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Check out this website for product info on their GL320.


I found a seller on ebay that sold me a package including 3 of the dimmer switches with one remote that controls all 3.

(Another tip - somewhere on this forum is info where you can get an extra deep 4 gang "masonary" box that will allow you the room to expand to a Lutron Grafik Eye - I seem to recall that I ordered the box from Hanks Electric in California?)

Hope This Helps?
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nice job with the lights and switch. are you planning on any fancy universal remote to control every thing?

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Thanks - I will be going with a Harmony remote (not yet sure of which model).
Can it be madeto control these lighting dimmers? Not sure - worse case; I end up with 2 remotes.

I have an earlier model Harmony in my family room and it seems to be pretty user friendly
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amazon has a killer deal on the harmony 880. found it over at slickdeals.net. it comes with the RF extender and you can get it for less then $200.

check it out. HERE.. its an instant $100 off the $299 then a potential 10% more via mail in rebate. if i wasnt so set on an MX remote i would be all over this.

it should control the dimmers with no issues.

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THX for the Harmony lead. I'm curious as to why you went with MX - I've heard they may be more involved to program (maybe not)?
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two reasons, past experience and feel.

i have had a MX 500 for about 8 years now. it has worked flawlessly for me. it is not one of their computer programable remotes and it took me about a week to get it fully going to my liking. i love it.

i made a trip last week to Best Buy and checked out the Harmony 890. it just doesn't feel like a sturdy piece of equipment. i thought cheap plastic when i picked it up. i dont like the buttons either as they are very close. you need some small hands to work it.

it does appear the Harmony line is easier to program though and more wife friendly .
a lot of people love the Harmony line of reports. i just suggest checking them out at Best Buy. if they have the Magnoli Store in them then they carry the MX 810 too.

just dont buy it from them as you can get it much cheaper online.

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OK - I haven't posted in awhile. Have been doing lot's of electrical work that does not photograph well.

However; for a break from the electrical > I did start working on my screenwall. I needed to build the wall 6~8" out in order to get an even surface in front of the existing drain pipe that runs across this wall. First up; was to remove the temp hangining screen and prep the wall:

Then install 2" of insulating foam board, and frame some notched 2x6's overtop for a flush surface:

Then back to running more electrical conduit (yuk). This is a 20amp circuit that will power only the general purpose outlets in the theater and rec room areas (14 outlets total):

Please note the areas in the corners for floor to ceiling base traps. I plan to fill the joist areas behind the screen and between the bass traps; with some combination of insulation, OC703, and/or linacoustic, then cover with GOM or a Dazian cloth panels. Any suggestions (I have 3" ~5"" of cavity depth between the joists)?

I will also be building a stage and matching header above (center channel will go up top).

The last photo is the cavity that encloses spome utilities on the RH side of my screen. I have a matching build-out on the LH side of the screen.

My current thinking is to build "sonotube subwoofer towers" to place inside these buildout cavities? I have room for a pair of 12" subwoofer towers on each side, and will likely use ~1000 watts to power these 4 x 12" subwoofers...?

Thanks in Advance for your suggestions (and criticisms)

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Selfish Bump - will beadding more photos soon

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Good Afternoon

I am way overdue for a photo update. The last few months I have spent a lot of time bending and installing conduit (over 350'), the result of which really doesn't show in photos.

I am now stepping up the pace > because I have a drywallwaller coming in ~3 weeks. So here are a few photos.

Last month I did manage to splice in some HVAC ductwork (2 supplies and 2 returns) the photo below is from a corner of my shop area where I tapped into the plenums.

The following photo is just outside my shop area and shows what will become my Eq closet, Not a lot to see; But I added a quiet bathroom exhaust fan/light, a thermostat, and drywalled. I will be adding a structured wiring panel on the left wall inside the closet. Immediatly to the left is the wall with an HVAC return and a supply vent.

This past weekend was spent installing LH and RH side soffitts in the theater area.

In the photo immediatly above >> I am still trying to decide how I will treat the two adjacent sidewalls closest to the screen? I will have floor to ceiling bass traps in the corners and will use the pink stuff in the studs behind the screen > covered with linacoustic and GOM.

The final 2 photos are what you see when facing the rear wall of the HT area.

I have been ordering supplies and spending $$ like crazy (including prefab built-ins). More to follow

Thanks for Looking!
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Looking Good.
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So Saturday I received my custom built, build-in cabinet boxes from Cab Parts.
Good thing the delivery company showed up with a lift-gate truck.

The total weight was 450 lbs for; 2 bookcases, My equipment Rack, and a matching media storage rack

The Equipment Rack Build-ins are in position as shown below. I will drywall flush, to the edge, and finish with an Oak trim. I specified Oak tape banding on the box edge so this will be stained to match.

