buying my tile & supplies for the bath area - maybe I can get that looking like a real room by next weekend?

CuzEd2 - Craig
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Just a Bump - will be posting more photos this week
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Bump - Bump
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Been a while since I posted, but I think I may have one of the time more time-consuming rooms out of the way and done - the bathroom. 2 quick photos below.

Next up: Bending conduit and getting my electrical and lighting roughed-in.

Thanks for looking

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Originally Posted by cuzed2 View Post

Been a while since I posted, but I think I may have one of the time more time-consuming rooms out of the way and done - the bathroom. 2 quick photos below.

Next up: Bending conduit and getting my electrical and lighting roughed-in.

Thanks for looking


I have to admit that the I think the bathroom turned out really well! Great job. I just have to ask, and I noticed BigMouthInDC asked also... whats with the elevator toilet?

I'm not exactly sure how I want to finish my bathroom, but I like the tile-on-wall idea - I was also planning on tiling the floor.
Keep the progress coming!
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Thanks for the positive comments.
As for tile > I had my doubts, but am now glad that I chose to spend the extra 2~3 evenings tiling the back wall.

The elevated toilet was to accomodate the above grade tank/plumbing arrangment shown in one of my earlier photos.

By using this above grade tank/pump arrangment > I was able to avoid cutting open my slab, trenching the plumbing in and laying new concrete. If the orignal owner would have just given the builder the extra $300.00 to have drains stubbed into the slab (to the ejector pit) I could have avoided this elevator throne. Although I have to admit it is no wose than using a handicap throne at an airport.

Go Hawks!
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nice work so far.

i was wondering what your plans are for the ceiling? drywall or drop? just curious as to if you will demount the PJ to install the ceiling.

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Thanks for Looking

I will be going with the drop ceiling using the ceiling link/ceiling max type of product for the majority of my basement and theater. This will allow me to maximize my ceiling height to at least 7.5 feet. There are some areas below the ductwork that will be drywalled. I also like the combo look that Hawkeye Josh has employed.

My PJ is temporary - the replacemnt will likely be soffited as it is very near the back wall.
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The bathroom looks great. Nice job on it. It's good to see progress still taking place. Keep it up!
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Thanks - appreciate the encoragement. I'm out the door to Lowes to buy >> some canlights and electrical supplies - tomorrow I'l be bending conduit and pulling wire (I hope).

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Hope Everyone is getting into the Holiday Spirit!

I'm still plodding forward on the Cuzzn Eddy Cinema. Most of my recent electrical work does not show well in photos (although I have attached a few below).

What I have been up to since the last post:

- I have bent a lot of conduit (about 1/2 the basement has 110v installed now)
- Added 4 breakers and associated conduit runs
- Two of the breakers feed dedicated ground 20 amp circuits for my Equip closet
- One is for the 6 can lights I installed at the base of the steps/hallway & bar area
- Ran conduit and installed 3-way switches (and lights at top and bottom of the stairwell
- another circuit for genral purpose outlets in 1/2 the basement

The photo below is my Equip closet with conduit for 20 amp circuits:

Next > with Drywall and 20 amp dedicated ground outlets:

Found a very quiet lighted Bath fan for use in my Eq closet. Trying to decide if I will place my lighted exhaust fan on the Eq closet wall or Ceiling ? It will exhaust the excess heat into my shop area.

Thanks for Looking
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Originally Posted by cuzed2 View Post

Thanks for Looking (and the patience as I learn)

I was interested till you showed an image of the Cubs losing...
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Sorry - I almost cutthat picture down when I realized your observation. Don't worry this will be the year forthe Cubs!

I also need to put up some new photos - I have been doing lots of electrical work and it does not show really well. I'll post again next week.

Thanks for looking!
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I should call this the snails-pace theater project!

Despite the lack of updates I have been plugging away. The last 3 weeks have been electrical, moving conduits, installing conduits, 6 can lights, and locating 4 sconce lights, have also roughed in my rear column locations for the rear sconce lights.

I am relocating conduits in order to maximize headroom (should have a finished heigth of 7'8").

A few pictures are posted below. Please note I installed some new gadgets:

Installed the Buffalo IR flasher kit > works great. Also bought a 4 gang deep box that will someday allow the upgrade to a Grafik Eye - for now I have some economical IR controlled 3BM dimmers ($89.00 - lots of bang for the buck).

Photos below.

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What dimmer setup are you using?
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