Also got my structured wiring box installed in the Equipment closet:
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A quick update:

In addition to the Equipment and media build in's - I have also installed two built-in bookcases in the game room area.

Last night I installed about 200 lbs of steel tube to support the front edge of my 12' long bar/sink ledge that spans the end of the game room

More photos soon - I promise
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Good Afternoon,

A bit late with my updates. Have spent the last several weeks travelling; but am able to report some progress.

** Purchased my speaker setup, as follows:
2 Klipsch RF 35 towers (new)
Klispch RC-7 center (ebay) will go above screen
Klipsch RS 35s (ebay) will go into columns
SVS 20-39 tower subwoofer (ebay)

** I have run smurftubes for cable raceways, have started populating my structured wiring box and "plumbed" interconnecting raceways into my equipment closet.

** Reworked my screen area and adjacent sidewalls to better accomodate speakers, hide water meter utilities, and to improve the asthetics (curtains,etc - see photos below).

** Added a soffit above the screen to house my center channel.

** As for my PJ plan. I was leaning towards an Epson. However; last week I had a consulting visit from a custom installer. He seemed pleased with my plan and strongly suggest that I "study up" and consider the new SONY VPL 40 - I'm now leaning in that direction. It was also suggested that in order to maximize PJ brightness that I consider mounting my PJ CLOSER to the screen. Therefore I have roughed in a second ceiling mounting position (12' from screen instead of 18') and ran the power conduit and raceways accordingly.

** I am now in the process of getting ready for a drywaller to do his magic. Problem is; everytime I am about to start stuffing insulation > I get another "Gee wouldn't that be nice to build-in idea" As for insulation; please note I have added foam board to the bottom 1 foot, the upper ~7 foot will be unfaced bat insulation (have never had water in this basement, a "just-in -case" measure).

In the final 2 photos below you will see my concept photos - I apologize as I did not have my sketchup program avaialabe - I used powerpoint from my travel laptop.

Thanks for looking, questions, and any suggestions you may have to share!
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150 new views and no comments...(no problem - someday I will post phots that show siginficant change)

One quick forum quesion from a forum newbie:
How do I remove or change the questin mark icon form my thread?

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Not sure on the question. I am enjoying keeping up with your progress. Looks good so far. Really like the neat equipment closet and the handy light in there to make it easy to see what you're doing.

If people are like me, they just lurk and don't post. Keep up the good work. You're to the rewarding part now where you can really see it start to come together.
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Well, I just found your thread today. But I would like to say that it looks great. Lets see some pics of that game room too. It may not be a theater, but it's just as exciting to see the build out of that. I like the thought of the basement being a total entertainment package.

I don't have the room for a dedicated theater, so I'm stuck for now with a theater/rec room. But, even if I did have the room, i would want it to be open and accessible from the bar area, since most people don't want to watch sporting events in a dark dungeon.
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Things look really good! Keep the pictures coming! Don't know if I missed it, but I want to see where that bar top is going (where you put the tube steel).

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Thanks for the encouragement - I just need to step up the pace > and then turn it over to the drywallers. Hopefully in month I will post photos with some real change
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Thanks - I'll grab a fresh photo of the game room area - for my next batch of photos.
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Hey - good to hear from you. Your thread (and conversations) were one of the examples that inspired me to keep after this - especially the open layout.

As for the game room and bar ledge >> I'll grab a better photo and will post this next week.

Enjoy your weekend (and theater)!
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Originally Posted by cuzed2 View Post


Hey - good to hear from you. Your thread (and conversations) were one of the examples that inspired me to keep after this - especially the open layout.

As for the game room and bar ledge >> I'll grab a better photo and will post this next week.

Enjoy your weekend (and theater)!


I'm glad my build could help inspire you! This board is where I got my inspiration from too; it's great that way.
I'm still trying to dig up funds to build a bar in my basement, but since having a kid, the whole finances thing changed quiet a bit!
Anyway, keep up the good work and keep the pics coming. The open concept thing is a big hit when we entertain and for card night with my buddies!

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Good Afternoon,

First of all - photos of the adjacent game room area. Please note the West end of the game room has a 12' counter for those shooting/observing billiards. You can also see the steel that will support the front edge of the ledge. It is 2"x2"x1/4" thick steel tube bolted to a 1"x1"x1/4" angle iron. The idea is that I can support the ledge with no legs underneath - this idea was lifted from Hawkeye Josh's build.

This tube goes into the sidewalls where it issupported on 4x4's. ALso on the left end you can see the "orange octopus tentacles", these are the wiring raceways from my Eq closet box.

The opposite end of the game room - includes door to my storage area, (please disregard the blue adhesive where I got carried away in using too much foam board - decided to remove this as exposed foam board is a fire hazard, still need to finish cleaning that up).

ALso ran some more cabling, raceway, HDMI cable, and power for my PJ

Next two photos after I installed a 4" spot above the equip. rack - so one can adjust equipment without bothering viewers.

Next Photo shows the sconce lighting on the LH wall

Last photo shows the addition of 4" accent can lighting (IC rated) on the RH wall for movie posters (at the RH reflection points), and the RH sconce lights. Sconce lights are Minka Lavery, Calvera line.

I will have 3 lighting zones:

1) 6 overhead 6"cans (65W ea)
2) 4 sconce lights (50~100w)
3) 4" accent lights for posters (35 watt spots)

Will also add soffitt rope lights to zone #2 or #3.

Thanks for looking

Well I am travelling this week, next update should include insulating and sound isolation measures
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Getting ready to post new photos.
Have finished installing 38 roolls of insulation, low voltage wiring, and started my "trayed-ceiling" look.
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I like the idea of the narrow bar with no legs. That has got me thinking about a similar situation I could make as well. Thanks. I like the sconces too.
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Finally - ready for drywall, spent the last week:

1) Stuffing insulation into the basement, R25 into the ceiling joists - I'm happy, cut noise from above by ~2/3rds.

2) Trimmed my ceiling for a "trayed" ceiling look. Borrowed this idea from Hawkeye Josh. Drywall around outer edges and will use "Ceiling Max flush mount 2x2 tiles in the center. The border is defined with Brickmold - see photos.

3) Also pulled all of my low voltage wiring to the Eq closet. Thank You - MonoPrice!

First two photos show my overhead center channel (Klipsch RC7), also a shot from the underside to show speaker cradle and the ceiling detail.

Next Up Front Wall:

Back Wall:

And lastly, the wiring pulled to the EQ closet.

With a little luck next week's photos will show finished drywall result

Thanks For Looking!
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Forgot to attach Eq Closet wiring pull photo - what a treat this will be to "dress out" later.

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Update (and a bump)

Looks like those photos with Drywall will be coming soon. About 9PM Last night; I am in the basement doing more work - when the drywall guy calls and said he had a cancellation and could start Thursday AM !!!

So I scrambled around in the basement till midnite to make sure I was ready.
He shows up early, about 7:30Am with a crew of 4 helpers. They will start taping and mudding on Saturday, (and may finish on Monday PM?)

It is now 11:00AM and they are already 3/4 finished with hanging the sheetrock - this will be the best money I have spent !!

(P.S> Had to make a "re-supply" run. Retrieved an additional 24 sheets of drywall using the wife's Suburban (too bad gas is so $$ - I would keep this rig forever)
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That will be the best money you ever spent. I hung my own drywall, but had a guy mud & tape for me because he used to do it, plus he needed some cash so he did it pretty cheap! Wish I would've paid someone to hang my drywall as well. It was a pain...not hard, just a pain! Keep up the good progress. Looking forward to seeing the pics!
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OK - OK more of a teaser update. I need to stop taking vacation and start taking ansd sharing more photos of recent progress, An update until the photos are posted:

My drywaller did a great job! Took the mudding and sanding all the way to primer ready. When he finished we took a family vacation for a week - I then returned and cleaned and primed the entire basement.

I then was lucky enough to catch a great deal from Jason on one of the refurbished JVC RS1's - it is tucked away until I can get the dusty work finished.

This week - was spent stuffing insulation into the remaining basement ceilings. I have R25 stuffed between the joists and it is really starting to get quiet down there. Can't even hear the wife yelling for me to come upstairs for Dinner - Hmmm!

This weekend will hang a suspended ceiling in the adjoining pool room area.
Also ordered some Ceiling-lume decorative samples for the HT room - still haven't decided?

Maybe then I can temporarily unbox and try out the RS1....

Photos will be coming soon - I promise
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OK so attached is the latest photo progress report:

The first photo is from the bottom of the stairs, to the right is the Bar/Den area. The door to the left goes into the HT room

Next Up is the Bar/Den area not too interesting yet - Need to get the ceiling finished

Next photos are the theater room. Please note the open columns at the rear that will house my surround speakers - still trying to decide how to finish these off: All GOM covering, or a combo of GOM and Wood veneer...?
If I go with all GOM > I'm thinking I can fill the lower half with mineral wool for some additional bass-trapping?

The next two are the screen wall (sorry about the bad lighting).

Please note the opening for the SVS tube subwoofer on the right (wonder how my water meter will like the bass ponding?)

And lastly; the adjoining pool table/party room, with my Union Insulation subcontractor:

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